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... ACK

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stop dumping high
start dumping low

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stop dumping; price goes down
start dumping; price goes up

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>price goes up
lol lmao even

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Literally yes.

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>look it went up +3% after crashing -91% in a year
chainniggers are dumb as fuck lol

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That pic shows Link nearly doubling in price, so +100% nearly.
And the pump coincides with Sergey restarting the token dump after 9 months.

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You're the most obsessed mentally ill faggot on biz

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Useless comparison. The chart shows him MOVING the tokens out of cold storage to Binance. He could have been dumping them every day in increments for months for all we know

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>you're the most obsessed mentally ill faggot on biz

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take your meds

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Chainlink spent two years btfo-ing the entire market, and most of that time Sergey was dumping, especially the pump to rank 5.
And as soon as he stops dumping (November 2022) the price craters.

Explain that.

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I'm not the one who believes the entire financial system, NEXO, trannies, Bulgarians and FTX is collaborating to suppress a rank 24 shitcoin

I'm afraid you're just projecting your insecurities and you're the one who needs the meds

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alright faggot
just remember this will always be a chainlink board :^)

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>I'm not the one who believes the entire financial system, NEXO, trannies, Bulgarians and FTX is collaborating to suppress a rank 24 shitcoin

>I'm afraid you're just projecting your insecurities and you're the one who needs the meds

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ugh ugh fucking ugh
why do they still defend this fucking piece of shit coin

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He stopped dumping for ten months, dumbass.

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I hold it but you are dumb or misleading
This was during the August where everything pumped

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You're helping prove my point that Sergey dumping doesn't actually impact the price.

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>yeah bro dumping 150 million tokens doesn't affect the price at all plus the team owes you nothing ;)

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You may want to actually look at the OP pic.

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>repeats the same thing over and over because he has no real argument
Pathetic display

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Is that right that you were saying you hate the special council?

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You are literally pic related

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Do you get off on being made fun of?

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In no way, you need at least show link/eth

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Here comes the cope.

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I mean its so obvious that dumping tokens is bad for the price it doesnt need a discussion

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>Sergey dumps
>Link reaches ATH against Bitcoin, ETH, fiat, ...

>Sergey stops dumping
>Link dumps

>Sergey starts dumping again
>Link pumps

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what does it mean? Shouldn't there be the same coin circulating?

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low selling volume on that bar

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The evidence indicates otherwise.
What you’re experiencing is called cognitive dissonance.

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>Nov 2021
>Sergay has just finished market dumping 20m tokens over the past 3 months
>Bitcoin sets a new ATH at $69k
>Link struggles to get back to $35 (-33% from ATH)
>Linkies: "See, Sergay dumping does nothing to the price!"

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Sergey was dumping tokens when Link made its ATH against Bitcoin, you know.

>(-33% from ATH)
He was dumping before, during, and after the ATH agaisnt fiat as well.

It's hilarious watching you shoot yourself in the foot over and over.

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im stlll shorting chainlik faggots

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Link made its ATH against BTC in Oct 2020.
In May 2021, when Link reached $52 it was 39% down against BTC.
Link price if it had held its ATH against BTC? $72.30!
Congrats anon, in a bull market alts generally out perform the market standard, but Link managed to lose 39% of its value instead. Amazing! You must be so proud.

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>Link made its ATH against BTC in Oct 2020.
August 2020, and Sergey was dumping tokens before, during, and after.

In fact, the was dumping tokens for most of the two years of Chainlink pumping against the market.

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The scary thing about this thread is that there are people here interpreting this as anything other then cementing the fact that the dumps made link miss the bull run and under perform.
Crypto is reflexive. People fomo into winners and we were supposed to sell our bags to them.
Clearly they are smart enough to dump during high demand. Good for them, bad for us.
If link's price wasn't suppressed by constant literal millions of supply being released then the price performance would have made it the obvious choice in 2021 relative to a lot of shit that got bid up(imo). When the chart starts looking like shit and dog coins are making people rich, it's a hard sell.
It's painful looking at that chart and the timing and not seeing what could have maybe not literally been 1k eoy, but honestly without such aggressive dumping I think $300 could have been possible.
>inb4 thanks for playing, they don't owe you anything, sergey thanks you for the 500m etc etc
Whatever. I didn't expect this result obviously, but seeing this actually makes it a bit easier knowing I wasn't outright wrong about what could have been.

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kek this chainshitters are so funny

Pure unadulterated stockholm syndrome

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>if link’s price wasn’t suppressed by constant literal millions of supply being released

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>reaches highest ranking while Sergey dumps
>reaches ath against Bitcoin while Sergey dumps
>reaches ath against ETH while Sergey dumps
>reaches ath against fiat while Sergey dumps
>crashes the second Sergey stops dumping
>pumps the second Sergey starts dumping again after 10 months

>hurr Sergey dump bad

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>Chainlink massively underperforms right as Sergey is constantly dumping millions of tokens week after week
>Linkies: "b-b-but he dumped other times too!"
Same old Linkies, same old excuses.

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Imagine being such a cuck0ld that you openly defend Sergey who made 600 million dollars by dumping on you lol

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>If link's price wasn't suppressed by constant literal millions of supply being released
Solana released like 30x more supply than Link in 2020-2021; and they were one of the top performers in all of crypto during that time.

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Sergey as a bitcoin og

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>>Chainlink massively underperforms right as Sergey is constantly dumping

Anon, Chainlink massively overperformed right as Sergey was constantly dumping too.
Link reached its ATH in ranking, sats, ETH, fiat, ... right as Sergey was constantly dumping.

How are you this fucking dense lmao

I'm telling you the literal facts.
Link's biggest pumps and all-time highs happened when Sergey was dumping tokens, and one of its absolute worst dumps happened when he stopped dumping tokens.

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Sergey is a fat autistic sperg who can't even code, he is not Satoshi lmao

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Question as someone new to this forum, I see you guys talk about this coin a lot, does chainlink actually sell their coins directly on the market? Like is there a transaction you can link to that shows them selling directly to an exchange or entity? And if so, why would anyone ever buy a coin where the people who created it hold the majority of the supply and just sell whenever they decide they need cash? Thanks!

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>does chainlink actually sell their coins directly on the market? Like is there a transaction you can link to that shows them selling directly to an exchange or entity?
No. There are transactions going to Binance, but a lot of it is to obfuscate where the tokens are going since a lot of employees, partners, ... are paid in tokens.

>why would anyone ever buy a coin where the people who created it hold the majority of the supply and just sell whenever they decide they need cash?
Chainlink explained to us exactly how many tokens were set aside for bootstrapping nodes, funding, etc. back in 2017, before the ICO.

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Yes because they were able to generate enough demand with retail to overcome the massive VC dumps.
The VCs understood they could make the chart look like shit at any time and adjusted their timing accordingly to fuel hype and fomo by not doing what link did.
It's actually pretty basic stuff crypto wise and if you ever scratch your head and wonder why xyz scamcoin with a founder who controls half the supply somehow does a 100x, it's basically just because they understand how the game is played, and how extremely reflexive crypto markets are. Winners get rewarded, projects that act like their better than this shit(even if they are) don't.
Link just released 1.5m tokens per week linearly instead of hiring jump or similar professionals who have a deep understanding of market dynamics to maximize demand rather than slowly crush it by attrition during 2021.
Solana is such a good example because it's an easier sell to randoms than link. So it's even more important that link needed do a good job cultivating demand by timing this better. You wanted the same people that were buying into Solana buying Chainlink because even if they didn't fully understand it, they could look at the chart as well as feel the buzz and excitement of it.
Once that momentum is lost and the bubble period is over you just have to wait for the next.
Imagine if they had held back a bit and we did hit an ath of say $100-$300, and having sold part of your stack you could now be buying 20x as much link with that capital at $5 before we hopefully go again in 2025.

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Look at this wall of schizo cope.

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>every project that outperforms Link despite dumping more tokens is a magical VC scam

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What you’re saying only makes sense for grifters who want to get in and get out of the space quickly while maximizing their profits, which is admittedly 99% of projects. For chainlink they still made enough to have an endless runway for development, and retail is literally not needed with what they have their sights set on. The vc strategy only tarnishes links brand for short term gains. This should make anyone who wants a long term crypto investment insanely bullish, but obviously it’s revolting for moonbois who want to invest a thousand bucks and make it in one cycle.

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Btw, “opportunity cost”, or the idea that retail actually made it off dogcoins and vc scams, is the biggest lie sold on this board. There’s a reason you never see threads with people bragging about their 6 or 7 figure hell from those, because retail missed them. The only project in this space that a lot of retail actually identified early and got in with sizable amounts is chainlink, if there were others you’d see redditors talking about their 6 figure dogcoin or solana bags. Hell when even one guy makes it like that dogcoin millionaire faggot he becomes an e-celeb, meanwhile the average /biz/raeli had a higher net worth in link than him at the same time.

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>retail missed them
Dog coins and meme stocks were all about retail.
Unless you're saying Elon Musk followers and redditurds aren't retail.

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>Anon, Chainlink massively overperformed right as Sergey was constantly dumping too.
>Sergey starts dumping in July 2019
>14 separate 700k dumps (9.8m tokens) in less than 40 days
>Link price crashes from over $4.00 to barely holding $2.00
>Link loses 50% of its value against BTC and ETH
>"massively overperformed"
I dunno anon, looks like Chainlink crashed when Sergay decided to constantly dump as fast as he could.

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They didn’t make millions off them. They were exit liquidity, for every buy there must be a sell. There’s a good medium article where a market maker describes the entire process of how he manipulates a token on the way up, hires shills, pumps it, and gradually sells into each pump, at gym but will look for it when I get home.

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>ooks like Chainlink crashed when Sergay decided to constantly dump
Then why did Chainlink pump for two years while Sergey kept constantly dumping?

>They were exit liquidity
They were early, pic related.

Tons of twitterers and redditors made it big just by following the absolute biggest financial trends on twitter and reddit.

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Again you’re misunderstanding. Market makers accumulate during the bear market, 2020 was already midbull. Why do you think we actually saw a stronger halving year last cycle, but a weaker mania year? Market makers front running retail with stimmy checks. Again, show me the threads of anons holding solana and dogcoins talking about 5”6 figure hell, if it happened, they’d be there.

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twitter, reddit, ... were absolutely brimming with threads about dog coins, meme stocks, etc.

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Yes, people who invested 10 bucks, maybe a 100, and maybe saw a 5x if they were lucky. And shills hired to lie and claim they invested tens of thousands based on their research to induce fomo in retail.

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You're coping.

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No but I believe you are.

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>Sergey furiously begins dumping in July 2019
>Link crashes in USD, BTC, and ETH
>Sergey quickly backs off on the speed of his dumps
>Link recovers
>Late 2020
>Sergey increases the volume of his dumps, reaching 1.5m per week in early 2021
>Link again crashes against BTC & ETH, manages to set ATH in USD but well below expectations
Pump for 2 years? It managed to gain ground against BTC and ETH for barely a year before Sergey increased the volume of the dumps and it immediately cratered and hasn't recovered since.

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How is this any way remotely schizo and or cope?
No, but you should consider why certain projects are able to dump more supply yet still generate even more demand. It's not magic.
I agree with what you're saying. I do think there is a middle ground though where they can generate more demand and raise even more money for development and such as well as reward supporters and such.
I know quite a few people who are very into crypto, like and/or respect Chainlink as a cornerstone of the ecosystem, but wouldn't consider it as an investment despite all of that.
I guess it does potentially fulfill a niche as a more conservative type of crypto investment that has very little chance of gong to zero and will stick around for future cycles. Even Solana's future is somewhat questionable now after all that's happened.
One good thing about link is you can stake it and sleep well at night knowing it's not going to go to zero and will still be there if/when a new cycle comes along unlike many others.

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>team dumping is why price action is bad

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Holy bullish!! Yes please daddy sergey dump us super hard yes daddy I wanna feel my litle link pump up!!

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You're trying to save face with meaningless nuance, but it's not working.

>reaches highest ranking while Sergey dumps
>reaches ath against Bitcoin while Sergey dumps
>reaches ath against ETH while Sergey dumps
>reaches ath against fiat while Sergey dumps
>crashes the second Sergey stops dumping
>pumps the second Sergey starts dumping again after 10 months

>hurr Sergey dump bad


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You watched shiteating normies blow past you with their dog coins and meme stonks, and it mindbroke you.

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>though where they can generate more demand
only sergey can and he wants to release beta verions while writing new white papers all fucking day. idk i ever thought this fat fuck was a brilliant mind

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>21 posts by this ID

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>release beat versions
You mean like ADA's """mainnet"""?
Or ETH's PoS """staking pool"""?
Or Doge's... nothing?

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You are easily identifiable by your complete lack of punctuation. Fix it before i dox you.

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>posts facts showing correlation between Sergey dumping and Link poor performance
>Linkies: "that's just meaningless nuance"
>Also Linkies: "well obviously it's a master plan conducted by the WEF and the nefarious MICHAEL and supported by Nexo & Zeus Capital where they've hired thousands of Bulgarians who are actually lizard people armed with jewish space lasers and are paid to post on /biz/ in a direct effort to get me to sell my Linkies because I'm the main character in my story"
Okay anon, whatever you want to tell yourself to make you feel better.

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>correlation between Sergey dumping and Link poor performance

lmao, how is there a correlation when Link's poorest performance happened when Sergey wasn't dumping, and Link's best performance happened when Sergey was dumping?
Stop posting you fucking retard.

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Let me correct myself: there is indeed a correlation, but it's the inverse of what you think.

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>Sergey starts dumping
>Link crashes against BTC & ETH
>12 months later, Sergey ramps up dumping again
>Link proceeds to crash against BTC & ETH again
I mean, I know it's hard for you to understand basic facts, but even this should be simple enough for you to wrap your brain around.

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Respond with images disproving them and move on. They want you to engage them. You validate them by engaging

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The price has been cratering may 2021, wtf are you talking about?

>> No.53145577

The price lost less than 50% from May to November 2021.
It lost over 80% since then.

>> No.53145960

are we discussing if sell pressure is bad for the price? the answer will shock you

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What are you talking about? You’re not making any sense.

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>End of Nov 2021
>Link: $25 (-52% from ATH)
>BTC: $57,000 (-17% from ATH)

>Link: $5.70 (-77% from Nov 2021)
>BTC: $16,820 (-70% from Nov 2021)

HAHAHAHAHA so during Sergey's dumping phase Link significantly underperforms BTC, and when he stops all of a sudden Link starts tracking BTC much closer.

>> No.53147953

Everytime Link was about to pump, guess what happens with BTC?

>> No.53148107

>during Sergey's dumping phase Link significantly underperforms BTC
The opposite anon, Link pumped against BTC for over a year and reached its ATH in sats during Sergey's dumping phase.

>> No.53148172

Then explain how Link reached ATH against BTC/ETH/fiat while Sergey was dumping, why Link crashed when Sergey stopped dumping, and why Link pumped as soon as Sergey started dumping again after 10 months.
Protip: token inflation does not translate to sell pressure.

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>Put supply for sale
>Gets bought up
>Price goes up

>> No.53149076

reminder that green hair dike is worth 35k link/per year

>> No.53149600

you flipped cause and effect, he's selling into the buy pressure and not selling when liquidity dries up. he's fanning up hype, then selling. selling doesn't cause the buying

>> No.53149690

>step 1: convince schizos to "stake" their LINK
>step 2: Market sell the staked assets
>step 3: Buy back at a lower price

>> No.53149848

>selling doesn't cause the buying
Nobody said this.
People said Sergey dumping tokens caused the price to dump, but that’s clearly not the case.

>> No.53149908

we have no data how high the price would have been without the dumping

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What the fuck

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just give up. He dumped on ur ass, and now you are a bagholder, and there is no bulgarian illuminati

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Love how this gets no replies because it’s straight NPC tier to see all these examples and say “hur durr its just a coincidence”.
Absolute bot thread all of you should kill yourselves