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Previous thread >>53066202

Buy XRP on Uphold/CoinMetro/Bitrue/Kucoin[NY]
[for Bitrue send USDT or XLM and use XLM/XRP]
or on the XRP ledger https://xrptoolkit.com/trade
or on XUMM app (with USD IOUs from Bitstamp)

>Why Do I Hold XRP?
>Newfag Tutorial:
>XRP $2,000+ EOY:
>SEC Lawsuit Latest:

>Flare Networks (FLR) Overview:
>Bitrue vs Poloniex FLR:
>Flare vs Ethereum:
>Flare Finance (YFLR) Intro:
>Flare Finance FAQ:
>Flare Finance Wiki:

>XRP Ledger:
>XRP Charts:
>XSG Frenlist:




>The Myth of Market Cap:


>Past /XSG/ Threads:

>What wallet do I use?
Hot storage - XUMM, Exodus or TrustWallet
Cold storage - Paper/Metal or Ledger/D’CENT
Paper Wallet - https://pastebin.com/zFL8nJXd
DO NOT use Droplet wallet, it's a scam! and will steal your XRP

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So number 7 is very important for them and they have told us that several times and 2023 is number 7.
Will the long awaited destruction of the system and therefore the phoenix rising from the ashes happen this year? Its been a rough couple years anons, anyone care to chime in and talk about it?

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2027 it is
>we got a new meme date boyz!

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its called ISO2022 not ISO2023 you dimwit
we have already mooned, you are just still asleep at the wheel
wakey wakey, watch the water and hold the line
nothing stopped what already came, it just wasn't significant

it had to be this gay


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Wow! The proof is...what guys? In. The. Pudding. It's all right in front of our faces, not financial advice. Now for the fun part in crypto news: babacucks tweeted, "2 more weeks" and in gematria that equals 311. Reversed is 113 guys, like my mind is totally blown right now. Possible moon date this January 13th. Summer, 589, Winter. At this point in time, guys, anything can happen. But David Schwartz tweeted out, "yes I'm Jewish, here is a picture of my dradel." Is he saying the case is spiraling to an end? And as we know, the entire economy is collapsing, which has to happen, so the Phoenix can rise out of the ashes. It's all about the timeline guys! CryptoSlut tweeted out, "XRP good, SEC bad" and as we know, the powers that be, they want you out, and that's gonna happen when? Exactly. During the financial collapse. So get your crypto off the exchanges. Not. Financial. Advice. ButAnywaysGuysIHopeYouEnjoyedToday'sVideo, haveAnAmazingDay- see ya

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17,000 times per day each.

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You guys told me that things like the fabled "citadels" were going to end up like Elysium. I just watched that fucking retarded heavy-handed metaphor for the Mexican-American border and am NOT impressed with what is being predicted.
Are there any movies/shows that make a better prediction for where things are headed?

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Little House on the Prairie.

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XRP is the standard. Non-XRP holders on suicide watch :D

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If only

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Get robbed

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100 Checkems scheduled for deposit

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In Time
with Timbernigger
xsg must watch

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yo nahh
fr though
wut da fucks up wit sologenikk??
lyk yo bruh......... fr

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>So number 7 is very important for them
tell me it's the jews without telling me it's the jews

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it's 20022. 18,000 years.

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post the archive of this article

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this is more interesting than the omahe itself

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WTF is wrong with this guy

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>posts my video
>anon you should check it out

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best thing i've seen in a while

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Why dump bros?
Did we lose the lawsuit?

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Fuck if I know. If it keeps going and the court case still isn't decided, I might buy some more.

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Just Christine trying to spook you one last time for a hearty chuckle.

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Children of Men

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Insider here, Ripple lost the case.

Do whatever you feel necessary with this information.

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Kek even if true Ripple was in a no/lose situation from the outset.

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Oh Hinman. There’s no way I’m getting to see those emails.

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Nice cope

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Not a chance, SEC is basically fucked and cannot let the Hinman emails be public. Settlement incoming.

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>doesn't realize the potential for Ripple losing has always been a possibility
>too much of a smoothbrain to realize the outcome doesn't matter as long as there is an outcome
Its almost like this is your first day...

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Full disclosure, I'm about to talk out of my ass.
This will be rampant speculation that I'm not qualified to make.

xrp generally follows Bitcoin.
It will sometimes decouple for a few days, and then recouple.
On September 16th 2022, for as yet unexplained reasons, we started a quick rise to the low $.50s
At the same time, Bitcoin was crabbing sidewise.
November 5th, Bitcoin took a significant crash.
xrp followed suit, and similarly crashed.

Compare the year chart of xrp to Bitcoin.
When Bitcoin crashed from November 5th to the 9th, it ended up at a lower spot than where it was on September 16th.
Whereas when xrp crashed from November 5th to the 9th, it did not end up at a lower spot than where it was on September 16th.
Instead, xrp roughly returned to the price it had been at on September 16th,
about $.33

My theory is that the drop in price that xrp experienced today, is a result of it starting to resync with Bitcoin.
But in order for it to do so, it must first shed all of the gains that it still has from September 16th.
If you look at the 1 year chart of Bitcoin and xrp, we need to fall a little bit more, to match up with the level of decline that Bitcoin has had.
I'm thinking that roughly $.25 per xrp will get us fully back in sync with Bitcoin.

And that isn't taking into account any future terrible news that might happen in the market, like if the SEC decides to sue Tether or Binance,
which would tank Bitcoin, and xrp along with it.

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I've noticed that as well, fellow schizo. And I'm inclined to believe you're right, but i hope you're wrong and this is the final dump before the xrp phoenix rises to 1 dollar again

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Man, would be nice to finally desync from that shitty coin.

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very nice observation, i have very similar view for the past two years. glad I'm not alone with such pattern recognition.

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Saved vrxhpv

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Ripple founders are billionaires from dumping xrp. Theres a couple winners in xrp and its not you

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My third year is these godforsaken threads. Will it ever end?

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kek baggies

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We will decouple from bitcoin in a few months desu when regulatory goodgoy clarity gets resolved

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Check em, I just slurped the dip. Xrp 2k EOY

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.30 wick

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Okay, I'll go ahead and add some more to my make-it stack.
Where are you buying on?
As a burger, I'm buying XLM on Coinbase, and sending to Kucoin to swap.

Just checked and saw that KuCoin has apple pay and Zelle listed as payment options. Idk if apple users use apple pay, but Zelle is pretty handy if any burgers have their banks app. Basically cash app for checking accounts.
I'll let y'all know if it works

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Buying on Kucoin with Fiat requires KYC.
Normally wouldn't be a problem, but I only trust GoyBase with KYC info. Not worth it on some random chink exchange

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I just buy from uphold
I don't need to min max and not penny pinching on the fees

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>tfw you have been getting psychically whipped by European Central Bank head Christine Lagarde in the astral realm since late summer 2020
thank you ma'am may i have another
thank you ma'am may i have another
thank you ma'am may i have a no ther

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i have been predicting that XRP would be declared a "digital asset security" and taken off the open market for a long time now, i think after Jeremy from Legal Briefs pointed out this language in a SEC filing fairly early in the lawsuit (wtf is a "digital asset security anyway")

>> No.53102666



>> No.53102671

already climbing back up again
but yes weird things are happening w price

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What do you guys think about this post?



I hope you all placed your buy orders there, I know I did!

Now isn't that quite interesting?

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>he doesn't know about blackrock price manipulation via buying/selling

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Whatever happened to flare? Did they decide to just not do the airdrop?

>> No.53102855

its gonna happen they said somewhere around the 16th of January

>> No.53102902

>forever 30 cent hell
>still hasn’t broken ath from FIVE years ago

Man xrp blows. Been holding for years but this is tiring bros.

>> No.53103122

I'm just hoping (((they))) were liquidating longs before the big take off
I didn't get the same dump % notification for other coins (only XLM) so I am not sure it was a solid BTC correlated move

>> No.53103166

yes i think things around flare starts to happen very soon..

i was thinking that i should get 100,000 SGB for 1000$ they are at the lowest price point of all time right now.

>> No.53103189

Thanks for your input.

>> No.53103487

OMG! History doesn't always repeat, but guess what guys? It rhymes.

>> No.53103620

I walk with Christ and God always wins.

>> No.53103631

2 more weeks

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what did he mean by this

>> No.53104388

a mans last moments after realizing hes been bamboozled by the second coming of enron/theranos.

>> No.53104393

it's a scam
he's finally losing it
I predict this thread won't even reach 175 posts
/xsg/ is dead RIP 2020-23

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Insider here, I'm inside.

>> No.53104496

>the people who created the product made money
Possibly the most patrician fud.

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XSG was "hunh" at #1600 when it became XRP Shitcoin General for 10-15 threads.
It's been over for awhile.

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what was really the reason why the genesis block was lost?
I don't buy the "it was a bug" explanation

>> No.53104534

I'm not sure what benefit their could conceivably be to it being lost?
We know the holdings of every wallet because it's public.
What could this possibly show that the block immediately before and following do not show?

>> No.53104552

Maybe the autosave box wasn't ticked.

>> No.53104566

I just like the stock

>> No.53104600

it died because it was entirely built on larps and delusions, shitcoins had nothing to do with this

>> No.53104676

What stock?

>> No.53104694

Meh. OGs in here spent the last three year magically creating a new world.
If you take things at face value then I really don't have much I can say to you.

>> No.53104876

The shitcoin casino was the final nail in the coffin.

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It's ogre lads

>> No.53105886

Did the fudding lose funding this year? No good fud at all at the moment.

>> No.53105890

Well.... this thread has over 100 posts already and is kinda dead

Time for a new one lads





>> No.53105940

Fuck off cunt.

>> No.53105977

It's just a bug, just like these new ones below :P

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>it's ogre
it's ogre

>> No.53106111

Everywhere you go XRP is laughed at. Whether people bring up the age old Market cap argument or it’s a centralised shitcoin. All that Doesn’t phase me because it’s not true.

But one counter argument that shuts me up always is, “look at its price action”.

> Jan 2018 $3
> Jan 2019 $0.35
> Jan 2020 $0.18
> Jan 2021 $0.19
> Jan 2022 $0.75
> Jan 2023 $0.33

This price action is insanely bad compared to others. All these meme dates and le flip da switch none sense is just adding salt to the wound.

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>April 2017
>XRP $0,003

it's still 100x+ which is the best roi in the TOP-10 since 2017 where it was for years. your poor cherrypicking fud is not needed.

>> No.53106349

yearsposters won

>> No.53107028

The biggest fud is that retarded pajeets hold it and can't stop creaming about how one xrp is going to be worth 3 million rupees.

>> No.53107067

brother, it's been 6 years since then

>> No.53107280


t.a. is useless to the average investor. it's a cargo-cult mentality that the media promotes because it subverts value investing. if people were to actually use their brains, we'd all do much better.

>> No.53107332

yes and a month before january 18 it was 10% of the price

>> No.53107337

why sgb and not flr?

>> No.53107563

>Jan 2024 $175,000

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File: 2.13 MB, 4032x3024, liminal space.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.53107991

I’m not gonna seethe if XRP dumps back down to $20 for 6 years desu senpai

>> No.53109307

Hey, me and David celebrated NYE the exact same!mwshnx

>> No.53109527

I'm getting both. SGB price is ATL atm and you can get like 100k for like 1000 bucks.

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File: 18 KB, 1280x960, 20221210_074527.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the winners have already won
march 11th

>> No.53110193

songbird is truly irrelevant the same way kusama is. careful buddy

>> No.53110203

There was an anon last two threads ago that said xrp going to $0.30..and it did. We have insiders in here.

>> No.53110853

I’m going to fuck your mom and cum
T. Insider

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they don't want astrologers to have an accuarate "birth" time for XRP and therefore be able to predict its future

>> No.53111771

3 years ago before the bull market I enjoyed shitting on xrp retarded gorilla niggers because it was STILL at 25 cents. I haven't checked the price lately in the last few years can some anon enlighten me as to what xrps current price is?

>> No.53112282

Sgb is worthless testnet coin

>> No.53112825
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Coinmarketcap being lying niggers again.

>> No.53113421

It's 30 rupees benchod sir.

>> No.53114922

Been here since day one and never seen these threads so dead, even I don't have any desire to come here anymore.

>> No.53115028

What's with all bottom tier fud or has lots of people finally cracked?

>> No.53115193

i think they said they are going to do the airdrop in about 2 weeks

>> No.53115204

it contained a transaction with a message giving away Arthur Britto's true identity

>> No.53115214

hey CGI david, thanks for stopping by the thread

>> No.53115219

>ta is useless to the average investor
it's very useful to the youtube content creator influencers who get ad revenue off their videos about it though

haha me too haha ha

i'm still traumatized from losing thousands of dollars on it and flare finance earlier this year but i should buy some too

>> No.53115228

interesting picture anon, where's that quote from?

>> No.53115235

what do you guys know about the coming Galactic Superwave?

>> No.53115264

not necessarily a message, but it definitely included the first distributions that people could reference to find britto's wallets

>> No.53115347

hadn't considered this

>> No.53115432

How hard is it for you to go on Twitter and look for your self. 9th Jan

>> No.53115858

that was when the switch was flipped, don't tell me you're still bagholding hoping for a repeat of a single pump from 6 years ago...?

>> No.53115987

my brother almost did this to his hand with fire works, only had a bad burn instead
he still ended up more successful then me cause he's a tall normie

>> No.53116450 [DELETED] 

Glad there's now a XRP general for trolls aswell:

remember to report it for spamming..

>> No.53116896

stop bumping old threads before they die and stop telling people to report posts its against the rules

>> No.53116961

this is legit thread and the #2012 is fake one.

>> No.53117298

It's pretty quiet in here without the trannies trolling all the time.

>> No.53117406

I'll believe it when I'm rich

>> No.53117424

Anyone can write any type of baseless bullshit prediction and got at least one of them right in future.

>> No.53117449

The Road.

>> No.53118845

That thread was the gay one, made by homosexuals, and homosexuals are notoriously not schizophrenic, they are psychopathic.
The XSG is split in two groups, the based schizos who avoided that thread and the psycho homos that made/posted in that thread.

I seriously hope you guys don't post in gay psycho threads, now do you?

>> No.53118921

It's ok. The gay thread people will rope soon when xrp doesn't go to $37,500 overnight government buyback. While the sensible schizo people wait patiently.

>> No.53118987

>movies talking about where we are headed
Remember, Bartertown was more competently ran than a lot of major cities today.
They got renewable energy and gas infrastructure, some sense of law and order, etc.
Still a shitty place to live but could be worse, could be Chicago post SAFE-T legislation.

>> No.53119851

If anon wants other post-apoc/dystopia movies, Hell comes to Frogtown and America 3000 are fun. A Boy and His Dog is a classic too.

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File: 63 KB, 585x607, Jezza yearsposting.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Case won't end until 2027 at the earliest. Yearsposters were right. It's over, bros. Let's just end /xsg/ and get on with our lives.

>> No.53120262

You're in the wrong thread.

>> No.53120490
File: 2.01 MB, 338x600, 1666141333419963.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What are guys gonna do with your FLR tokens?

>> No.53120564

sell them immediately and then buy the same amount back at a discount shortly after

>> No.53120697

Riding till 0.01, just like I did with SGB, I’m not getting much anyway, wish I had a bigger bag back then.

>> No.53120828
File: 174 KB, 1470x636, dfgdfg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>report jannies for duplicate XSG thread for spamming
>get warned

lol they so salty aren't they? no wonder because there's none other generals running on the entire 4chan for this long. and usually duplicate /XSG/'s get deleted

>> No.53120867

guys guys guys just stop spamming it isn't quite so interesting

>> No.53120935
File: 311 KB, 661x623, terrypunch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Case ends in March/April, we will never see the Hinman emails.

>> No.53121042

I don't know if it's just a desperate YouTuber guy trying to get 4chan famous or it's an organized group to fuck over XRP. Either way it's funny.

>> No.53121124

It's lichurally some future trannies on discord
It's always some secret club of cumgoblins thinking they're epic when there's a concerted effort to do shit like this

>> No.53121154

>this image

All the contracts are with RIPPLE, not with XRP. Look at the stock price of ripple over the years (if you're able to, since you need to be an accredited investor to buy). Ripple has gone up dramatically, yet xrp has remained low. Ripple is the thing that you need to invest in, not the token.

>> No.53121284

I agree somewhat. Xrp will go up in price for sure, but Ripple stocks is where the real wealth will be made. But for the common folk xrp is the next big thing.
Sounds about right.

>> No.53121711
File: 81 KB, 385x363, 1670394162988.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Thread newfags.
Lurk for six more months.

>> No.53121975
File: 92 KB, 910x1041, E6B99AD1-CA11-4A55-87C9-B89B6D9E2FCE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was gonna buy SGB yesterday but I bought more XRP

>> No.53121980

SGB poompa

>> No.53122164
File: 2.60 MB, 720x720, 1663375987550156.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wow, it went for 1c to 1 and a half cent. I'm totally gonna recover the $300 worth of this pos I bought at the top.

>> No.53122207

>$300 loss
Wanna trade? 10k USD in so far. Currently at nearly a 50% loss.


>> No.53122240
File: 61 KB, 506x493, 1667249624633660.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oof... nah, I'm gucci fren

>> No.53122405

If SGB goes back go to previos ATH I’d have 25k
Unfortunately I bought the bottom at .22 so I’m also at a big loss anyway
I wonder how badly the supply was diluted during this bear market, I think if it went back to previous ath that would put it at top 20 which sounds way to wild for now unless FLR is a big success that takes the cake form ETH, ADA and SOL

>> No.53122596

I have been screaming 2027 from the rooftops for a year, it's bretty obvious to me if you follow all the info

>> No.53122679

How much ripple should I be holding to never need to work again by 2030?

>> No.53122729

how many ripple references did you catch?

>> No.53122777


>> No.53122894

I told you idiots that they lost the case >>53101152 , that's why it wicked down to 0.29, but you didn't listen.

If you're still in profit or even close then get the fuck out now! even if you still believe they'll win an appeal/trial, you may as well sell now and buy cheaper later.

XRP is the crypto that poses the biggest threat to the current financial system, yes, even more than BTC, ETH, XMR, etc. there was absolutely no way *they* were ever going to let it go unchecked.

>> No.53122945

holy fuck!
XDC + XRPL merge is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


>> No.53123043

the trolls have been with us since the beginning, the question of who exactly they are, and what motivates them, is an interesting one

>> No.53123056

ah, we solved the puzzle. cool.

>> No.53123070

i don't trust you

>> No.53123104

PLV: Well, Maxwell’s... no. It even revises that. You have to look at Maxwell’s equations as a model of a phenomenon; it explains electromagnetic wave propagation in a different way.

For one thing, Maxwell’s equations, at least the accepted version, have energy being conserved. It means that energy of a photon can neither increase, nor decrease, whereas here, as we were saying earlier, over great distances you will see a change.

There are a set of principles which are considered sacred in physics. One is the First Law of Thermodynamics, this idea that energy cannot be changed, only converted.

KC: And you’re changing that law, really, are you not?

PLV: Right. And I can show technologies which you can perform in your back yard garage which show a violation of energy conservation.

Some of these electrostatic thrusters like Jean-Louis Naudin has on his website – some LaForgue thrusters – they’re basically asymmetrical capacitors that he’s got in a pinwheel arrangement. When you calculate how much energy he’s putting in to drive that pinwheel, it’s a lot less than the motion he’s getting out of it. He’s getting out about three times more motional energy than the electric...

BR: It has to be an open system, to go back to what you were saying before.

PLV: The universe. Yeah. As soon as you view the universe as an open system, you have to realize that energy’s not necessarily conserved. Pretty much all system theorists will agree with you. If your physics is postulating an open system for the universe, then you do have the possibility of matter or energy increasing or decreasing in amount in a physical universe.

The thing is that this is like just a small shadow on the... sort of an epiphenomenon of this vast flux that’s going on below the level of observation, so that’s where your real energy... It’s not energy, it’s action. In other words, just for this table, this stool, or chair to be there requires an enormous expenditure

>> No.53123143

BR: Okay, yeah. Sorry, perhaps I didn’t form my question in the right way. What I really meant was, from your theoretical understanding, could you predict which engineering approaches are more likely to be successful?

PLV: Yeah. I think so. Yeah. I think that with this physics, you can explain a lot of the technologies they’re developing in the Black Projects for field propulsion. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of my readers are in the Black Projects. I would have no way of knowing, but...

KC: [laughs] Yeah, that’s what I was thinking.

PLV: They were actually working on aether theories in the ’50s to explain electrogravitics. Townsend Brown was developing an aether theory. They were working on one at Douglas Aircraft which, apparently, they ditched and it eventually was declassified somehow. Maybe it was just some notes that somebody had that were supposed to be classified, but they were leaked out.

From conversations I’ve had with some Black Projects engineers who acknowledged that, to them, the aether is real, that they realize the faults of Relativity. When they recruit, they prefer that the people they’re recruiting haven’t had their minds polluted with current physics. They try to get them at an early age.

BR: That’s exactly what we’d heard is that they've got some very, very bright, astute minds.

>> No.53123161

KC: Are you that rare thing, a “Scientist with a Conscience?” Is that why?

PLV: I guess you’d say so. Yeah.

KC: And is that a result of your parents’ influence, would you say, to some degree, or something else?

PLV: Oh yeah. I would say that’s part of it. You know, it’s just me, I guess. My interest is in helping humanity. I’m interested in the truth and not living in some dream, some belief system that other people are telling you and it doesn’t fit the data.

KC: Also the elite, in other words, the elitism around using technology or using the truth only for a certain group of people, perhaps, is going against the grain?

PLV: Yeah. The thing is, who is controlling the Black Projects? As soon as they’re black, I mean, they’re not even acknowledged by Congress or whatever government has them. Somebody’s pulling the strings and there are some people that suggest they aren’t even from Earth, if you believe...

KC: Now, can we get back to... I mean, you did say that you had some kind of contact experience that affected you. Are you able to describe that in some detail to us?

PLV: Well, it was basically an inner experience I had when I was at Johns Hopkins in my junior year. I felt that it was information coming into me.

I was in a certain mental state; I felt there were intelligences from the plant kingdom. I felt they were terrestrial, that the trees were talking to me – the vegetation kingdom of Earth – that was concerned about the way we were going. They were concerned also about being wiped out by the progress of human societies, like we’re out of control here with growth. Sort of like the movie Koyaanisqatsi, that whole concept.

At the same time they were giving me the basic understanding that the basis of existence is flux. Because if you have flux, you can always produce structure.

>> No.53123170

PLV: Yeah. I remember I had a sort of what you’d call a kundalini experience during that where I was awake all night writing, and then I’d sleep during the day and get up late afternoon and be walking around in the mall, the university, the grass area between the buildings, and would look at a tree and I could see this energy flux in the tree, or the stone looked like it was alive.

Sort of like the view of the shaman Indians because it completely shifts your perspective when you go to this. It’s more close to the Hindu idea of maya. That maya is illusion; the physical is an illusion that’s just... we’re waves on this... The real essence is the ether which is non-material.

BR: Is that connected with David Bohm’s Implicate Order?

PLV: It’s close. The concepts of Subquantum Kinetics are similar in some respects to David Bohm’s theory, but David Bohm’s working in General Relativity, a relativistic framework. He hasn’t completely wiped the slate clean here.

I accept some of his concepts, like his idea of stochastic fluctuations as a representation of zero-point energy that this is not just the idea of probabilism in quantum mechanics, is not just some equation you’re writing, but it has a real basis in some thing, some medium, having stochastic behavior there. In this case I would say it’s the aether.

But I use different terms. I speak of the implicit order and the explicit order. The implicit order is the etheric order. It’s ordered in the sense of the reaction pathways that are very defined.

The explicit order is the wave order that we see, that we’re able to see. We need waves to see other waves, you know; everything is waves. So that’s the quantum realm.

>> No.53123196

some reading material for those interested

>> No.53123228

No, lmao

>> No.53123323

Post proof you cocksucking kike.

>> No.53123691
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I'm probably down 3k hopefully waiting for a dip to 10 or 20 cents for a nice slurp

>> No.53124055

Xrp noobtrap, every year baghodlers are created. Nothing new

>> No.53125122
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I still believe in this

>> No.53125166

>27 years from now
I can't wait that long. Shit's already fucked.

>> No.53125412

>I can't wait that long.
yes you can
chin up, faggot, I mean soldier

>> No.53125687

So March is the new memedate

>> No.53125896

Don't get your hopes up, I'm sticking out till 2025

>> No.53126356

guess so yeah
that's when Garlinghouse said the lawsuit will end

>> No.53127154

How poor are you? Lol

>> No.53127161

>March 2025

>> No.53127196

JF: I think... Again, if you go back to the remarks I began with, I think if you go far enough back and look at certain types of texts, for example, the Hermetica, okay? And read them without the standard academic approach with metaphysics eyeglasses on, and read them rather as a topologist--as a mathematician—would read these texts, or as even a materials engineer, you know, might read these texts, what pops out of these things is a profound metaphor of a physical medium that creates information, and that’s a very modern idea. In fact, it’s so modern, you know, it starts popping up in the Soviet Union in the 1970s and begins to kind of spread from there. All of this stuff is popping out of the Soviet Union.

So in other words, way back when—if we go back to the Hermetica—here we’re dealing with a text approximately, oh give or take, you know, 2,000 years old, so in others words... But it’s an Egyptian text even though it’s written in Greek. Its provenance is clearly Egyptian, okay? So this is very old and yet it contains this profoundly sophisticated physics metaphor.

That’s what really popped out at me, you know, when I was reading these texts. It wasn’t that I was supposed to be looking and seeing Platonic Universals, you know, the chair-of-all-chairs and the horse-of-all-horses. No. None of that was what was popping out at me. What Plato’s talking about is topology. He’s talking about common surfaces with common forms, okay? So I’m looking at this, and then I’m looking at the Nazis, and they’re coming up with these theories essentially in the ’20s and ’30s that are looking at the physical medium as an engineer-able reality. In other words, in a certain sense, as an information-creating medium. So... And again, the key to creating stable information is rotation, okay? Torsion, and so on and so forth.

>> No.53127205

So I’m thinking: Well, this appears to be precisely what we see going on with this Bell project. They are somehow pursuing this idea of physics. And one of the things that leapt out at me that kind of made this connection very clear is...

In my book, The Philosopher’s Stone, I refer to a fellow by the name of “Himmler’s Rasputin”—if you can imagine [laughs] Heinrich Himmler having a personal Rasputin! Well this guy’s name is Karl Maria Wiligut. Okay? He has a number of aliases that he wrote esoteric treatises under. But his basic conception is that the whole universe arises out of a tension between two counter-rotating spirals which create the “World Egg”. Okay?

And when I saw that I thought: Oh boy! Because of course in the Bell, you know—which I rationalize as basically a kind of hyper-dimensional torsion physics device—you’ve got these two counter-rotating drums into which they’re putting this high-density liquid, which I think may have even incorporated an isomer as one of its components. And of course an isomer is one of these high-spin isotopes, that if you de-excite it, it will release massive amounts of energy.

Well, you’ve got these two counter-rotating drums, and I’m thinking: Well, here’s the physics that they’re doing, and we’ve got these two counter-rotating things. And over here, Himmler’s Rasputin is saying: Well, this is all coming out of two counter-rotating systems. You know? So I think, clearly, you had an ideological culture in the SS that, rather than inhibiting scientific progress, really kind of forced them to pursue all of this higher-dimensional physics.

BR: It actually gave them an inspirational boost.

JF: Yes. Yeah, exactly. And, you know, the kind of... the final nail in the coffin, as far as I’m concerned is, if you look at the swastika itself, you know, and view that as not so much the corporate logo of the Nazi Party but as an ideogram of this whole physics idea...

>> No.53127214

Let’s assume the project’s underway when the Nazis take power. Gerlach got his wish. He got funding from the Weimar government, and he’s doing his spin experiments, okay? He was fascinated with spin and magnetic resonance and gravitation, you know. He corresponded with the Austrian physicist, Thirring. You know, the Lense-Thirring Effect. Satellite drag and all this, you know. This was his bag.

So imagine the Nazis coming in and saying: Well, Professor Doktor Gerlach, we’re going to shut your project down. It looks too suspicious to us. It’s dealing in areas we don’t want to deal with. It’s not part of our ideology. Well, all Gerlach has to do is say: Herr Himmler, it’s right there on your armband. He’s already sold them, in a certain sense! [Bill laughs]

And you’re right. Because the other thing about the Bell that I should mention in this context with India is that this Xerum 525 that they’re putting inside this device and spinning up... Well, number one, it’s a liquid. Number two, it’s of heavy density. Number three, it’s of a kind of a maroonish-violet color, okay? Very heavy.

So I’m thinking: A liquid metal. Mercury. So probably mercury is one thing. And there’s your connection to India. Because of course as you know, in the vimana texts you have references to mercury vortexes. And, just to kind of make a final nail in the coffin, mercury’s kind of an ideal candidate if you’re going to use plasmas in this thing.

And again, you know, you have astrophysicists in Germany—Houtermans—looking at the sun thinking: Okay, we’ve got nuclear fusion up there. And they’ve already noticed the sun rotates but the plasma is rotating at different velocities, so you’ve got this “differential rotation” they call it, but that’s just a fancy word for, you know, it’s rotating at different velocities. And they’re putting all this together in this device.

KC: What about the vimanas?

>> No.53127224

JF: Well, in this regard, this idea of an ancient civilization in trying to get clues into it; you’re familiar with the ‘38-39 Schafer expedition to Tibet.

BR: Yes.

JF: Okay. Well, Himmler was a personal sponsor of this. What I find interesting is that, in spite of the heavy influence of the British Raj in Tibet, the Nazis not only were able to gain entry into the Potala from the regions. They came out of Tibet with an entire copy—as Peter Levenda’s research establishes—an entire copy of the Kangschur; this ancient Tibetan epic which is supposed to be about this very sophisticated ancient civilization. And they make it back to Germany with this.

BR: And they knew its importance.

JF: Oh yes absolutely they did, absolutely they did.

KC: So some of their technology could have come from Tibet as well?

JF: I think some of their technology has to... Some of their thinking has to come from looking at these texts and looking at all of these very abstruse ideas in physics and putting them together because they fit so snuggly at places at times that it really is astonishing. You know, I didn’t dare write about any of this when I was a professor. [laughs] That’s why I wait until after I get out of there. Now I’ll write it down.

BR: The least one can say about it is that this is all the work of intuitive genius.

>> No.53127231


>> No.53127239

First of all it’s a device, it’s bell shaped, it stands about twelve to fifteen feet high, nine to twelve feet wide. It’s either cased in a kind of a ceramic metal or just plain old ceramic. It’s got heavy duty electrical port cable—electrical cabling ports—around the device.

Inside the device there are two counter rotating drums—and I want to be clear here. The data that we have does not specify the internal configuration of those drums within the Bell. These two counter rotating drums had a 'serum'—this Xerum 525 I mentioned earlier—the heavy maroonish-red, probably mercury, compound.

It is cryogenically cooled either by liquid oxygen or liquid nitrogen and it is close to an electrical power plant and sounds like a beehive Okay? The electrical power plant is kind of to put an hyperbole on it near yards away from the installations that the Bell is being tested in all right?

BR: The kind of hum you get from a high voltage generator.

JF: Yes. Okay. Now let’s put all these things... Those are the data points, and the…

BR: And this is known how?

JF: This is known by an SS general by the name of Jakob Sporrenberg who was part of this project because he was the general that was tasked, at the end of the war, to go in and murder sixty of the scientists involved with the project.

BR: Hm.

JF: In other words the Nazis want to keep this thing absolutely quiet.

BR: I didn’t know that.

JF: Oh yeah, that’s how all this comes out. He’s tried for that crime by a Polish War Crimes Tribunal because, of course, Poland slid westward and took over parts of Pomeranian Silesia that were formerly German provinces. And the Bell was tested in that part of Germany that then became Poland after the war.

>> No.53127257

This henge stood in a kind of a basin—a pool—it looks like, that would have contained some sort of liquid. Around the perimeter of this pool there are... And you can see this on the History Channel documentary with Nick Cook. Igor takes Nick down into this structure and you can see these entry ports for all of this heavy duty electrical cabling, okay?

Apparently, when tested at night, these concentration camp inmates described this barrel-like thing that would glow a pale blue glow and it would rise above the tree line and kind of sit there and then it would fall back down; lower back down.

So those are our data points. I don’t think that the dimensions of the device, at this point in my research, are functionally significant so let’s turn to the cryogenic cooling, okay? We’re dealing already we know with a device that is using these two counter rotating cylinders, and I suspect that their centrifuge isotope technology had something to do with this, because they’re using ultra high mechanical rotation.

In other words, this is a precision machine, and it’s being cryogenically cooled. And the first thing that I think of is super-conductivity, you know. Again, high spin system, little resistance. It’s a kind of a self contained little bubble of its own...

BR: Was superconductivity understood in the physics of that time?

JF: Oh yeah. Sure. Then the next thing is we have this mysterious substance which they’re putting into these cylinders and spinning at high speed. I think that the presence of this power plant and the sound of the Bell, as a beehive, indicates that this whole thing was electrically pulsed with extremely high voltage direct current electricity.

>> No.53127262

And that the drums were set up—and Igor agrees with me here; this is his analysis that I’m borrowing from—that you have a cathode and an anode and this will arc to the centre. And as this stuff is spinning and cohering along the same plane of rotation and being pulsed, electrically pulsed, it’s going to drive it inward, create little plasmoids, and you’re going to get even more spin out of this thing.

So, in other words, the way I’m rationalizing the device, ultimately, is they are attempting to maximize by every possible means this extreme torsion shear effect. This is exactly what they are going after. They are trying to figure out if they can manipulate and engineer the fabric of space-time.

BR: With what end?

JF: To what end, again, I think there’s these three purposes in mind: the Bell is part of a... The departmental oversight, let’s say, of the Bell is three things.

First, you have some attachment to the Forschung Inviclum Inpatento, which is a super secret SS entity that is pulling every patent application within the Third Reich, and later occupied Europe, that has national security implications.

Number two, it’s under an entity called SS Entwicklungstelle vier which means Development Area Four. The mission brief of that department is to make Germany energy independent and it’s that department that you have investigating things like controlled fusion, zero point energy, and so on and so forth. So it’s attached to that department.

Then the final department that it’s attached to is General Hans Kammler and his think tank down in the Pils in Czechoslovakia in the Scotia Munitions Works. And the mission brief of that department of the SS is to brainstorm its way from first generation to second and third and fourth generations—and here’s the key—to work out the necessary steps in the technology tree, to get from one to the other, and then to do it. Okay?

>> No.53127266

JF: So the Bell is connected with all these departments and what this suggests to me, given the physics involved here, is that they’re trying to create a prototype technology. And I want to emphasize this: This thing is not a UFO, it is not itself a weapon and it is not itself a zero point energy device.

It’s a prototype technology, or a gateway technology, that they are using in developing to investigate each of those three areas. That I think is what you have with this project. But I think the results were significant enough to them, by 1944, that they give it this extreme classification—kriegsentscheidend—war decisive.

So they’re already seeing the military potential of this thing. This is a field propulsion potential here of just extraordinary capability. And this is a weapon potential here of just extraordinary capability, but it’s a kind of a unified technology.

BR: Now...

KC: It also sounds like it’s a time machine. I mean, it sounds like it’s creating what Jodie Foster entered, in a sense, in Contact.

JF: Right. I use the term “time dilation” here, and I don’t want relativistic associations, but I don’t want people to think that this is a device that can be used as a practical device for time travel—going backward or forward into the future. But the field effects here on plants, I think, are key.

And another thing I should mention is: I think one of the purposes of this 'Xerum' and the use of probably some isotope of mercury and nuclear isomers was precisely the fact that, if they were able to achieve a severe time dilation effect, the way you’re going to try and measure it is precisely by changes in radioactive decay, okay?

>> No.53127278

BR: If, to mirror what you said at the start of our conversation when you said: Well, let’s assume that the Germans have been successful in establishing some degree of nuclear weapon technology.

JF: Right.

BR: Let’s suppose that the Americans had done something in the Montauk project.

JF: Okay.

BR: As it’s popularly been...

JF: Portrayed.

BR: ...portrayed as some kind of a Star Gate device that involves huge amounts of electrical power, a lot of trial and error experimentation...

JF: Uh-huh.

BR: ...and even the idea, you know—heaven forbid—that children picked up off the streets were used as a means of trying to push them into this thing to see if they would survive the journey.

JF: Right.

BR: Is this a ridiculous leap in your mind or is this something that you’re willing to entertain, theoretically, that there’s the connection here. As this technology….

JF: Between the Bell and Montauk?

>> No.53127283

But as for where does the Bell go. The way I kind of outline in my books it appears to me that Martin Bormann is the key figure here. And in each and every case that we see these German scientists surrendering to the Allies, let’s give the example of the rocket scientists, we in the United States get sort of the crème de la crème, Okay? As to where the Bell goes. In my opinion Martin Bormann sees to it that the Allies and the Soviet Union get more or less an equal division of the technological spoils.

He sees to it, according to my research, that the United States gets crucial atom bomb components. Fissile U235, infrared proximity fuses that are a nice handy thing to have around when you are trying to detonate plutonium cores, all of this technology he sees to it that the United States gets. He sees to it that the Soviet Union gets a crucial Nazi scientist that had developed certain isotope enrichment technologies.

BR: Who was that?

JF: Baron Manfred from Arjona, who, of course, used cyclotrons and mass spectrometers just like Lawrence did over here. So this goes to the Soviet Union—oops!—along with the centrifuge technology. So he’s seeing to it that all of this technology is being equally divided.

But if you’re going to have a post war, extra-territorial Nazi state, so to speak, and it’s going to have organization, and if you are going to have an ongoing research project, there’s two things you can’t have: You can’t have atom bombs because that’s going to require large enrichment plants, of course that’s going to be an easy target. You can’t have large rocket gantries you are going to need a project that is truly sensational and would pay massive dividends and yet be a project that you could much easier keep secret, okay? And that’s the Bell.

>> No.53127297

F: So in other words, what I’m telling you is, the Allies and the Soviet Union get the jets, the rockets, the infrared sights, the computers, the semi-conductor chips, you know, all of this stuff. But the project that was classified war decisive the Nazi’s keep to themselves.

In my research I think that, definitely, a case can be made that the post war fusion project that was taking place in Juan Peron’s Argentina, is really nothing more than a continuation of certain aspects of this Bell project. In other words, with all of those Nazis located in Argentina, including —as I make a case in my books—Martin Bormann himself. You have the boss, in other words, right there in the area where this secret Argentine project is being conducted.

So, in other words, Peron is not really the one that is in control of this. It’s Bormann. He’s the financier, okay? So you have the Bell not going to the West, not going to the Soviet Union, you have it going to Argentina. Now, you mentioned Kammler...

(december 2022)

>> No.53127298
File: 12 KB, 400x400, 1672791454337400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The goose is loose.

>> No.53127314

BR: …and he had been approached by the British home office who had some pictures of an old man that had been sent to them either from Brazil or Argentina, and I cannot remember which, (and my father is now no longer with us) and my father was being tasked to state whether or not this man, that had been found in the 1970’s, was Martin Bormann and my father said: Yes it absolutely was. So, how about that for a little anecdote?

JF: Yeah, well. [laughs] I’ve got an anecdote of my own. It’s not my personal anecdote but I mention in my Nazi International book that the CBS journalist Paul Manning, that was a close associate of Ed Murrow, you know, the very famous journalist that was in the UK during the blitz and later on TV.

Well, Manning wrote a book. This was after Ladislas Farago had come out with his book about Martin Bormann, the Fourth Reich and all that stuff. Well Manning, I think, in a certain sense, was kind of miffed at the way they had treated a fellow journalist, and he wrote a book called Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile. And he basically verified that the documents that Farago had used in his book were real. They were legit, okay?

Well he found something else. [laughs] He found that Martin Bormann—I think around 1967—had cashed a check [laughs] at Manufacturers Hanover and Chase Manhattan Bank. It was cleared through Deutsche Bank in Buenos Aires in Argentina, and the check had been cashed over his own signature. [laughs]

BR: Incredible. [Farrell laughs] Amazing.

>> No.53127342
File: 117 KB, 1280x720, a dead horse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>gold standard

>> No.53127354

BR: But if I understand you right, you’re suggesting there’s an isolated group of Nazis; maybe their descendents...

JF: Right.

BR: ...somewhere in South America, probably Argentina...

JF: Brazil, Chile... [laughs] Yeah.

BR: Etcetera, yeah. With access to this salvaged and exported exotic technology...

JF: Mm-hm.

BR: ...with continued funding and continued protection from somewhere.

JF: Somewhere.

BR: That are doing what? They’re not having to pay their electricity bills? They’re flying around, looking around, and weaponizing it against who? This doesn’t seem to make sense on its own.

JF: Okay. Let me give you a context. The modern financial meltdown, to me, is a sign that there is a breakdown occurring between the old postwar détente. And what do I mean by that? The founders of the Bilderberg Group were Lawrence and David Rockefeller; a Rothschild was involved. That represented kind of the Anglo-American corporate interest.

But on the European side, who is the principal founder? Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. Who’s Prince Bernhard? He’s an SS officer. And therefore, if you still have an extant post-war Nazi chain of command, and we’ve already mentioned that we do... If you have an extant post-war Nazi chain of command, then an SS officer like Bernhard answers to his chief, which is Martin Bormann, who holds an SS four-star general’s rank, okay? But Bernhard is also a vice president of—oh, looky-looky—IG Farben, okay? Which, incidentally, I want to point out, IG Farben was only finally completely liquidated in what year?

BR: I have no idea.

JF: 2003.

BR: Really!

JF: Yes. [laughs]

>> No.53127358

JF: But let’s get back to Prince Bernhard, because present at these early Bilderberger meetings is a very significant figure. It’s Dr. Hermann Josef Abs, who is the CEO of Deutsche Bank, one of the world’s largest international banks. The bank that, incidentally, cleared Bormann’s check in Buenos Aires that was drawn on Manufacturers Hanover and Chase Manhattan; big Rockefeller banks. Morgan Rockefeller interests.

So putting all of these little pieces together, what it looks like to me is that the Bilderberger group’s first secret purpose after the war was to take all of this liquid cash that is sitting in the hands of these post-war Nazis and move it through these Western banks, make it available to these Western bankers. And a lot of it, I suspect, was even kept off the books. They’re laundering a huge amount of money, in other words.

Now, here’s the problem. I like to say—and I thank Richard Hoagland for this kind of analogy because he came out with this one at a conference and I just love it: With Martin Bormann we’re dealing with a Dick Cheney without the warmth and charm.

>> No.53127425

if schizos had followed the investment advice in /xsg/ these last few weeks (throw some money into XDC and SGB) they'd be up a good 2x or more, in a market that has been down bad by any measure

maybe the viral marketing employees are throwing us a bone after absolutely mind-raping us and fucking our wallets these last few years? thanks guys!

>> No.53127522

Things are looking good

>> No.53127989

Anyone else stacking CSPR?

>> No.53128320 [DELETED] 
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>> No.53128475
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Flare mooning and SGB crashing at the same time.

My Flare-ies stay care-ies.

>> No.53129151

Up 80% in 48 hours.. “crashing”

>> No.53129271

>looks at the volume and liquidity
>walks away

>> No.53129292

>looks at price
Nice role play

>> No.53129319

uphold halted trading last night, what gives?

>> No.53129480

Why isn't that ever part of the Schizo theories/riddles?

>> No.53129724
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delete your post and never bring it up again
we are watching you Eric

>> No.53129772
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nothing ever happens

>> No.53130982


>> No.53131184
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>> No.53131880

I see, nice tv.

>> No.53132029

589 million transactions.
$58,900 profit
Are they stealing the 589 meme?

>> No.53132283 [DELETED] 
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cheers to another year

>> No.53132909
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>> No.53132917
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>> No.53132924
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>> No.53132929
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>> No.53132937
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>> No.53132974
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you make these yourself?

>> No.53133074

Fuck me for falling for the moonman larp and buying 4 ICP at the top.

>> No.53133364
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>> No.53133372
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>> No.53133379
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>> No.53133390
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>> No.53133400
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>> No.53133404
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>> No.53133412
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>> No.53133428
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>> No.53133437
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>> No.53133445
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>> No.53133461
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>> No.53133467
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>> No.53133473
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Jesus christ, dude atleast work on your skills if you're gonna spam photoshop

>> No.53133480
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Click: “Yes, that’s me, the official cool guy of digital asset investor channel”

>> No.53133498
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Hero we don’t deserve…

>> No.53133505
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>> No.53133514
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>> No.53133517
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Watch out Garry…

>> No.53133532
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>> No.53133538
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>> No.53133543
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>> No.53133549

>spamming my F tier memes
>t. Retard

>> No.53133554
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>> No.53133562
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Are you there?

>> No.53133572 [DELETED] 

Knock knock neo…

>> No.53133575

Looks like tony ferguson

>> No.53133582
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Knock knock Neo

>> No.53133607
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I hope you liked my art, don’t forget to follow me on twitter. Peace, gang!

>> No.53133660
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Use more effort

>> No.53133687
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>Use more effort

>> No.53133769

Das riiiiiiiite

>> No.53133978

2027 is our time boys!!! WAGMI

>> No.53133987

>leave XSG for 24 hours
>Twitter niggers start spamming the sloppiest Reddit tier nigger garbage thinking they’re funny and nobody is laughing
>they more than likely have been here 2 weeks and hold 1k XRP

>> No.53134061

I’ve been since Mellon and Uhnwi larps and there’s a 95% chance that I hold more xrp than you. Are you mad that that I posted some cringe images in a thread that is already dead?

>> No.53134384

Yeah, I saw that. Though it was very strange. I remember when Solo hitted 5.89c, I knew I had to buy. Maybe it's time to load up with HBAR?

>> No.53134715
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>Retarded pajeet le 37500 rupee extravod spammer
>Some double digits IQ paint.net photoedit spammer
>Some LARP interview about Nazi Agharta spammer (or something along those lines, didn't read, might as well been the Lacerta interview).
Well, can't blame Linkies for making fun of the few of us schizos that are left.
There's another thread specifically for gay spammers. Better to have one post about a feverish dream some anon had every two hours than to get spammed with the gayest possible jpegs.

>> No.53134878
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>> No.53134991
File: 143 KB, 742x1280, 167265985102111950.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That same painting was tweeted by Baba's "friend"
How many alternative accounts does he have?

>> No.53135443


>> No.53135898

Why is sgb/flr pumping? Should I buy

>> No.53136051
File: 47 KB, 527x680, Fljc6EyWAAMSQ9F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nah its too late
you are feeling sleepy anyway
time for a little nap

>> No.53136166

I blocked him long time ago and checked his profile today, he is doing this shit now and posting them under xrp tweets, he has 60K followers. Just wanted to show anons how cool #xrparmy on twitter is, sometimes you need to get out from your echo chamber. No bad intentions.

>> No.53136927
File: 963 KB, 2048x1746, 1608526564377.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

imagine building a following off false promises and goalpost moving for 3 years, ngl he made some good predictions back in 2020 but ever since then he's took a complete 180 when it came to integrity as he sells discord invites and gay merch

>> No.53137049

I was talking about this nigga >>53133607 who photoshops himself and spreads this shit under xrp related tweets like some self obsessed maniac. Baba is a faggot, broken clock is right twice a day, he may had some inside info at some point, i don’t know, but he missed way more than he was right, yet he hides mistakes under the cloak of riddles and 37500USD BUYBACK crowd praises him like he is some insider magician. On the other hand, can’t hate him, it’s not his problem that people are that stupid.

>> No.53137076

>no bad intentions
Bullshit. Fuck you.

>> No.53137092

You’re welcome.

>> No.53138461

we died for a sec

>> No.53139181


>> No.53139928
File: 3.86 MB, 3400x5440, when boring thread post.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

One redo allowed

>> No.53140116

Fuck it

>> No.53140134

Literally no idea who that is but looks good to me

>> No.53140193

I don't want us to make it. I like you guys too much.

>> No.53140231
File: 309 KB, 3654x1661, xrp-3month.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.53140326
File: 178 KB, 3128x1651, beforecovid.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For perspective

>> No.53140337

But how many millions more XRP were added onto the secondary markets since Feb 2020? At some point Ripple stopped selling. I mean does anyone still check on the escrow unlocks? Leonidas on Youtube used to until he probably also got demoralized and just quit life

>> No.53140341

Rolland, no redos, I'll get what I get.

>> No.53140359

>stalker lesbian

>> No.53140373

what do those three dots on his shirt collar mean

>> No.53140396

can i just say that i'm a huge fan of your work and your whole persona is just the biggest inspiration to me, in fact i often stand naked in front of my mirror with a cardboard printout of your face over my face and i just repeat the affirmation "i'm blackberry i'm blackberry i'm blackberry BlackBerry X...R...P" over and over and over

huge fan man, thanks for stopping by the thread, come by anytime you're totally always welcome here and like if you're maybe down to chill sometime maybe we could like hang out? totally cool if not, anyway, huge fan, big fan of your work, thank you for your service, peace out!

>> No.53140405

alright this is sick...you got skills bro i gotta admit

gang's all here am i right!!! sick 'shop skills bro

>> No.53140431

Any counselors and therapists here among you will know that, if you’re trying to help somebody, the first thing to do is to tell the truth about what’s really happening. A counselor and a therapist helps the person face up to what’s really happening, not because they’re trying to make them depressed, but because they’re actually trying to help them out of the situation. Sometimes that takes quite a lot of courage, but it’s also the first step that’s needed.

One of the things that we have been trying to do at Project Camelot – now, I don’t think everything on our site is correct, it can’t be, because some of our witnesses contradict each other – but we think that most of it is correct. What we are reporting on is that there are numerous situations, which we need to be awake to and aware of, in order to handle what’s coming.

One of the reasons for this… it’s not just so that you can get your guns and your food and your gold and then just go and hide somewhere, it’s not just about that. That might not even be the smart thing to do, or the best thing to do, but many of you really understand that there’s more going on here, as we say in English, more going on than meets the eye; more going on than we can see.

This is spiritual; it’s a spiritual game – and when I use the word game, I’m not implying that anything is trivial – but it’s a game in the sense that, if we play it right, then we can ensure a good outcome. And we may have opponents in this game. Something that’s very clear to me -- and I know that it’s very clear to many of you -- is that, really, this is a spiritual game.

I don’t really want to use the word spiritual war because that’s a kind of contradiction; it’s about resolving spiritual problems. One of the reasons why a lot of us are here -- I would suggest -- on this planet is because this is where a lot of the problems are showing up; this is where a lot of the problems are visible.

>> No.53140438


One of the things that Henry Deacon told us when we first met him, he said the problems are complex because everything is happening at once; there’s a convergence of problems. Some of the problems may be connected with Earth changes and the region of space which the solar system is moving through.

One of the things that David Wilcock may talk about tomorrow – he’s done a lot of research in this area – is how global warming has got nothing to do, well, very little to do, with burning fossil fuels. Everything in the solar system is heating up as it moves into this region of space.

With this sort of energetic influence, it seems that there also comes an opportunity. One of the things that David will talk about is how the very same influences that may be causing global warming are also assisting with the process of a change in consciousness.

I’m saying assisting with the change in consciousness, because I think that our own personal development has got something to do with this as well, but the circumstances may be making this more easy to happen; may be allowing it to happen. So that’s a factor as well; the fact that, as we enter into this region that may present dangers and threats, everyone’s waking up at the same time.

One of the things here – this is something else that, personally, I was alerted to by Henry Deacon – was the influence of magnetic pole reversal, or changes in the Earth’s magnetic field. Because, whether we’re aware of it or not, as human beings, our nervous systems and our brains work electrically and, although we can’t see it, we’re sort of swimming around in this electromagnetic ocean all the time.

And human beings are very sensitive. If you start messing around with the electromagnetics around a human being, then their behavior and their emotions and their attitude is likely to be affected as well.

>> No.53140451

One of the things that David might talk about tomorrow is how – let me get the wording right – how human beings are naturally resistant to viruses that are designed to wipe them all out; it just isn’t going to happen quite so easily. Now, that doesn’t mean that there might not be plans to do this. Many of you will know that the outbreak of Swine flu from Mexico earlier this year, it almost exactly repeats the pattern of the 1918 Spanish flu.

What happened in 1918 was, ‘round about February, there was a very mild form of flu that swept around the world. But it was very mild, people recovered quickly; it was called the three-day flu. A lot of people got flu for three days and then they recovered, and then it was the summertime of 1918.

Then there was another wave that started ‘round about October, I think it was, of that year and, by that time, there was – it’s what virologists call a viral mass – there was such a large quantity of this virus around in the population that it enabled it to mutate.

Now, that’s something that hasn’t happened yet. This morning I looked at an American web site; it’s called flu.gov. Now, we’re not there yet, but there is evidence that the governments are preparing people, either for a real outbreak or for people to be frightened into thinking that there’s a real outbreak, and to run for vaccinations to help them. The problem might not be the flu; it might be the vaccinations.


We all met with this guy two weeks ago. And we asked him about this problem, this situation, with the timelines and the time-traveling future humans and the warning of a future catastrophe -- and he didn’t know about any of that; or he said he didn’t know about any of it.

But what he did say was - and he really was very animated and urgent about this - he said that he was as sure as he personally could be that there really were plans to bring America under martial law.

>> No.53140456


didnt read

>> No.53140471

i don't expect most people to read most of this stuff. i just have a feeling the /xsg/ archives will be saved and maybe even studied later so thought it would be cool to put some messages in here for future audiences, especially if 4chan might not be around for much longer

>> No.53140475

Wouldn't that be quite interesting, right guys?

Uh oh!

>> No.53140491

Just came to this sub for the first time in a year cuz I wanted to see if you pathetic fags are still donating your money to the ripple foundation and responding to these threads they pay people to create. This is unimaginably sad.

>> No.53140506

kek this

right guys?

>> No.53140515

Fuck you pink nigger! We'll see who's laughing in 2033

>> No.53140517
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This year for sure guys and pretend girls

>> No.53140519

Spoken like a cunt who doesn't know that capital gains tax exists. Hate you pajeet niggers

>> No.53140524





>> No.53140530

Kek. I think you need to see someone for help.
Also majority of my holdings are over 12 months old. Capital gains tax where I live drop down to 15% after 1 year.

>> No.53140547

Fuck off with your shit threads.

>> No.53140548
File: 44 KB, 680x611, FkDay4jXEAAtGMa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just use this same OP image for the rest of these retarded generals. Nothing matters anymore.

>> No.53140551

I have 100 XRP sitting pretty. Never selling

>> No.53140646

real threads only get baked after 290 replies but before 330 dontcha know

>> No.53140682

DC: That’s the kind of thing I find fascinating anyway. Okay. But with the Three Waves, you’ve got to understand that they created life on Earth.

KC: I understand that.

DC: They have been taking care of us since the beginning of time. Therefore, they monitor everything that we do. They watch us constantly because we are part of the records that go into the history book in the Council. They have histories of every planet; everything that happens is in the history book. So they have been monitoring everything that happens on Earth all of the time. Whenever something is needed for Earth, some kind of new invention or a new energy, a new power, it is given to us. But yet, we have free will. They do have the Directive of Noninterference. You cannot interfere with a developing civilization. I know that’s Star Trek, but it’s not fiction, it’s real.

KC: I think that most people will actually know that because they know that we’re on the brink of a complete change on the planet.

DC: They would always give us the next thing that we needed in the growth of a civilization. And I asked them: "Isn’t that interference?"
They said: "No, because we give it to you as a gift when you need it in that time. What you do with it is your own free will." And most of the time what they give it to us for, we don’t use it. We turn it into a weapon or something negative. So I said: "Can’t you just come back and just tell them Civilization, you’re not doing it correctly?"
They said: "No, because that is interference."

>> No.53140691

DC: So, they didn’t want to do that. So, if you remember at the end of the 1940s, this is when the UFO flap began. That’s when we began to see more and more because they were coming and watching and seeing what we were doing. So, there are Councils. There are Councils over solar systems, Councils over galaxies, Councils over universes. They’ve got definite rules and regulations about everything that happens with the galactic community. It’s not random.

So they went back to the Council and they were very upset. They said: What are we going to do? We can’t just come in and say, “Stop it,” interfere with them.

KC: Um hum.

DC: So they said there was a lot of discussion and they came up with what I thought was a brilliant idea. They said: We can’t interfere from the outside, but what if we could influence from the inside? And that was what they decided to do. Because the people on Earth were caught up in karma, they were not going to be able to make advancements, not going to be able to move forward.

So the idea was to bring in pure souls, souls that had never been on Earth, souls that had never accumulated karma. And where were they going to get these souls from? So that’s when the call went out, the call for volunteers: Come and help Earth; Earth is in trouble.

And now when I’m doing the sessions in the last two years, everything has changed. Now, these people have been coming since the late ’40s, early 1950s. They have been coming into the Earth, but they don’t know what their purpose is. They look like everybody else, they are totally human beings, they have their problems. They’re not ETs. They don’t have antennas, but they have ET souls. That’s the difference. That’s what people have a hard time understanding, because your soul, you know, it’s not just in a human body, it can travel. And we’ve all been ETs. We’ve all lived in other dimensions. We just continue going from body to body.

>> No.53140703

DC: So that’s what people don’t understand. It’s not just life on Earth. So the call went out for volunteers to come and help the Earth: Earth is in trouble. So now when I’m doing the sessions... It used to be they would always go into a past life and we could find the answers to their problems in the past life. Now the only time they go into a past life is if they have karma to be repaid and problems to work out with their families. But instead, I’m getting people who go back to the Source, which is God, and have never been on Earth before. They never left God. Or they are going back to where they lived on other planets, or spaceships, other dimensions.
We all started with God when we started on this journey. We were all together, and the togetherness was wonderful, it was full of love. And when they describe it, it’s beautiful. Sometimes they begin to vibrate and shake because of the feeling that goes through them, and they don’t want to leave because they’re all together. When they do leave, then it’s a feeling of separateness, where they’re away from where they came from, and they don’t like that. So that’s where we eventually will all go back to, is where we began, with God. But these are beings that had never been in a body anywhere; they were pure souls that had never left God.

The other ones had other bodies, but they were on spacecraft and planets and dimensions. So, when we were doing this, I thought: If you enjoyed it so much – they’re in this feeling with God, they call it the Source – I said: "Well, if you enjoyed it so much there and it was so beautiful, why did you leave?" Because, you know, they’re in the human body if they’re lying there on the bed.

They all say the same thing: "We heard the call and we answered the call."

>> No.53140719

new thread
new thread
new thread

>> No.53140884

Stop spamming retard

There is already a new thread: >>53105558

>> No.53141120

gimme a good one

>> No.53141128


>> No.53141438


>> No.53142012

see you tomorrow nerd

>> No.53142581

888 get

>> No.53142645

Roll for wifu

>> No.53142845

>daughter of a merchant
fuck, rerolling.

>> No.53142887
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>> No.53143162

So close. You tried, but indian doesn't even matter.

>> No.53144134