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Team just keep on building.

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If only you had the slightest bit of knowledge on how apps are built, you would understand why parsiq's value proposition is a complete nothingburger just by reading this "update". But you're a midwit, if not an outright retard, and therefore you buy PRQ.
>bro we're going to become billionaires by buying a token (not needed btw) for a centralized database holding unverified data for decentralized systems
how can you not see why it's a fucking retarded proposition? You are better off buying CQT instead of this dumpster fire of a scam.
In b4 you link me to the word vomit of analtoy coping with the fact that he built a centralized piece of shit in the age of decentralization.

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I can't believe they are calling it a disaster when it was just an accident. Shows you who is really running PRQ. Same with all the twitter people.

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>can't read
>buys PRQ

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I work with Anatoly and I can confirm that this post 100% true

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you will never be a woman

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Too many words

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He's a schizo fuckwit.

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i bought $300 worth of prq yesterday should i get rid of it

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Yeah when it's $17/coin

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Lmao imagine a random clown. Do you think you’re smarter then the CEO of coin metro?

Do you think you’re smarter then me who spends your portfolio on a car? Pic related $150K car.

Also video of CEO of coin metro saying Parsiq has more value then LINK!!!!


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>just an accident bro

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Team has literal pajeet streetshitters onboard
Unbelievable fucking retard shame on you for shilling this scam
go back to where you came from, tourist

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He's just salty he got banned from the tg for being a schizo.

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Coinmetroids rise up

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thx for the qrd

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Put a sharpie in the exhaust pipe

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The CEO of coinmetro is illiterate lmfao, why do you think he only resorts to voice messages rather than typing
He's a good businessman, but he is just that. A businessman. Not really an intellectual
Listen to him cope about manipulating his own exchange token (which he denies is a security)
He doesn't understand what LINK encompasses, and is intellectually dishonest about PRQ as he has quite a vested interest. He understands the implications of first mover advantage as well, conveniently not for LINK lol.
That vid is also outdated as fuck made by some effeminate norwegian retard, should probably find more up to date material if you want to successfully shill

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>The CEO of coinmetro is illiterate lmfao, why do you think he only resorts to voice messages rather than typing
I've spoken to Kevin many a time on telegram, he reads just fine lad.

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I bought a moon bag around $0.08, I am ready to hold to $-0- in this winter.

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I'm dying.
Do it, lol, >>53145542

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You are trying to FUD too hard, but SharpieInTheExhaustMaker's last comment in your pic is epic.
Ofc he changed his mind. And will in the future so. No, certainly not, hehe.

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The only thing to change OmegaFaggots mind from shilling GRT to PRQ is watching that meme vid the tranny made, and wholeheartedly listening to Kevin Murcko Coinmetro CEO and doing zero research further.
He's tech illiterate from his monero comment, he sold link and quant too early, and he was one of the perma bears waiting for btc to hit 2k which never came.
Also hilarious how much invested he is because of Kevin Murcko, when Kevin Murcko admits he hasn't looked into Link at all since they listed it in 2020. So imagine using comments made 3 years ago to try shill something in the most disingenuous way possible
He will sell PRQ too early, that much is certain. We also haven't seen the end of this bear market, OmegaGaylord has been trying to call the bottom now for 6 months lmfao

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Relax and be nice!

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>He's tech illiterate from his monero comment