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Name 1 (One) thing that makes XRP inferior to Bitcoin or Ethereum other than price/marketcap.

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Well it’s ran by Jews, so that’s a start.

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Ripple is not XRP

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market disagrees

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That’s one of the pros of XRP, retard

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Jans can eats a fucking dick, they fav the heeb.

This faggot XRPcoin can eat fat tranny dick, it'll never be a 'real coin' let alone anything to hold-onto.. KYS op you inept faggot

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>proves he can't read

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The only reason xrp has value is due to ripple efforts to push its adoption. The lawsuit causing a 90% crash is proof of this relationship. Bagholders like to cope and think its not the case

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>The lawsuit causing a 90% crash is proof of this relationship.
But that literally never happened.
The lawsuit was December 2020, price was around 50 Cents. It did a 5x from there even though it was banned from most exchanges and massive uncertainity out there.

That's a tremendous cope of you

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Pre-mined shitcoin.

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Literally NPC that is not able to express opinions.

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Can anyone point me to 100% of the source code?

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It's inside this kikes fat ass. Stick your hand and grab it.

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I do hold XRP, but calling anyone who disagrees with you NPC or any other name is pathetic on your part for not saying an ad hominem / not having a sound argument.

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It's all open source.
xRapid and other Ripple products are built on top of rippled.

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I don't care if you hold anything or not. If he can't express any opinion but just post stuidity he is literally a NPC. That's a basic fact. He has no opinion = NPC

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happy new year baggie schizo

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I believe that is just the ledger, where is the rest of the code?

So this isn't 100% open. I gotcha, the truth is right there...

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Holy shit you're retarded.

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what are you talking about, fren?

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yea mmooooooo
100 billion pre-mined mooooos
80billion free moooooos wento rip ur asses parents
the guise in lockup 50billion mooosoooos for stable moooing
leaving mom n paps with only 20bliion mooooos

I'm coo with retard...

Just follow bitcoin forks n mine more mooooo, beings it wasn't 'pre-minted'

Stacking n mooooing all the like. In the end, my doors open, yours, are closed.

Good luck you heebster, kikebooster, jewisss, mooooing the mooooo. Not my ignorance. .

I checkeng somethin wrong with that code.... It's not fresh fresh. So I can't compile the dog pile bro. LEt alone download it. So in essence, It's missing code... Lots of code.

Moooo, kys nigger

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I’m still waiting on my FLARE airdrop. How much will those be worth

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Okay no one convinced me but in this time I’ve convinced myself to ape into xrp again because there’s nothing else going on. Pls have good outcome with SEC + airdrop soon

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Gotta love how NPCs get mindbroken and are not able to express a simple opinion.
Instead he spams absolute stupidity

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tman , blaaah NPC no inner monologue brrrrrrr.... inept asshat vouches for 'premine' imagine being that retarded...brrrrrrrrr POW,, naaaaaaaa not here brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Spppppppaam sandwhich KYS you fucking heebNiggerjew.

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so you think banks will pay thousands for coins minted at no cost that is being publically traded for cents?
so youre implying others should purchase what a company minted for free rather than minting their own?
youre asking for banks, of all things, to be scammed like this?

are you retards insane???

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oh shit! see another mooooo that can see threw 'premined' imagine that... Funny to see the NPC's using NPC now... TO MANY Faggots with a mouth n keyboard but little processing power. Lacking skill, as I'm even willing to BET the ones who linked the 'code' @git/advocators you've never run a compiler in your life let alone played around in CLI, eat dick faggot trannys, you'll never be a women.

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XRP is the standard. Non-XRP holders on suicide watch :D

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Well for one, it's an illegal security, with a central issuer, which is a software company called Cripple, with a CEO.
It's also one of the most corrupt premines out there, only dwarfed by LINK and HBAR, with billions of air tokens printed out of thin air and not backed by anything, other than vague promises, and then software company retained a significant amount of air tokens that they use to dump on the public and manipulate the price.

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The standard for being deemed a security by the SEC, lel

There's no way their lawsuit ends favourably.

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this. imagine, being a standard of nothing..

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The sec is irrelevant, thats why they are trying so hard "lel"