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What's the deal with KU not censoring??

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No idea, but I wonder if I should stake at all. I think for me it's either gather 32 eth and run my own node or forget about it.

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Why bother for a measly 5%? If there's a pump you gotta be ready to dump, a tiny 50% popoff would erase 10 years of staking returns.

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Rocketpool, but not yet, a few weeks before staking withdrawals get enabled
People are stuck and angry on centralized staking services like Lido or CEXes for years. Have been seeing many wanting to get out of these and restake. Rocketpool will get a nice pump then.

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A lot of people think like you.That is why ETH will get a bull run a fw months after withdrawals get enabled and withdrawal queue is emptied.. Suddenly staking has a lot less bagholding risk when people can unstake whenever.

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plus unstaking will show some confidence, I am a poorfag, but I am thinking about RPL staking after withdrawals are here.

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Junk bonds or treasuries. Better yield, less risk, not a gay security on a fake jp morgan banker chain

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When do you think people will be able to unstake their ETH 2.0? About 2 more weeks?

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meme target is march so probably 2024 :D