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Several analysts remain bearish about Bitcoin’s near-term price action but LTC, APE, ICP and BIT are showing signs of starting a new up-move.

>Any thoughts, guys? Are they being fair in their analyses, or do they just keep making predictions?

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All these predictions have been wrong.

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I think so. It's really unfair

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All of those are absolute shitcoin scams

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Maybe except LTC

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all are shits.. poor analysis

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Yeah it sure is

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Wait ape is the one with the monkey nfts rights?

lol fuck that shit.

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I think yes. How come it's the big deal? The hype is over for that

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Yeah that's right anon

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I have read the article and they're basing the chart.

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hahah shit happens. Im buying eth btc and matic for this

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you forgot LTC

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Yeah, those are solid ones

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always see icp, no one cares about icp. it was drained completely.

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I know

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You think it's shit?

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I read too many FUDs about that.

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well it barely cleared the 2017 ath last bull run and has no narrative. digital silver? with all due respect are you niggers high lol

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not gonna make it

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>several analysts

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Why do you act like that?

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That's better.

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nigger? fun word. so why do you like LTC? =D

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LTC is a buy only because of historical pumps in January post-bear years and halvening narratives, I wouldn't be caught dead holding a bag otherwise
>t. 500 ltc stack

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low caps are better.

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Checked and claimed

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1000 Checkems scheduled for deposit

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I am massively stacking icy piss.

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A golden opportunity exists in low caps. Xpress, HPS, Plug, and Mina are among the low caps I'm also buying. Some are being staked too. Let's be wiser this year anon.

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what's icy?

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icp banchod

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Based budgie

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Low-cap investments are risky as well, but being knowledgeable about the project's product and overall strategy will increase your confidence in it. Count on me for products that everybody can use, such as a payment solution, blockchain projects and some long-term defis.

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ICP to the mooon??

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what is that?

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RLC is the only coin you should be buying right now

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And why the only?

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just be careful
you shill

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I don't listen to predictions anymore. You shouldn't either anon. Buy good tokens and stake. End of.

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Strategy is the only language I hear. Have working ones and you're good to go. Bear market is still at large,

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damn i wanted to know why i should buy LTC. guess hes an actual nigger :\

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>Some are being staked too. Let's be wiser this year anon.
Based. But the worse is already over. My expectations are low but recovery will likely start this year.

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Dead coin, no? What about fundamentals? Would rather diversify, especially to trends.

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Be careful of what?
The project's long-term strategy will be determined by the working products. Additionally, you should look at the team and how transparently they interact with the community. The first emphasis is also security. Wdyt?
Consider it but don't expect much.

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Is Charlie Lee a genius for exiting early before rug pulls were a thing? Nakamoto, but with a multi-billion dollar goodbye present?

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LTC is not shit

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Never say Litecoins name with a bunch of shitcoins gain pajeets. With everything going on people are still comparing true PoW coins to their vaporware

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>The project's long-term strategy will be determined by the working products
Good product speaks for itself. Trends are important too when they last. We might see a decent run on payment gateways this way, amongst other things.

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Litecoin is in that category. Vaporware without any recent development. What do you have to say about that?

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>what does it do
>>uhh its pow
idk ltc chads the satoshi mysticism is barely keeping btc alive i dont think "slightly faster btc" will make the cut

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Btc isn't going anywhere. The adoption is too wide for it to 'die' like plebs are predicting. Besides, I'm sure they're buying secretly.

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The majority of the strategy that normies beckon on is passive income, or DCA. That's a foolish play to transfer wealth. Not all assets will make it. Some are shitcoin in disguise.

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ok sure, first mover advantage, satoshi coins havent moved, very romantic
what makes someone buy ltc? second mover advantage? why would anyone buy something that markets themself as second best lol its fascinating

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Kek, Anon, the adoption of crypto is way too widespread for it to just up and die like some of these normies are predicting. Plus, I bet they're all secretly buying crypto on the DL anyway

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You missed the solid fundamentals part, didn't you? Where did you come from?

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>why would anyone buy something that markets themself as second best
Lmao. Btc shadow must be paying off. I don't care shit. Projects should develop and have something to sell to users.

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Not just these one. Most projects that have to do with crypto payments are gonna have an explosive 2023

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>the adoption of crypto is way too widespread
2022 was the highlight of developments. More would likely happen this year. People are beginning to pay attention and projects are waking up.

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Any basis?

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Those with solid fundamentals and a viable community will always have a clear path towards adoption.

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There are various reasons to adhere to a particular platform. Some people will only invest in a certain token, while others will only invest in the product. Therefore, maintaining environmental equilibrium is crucial.
Yes, I don't see any progress and investing in that worthless coin makes no sense. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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That's the idea. Although I think projects that are sustained by community alone don't last long. I like to go for projects that have deep use cases within the crypto space. Like payments, for instance

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There is no doubt about that, but it's quite early to give credit to any aspect, but one thing I feel is that payment solutions might scale as bitcoin acceptance rates increase.

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>others will only invest in the product.

Be it fundamental or meme, what all the plebs are after are the big bags. No one gives a fuck about fundamentals that can't be prolific.

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>That's the idea. Although I think projects that are sustained by community alone don't last long

Yeah, they don't last. True sustenance lies with those with actual utility, but we can't negate the role of the community when it comes to price speculation and rumors.

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Fuck off Jeet

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Utility is what the vehicle, the community is the fuel that powers this vehicle. You can't have one without the other

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How many coins have really pumped good without good utilities? The answer is, the coins that are backed by investors who have high utility projects already

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Just saying the opposing viewpoints. I don't care if all you want is a big bag; if that's all you want, you'll never learn anything new your faggot.

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why are you pumped on that?

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What will you say of the likes of floki, doge, and other memes that outperform others. Those memes don't have utility, but a viable and feasible community that is ready to shill the life out of them. Notwithstanding, utility count and not all are security.

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haha just x100000 sweet

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instead of creating this thread and filling it with replies by changing id, why not change your life for the better? it's a new year, scams didn't bring you wealth last year, what makes you think it will work this year?

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Well, those are just exceptions to the rule. Again, try checking out the tokens that have pumped and find out what they have in common: an influential dev team

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2022 was the year of building. Projects have since learned to spend the bear market developing their features. The bear market will not last as long as it did anymore imo

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Staking is one of the best strategies to make money during a bad market. The APY depends whether you decide to keep staking or not. Let's be real here but we need that fucking money.

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It's all prediction because there are many coins showing signs for a new move with good tech especially in the privacy sector. RAIL, XMR and SCRT.

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No doubt. It's been helpful getting passive income from the ORE/ETH pool.

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It doesn't work for all projects but those with solid fundamentals. Especially those paired with ETH. You can also check cosmos chain.

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What you buy matters though. A huge focus on Prifi with Rollups and AI. Go look for some solid ones there.

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True, there are lots of platforms that provide passive income. Pick the platform solution that is easiest. Never settle for less.
However, it's not always the case because several projects have failed during bear season. Watch out folks.

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You seems not to get me Jeet. You find it difficult to conceive simple text, Schizo.

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Stay poor learning ,faggot.

Exactly what we crave for.

But the space is so fuck to make that realistic.

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Look the ore/scrt pajeets are back, post hand curry niggers

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can we eat chicken curry?

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perfectly said

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It's funny, but you're barking up the wrong tree. Don't you see that I'm just speaking in general? I think you should read what I just said. Do not act foolishly. You resemble a kindergartener who doesn't like to read constantly kek.

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jeet spotted

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>you still alive?

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It's still on of them. What does it do? We are looking for solutions to problems in web3. Asset management and security.

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don't sleep on metaverse projects too, you got sandbox working big on it's game and holoride working with a big name like audi to bring the metaverse to cars.

they're my top two metaverse shots

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take out APE and everything you got there is shit

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Bear market = life changing opportunity

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why is every automaker getting into web3 and crypto? bmw announced it'll use bsc for it's loyalty program and you already have bentley and benz working with polygon

looked up holoride and it's seems kinda futuristic anon

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Only if you know your game

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Spot on

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It's good stuff if you have big names getting into the space.. promotes adoption and might convince normies easily
love Audi's and BMWs
Hope to get am m5 this year

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general sentiment is still very bearish

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The future might just be closer than you think.. kek
if you normally go on long road trip via cars then you'd understand how underrated the idea might just be

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Its all mere shit predictions. The only alts worth buying for gains are lowcaps with prospects within web3 like OGN,ORE or OCEAN.

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Privacy is based, I believe you.

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The only sensible comment here. Lowcaps can easily do a 100x in a bullrun, especially ones with working products in a trending niche like web3, Asset management, Identity management and NFTs.

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Mina is a solid buy judging from the attention PriFis are getting recently. I also have a couple of privacy related alts in my folio SCRT,RAIL and ZEC.

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Faggot, it's simple logic. Utility trumps every other quality. That's what has kept ETH in the game for so long

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Payment projects would be the top performers of the coming days. Those and Blockchain projects as well as AI projects

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