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I didn't invest in ChianLink when it was low :(

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>when it was low
Chainshit bros....when did everything go so wrong

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I would be a fucking billionaire by now. Any new upcoming projects I can invest in?

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It's a bear market dude, nothing will pump for quite a while

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Can you explain to me this? Why is it a bear market?

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Bears have crawled inside the blockchain

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>when it was low
You mean like right now?

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No, when it was less than a cent.

gatekeeping Faggot.

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>gatekeeping Faggot

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Kill yourself bitch.

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>Kill yourself bitch.

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You got a lot to learn, young playboy.

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Attention Moderators and Cleaners!

It's time to nip this embarrassing display in the bud. No more linkshit leaking out everywhere. Time to force these misbehaving delinquents in to their own general containment thread. With text analysis I have determined 94% of the Link threads are created by
3 individuals with 56% of them simply created by one person. It's time to stop this person in their tracks and bring sanity back to /biz/ once more.


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Buddy it hasn't even dropped yet. We're going to $0.25 by EoY

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I really don't know how to trade crypto. I usually just buy and hope the price goes up. From what I understand people trade using bots now, I don't even know where to begin doing that. I do know something about DCA and gride trading and if you combine them you can make a lot of money. But I don't know calculus or anything.

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What does that mean?

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At least you can buy it while it's high

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This movie is about Sergei, his business model and ethics, and his six-sided blue jew token.

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IHC on kucoin
Thank me later

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Yeah. Hidden gem, best fundamentals outside the top 20. A literal sleeping giant.


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Buy high sell low is the /biz/ strategy

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Its low as fuck and critically severely understated and undervalued, YOU'RE LUCKY! To be able to buy it at 5.

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You'll be even more suicidal that you didnt buy it now when it hits $1000, then $10000, and then $81000