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2022 retrospect

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lol, $14

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At this point, I'm so demoralized that I'd be happy if we went back to $10.

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Link made me realize how even OGs with huge stacks are mentally retarded niggers, their cultism blinded them from seeing the bigger picture and they're now seething and ranting about "le bulgarian FUD" because reality didn't turn out as they expected

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10 bucks is a 2x from here lol, that's how much it's dumped.

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But at least 4chan frens stopped ledditors from buying our stinky linkies though :)

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Kek this
Hope it was worth it.

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the truth is that Chainlink has also shit tier marketing, spamming some shitty infographic on twitter isn't marketing

If we had Charles Hoskinson instead of Sergey Link would have easily reached $100 or even more

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Doubt we'll see a 100% pump for at least half a year frankly

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As expected...yet

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keep insinuating that the holders are to blame instead of the people in charge of building and promoting the fucking thing

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>Chainlink has also shit tier marketing
Yeah, onboarding Eric Schmidt and Swift, and appearing on CNBC, Nasdaq, Sibos, ... sure is bad marketing.

>Charles Hoskinson has good marketing
All he does is make videos talking about himself.
Chainlink puts out more videos than him, and they're actually about the project.

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Look at ADA, QNT, XRP, ...
They all did massively better than Chainlink, simply because they have a following that will shill and promote their project every way they can.

Pic very related.
Right after the Swift/Chainlink partnership announcement, nearly every Swift tweet was inundated with replies from QNT and XRP holders, while Link twitterers were busy asking Chainlink "when token needed".

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Yes Chainlink has shit tier marketing, if you're arguing against this objective truth you're probably a Chainlink Labs employee

This market purely relies on normie hype, the reason why Chainlink underperformed is because it was never marketed to normies and they keep flyind under the radae

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>Cardano in top 10
>Chainlank not even in top 20
>retards defend this
lol, lmao even

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>Chainlink youtube subscribers: 50k
>Charles subscribers: 320k
>average view count of chainlink videos: ~1k
>average view count of charles videos: 33k
whatever the fuck he's doing works much better than link, you literal cuckold
go drown your sorry ass

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>Chainlink has shit tier marketing

ADA holders actually shill their shit.

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Difference is that hoskinson sells hopium while link is actually trying to deliver and change the world and the connect legacy systems to the blockchain. Hopium is better for short-term price action. If link can connect the legacy systems with CCIP interoperability. It will surpass BTC. Nope not my deluded words or thinking. Citibank literally said it themselves.

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>claims the grassroots don't matter
>brings up youtube subscribers

thanks for proving my point

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Daily reminder I have 60k Link all staked and have never been happier.
When the Link liquidity dries up in an instant, and the price moons, these fudders will vanish forever, their task complete.
Be warned. Time is running out.

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that only serves to prove that Chainlink failed completely to create a grassroots movement in stark contrast to Charles and his shitcoin, you absolute mongoloid
>hurr why does none care about our technical videos?
>they must all be retarded!! fuck em we won't change anything lmao
such genius marketing strategy, much wow

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Sergey is a fat faggot that spams pathetic quotes on Twitter. He is beyond autistic and doesn't even realize he's dragging down Chainlink by hiring hordes of HR sluts and other useless people while the project keeps dropping in rankings

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Both utility and marketing have nothing to do with price. The market is controlled by sorcerers who influence the minds of the uncomprehending normie masses.

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Forgot to add...Cue the seethe, below.

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>Chainlink has bad marketing

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living proof that even OGs have a nigger tier brain

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you keep spamming the same couple of pictures trying to prove something when Link dropped from rank 5 to rank 24.

Fuck off you chainlink labs shill, I hope you get beaten IRL.

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>Chainlink has bad marketing

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Hahaha nice one. These fudders are rubbish. When does the shift change?

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Not that I’m saying this will happen but imagine if once Sergey is happy with the product and big partners are in place all he does all day is shill the token and we get the biggest pump crypto has ever seen. Wouldn’t that be cool?

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DOGE, Cardano, and a ton of other coins pumped because of social media/normies. If you searched Chainlink on Twitter in 2020/1 all you would get is green frogs and weird 4chan dogwhistles. Meanwhile Cardano holders were shilling on Twitter and Reddit on top of crypto YouTubers shilling it. To be fair LINK still would have crashed like everything else is now and we’d still be demoralized.

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you dumb niggers are so cringe

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>Chainlink has bad marketing

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Why is fudders are so angry and obsessed with niggers all the time. Its not like it is good for your health. Like the project buy, dont like it sell and move on ? Show me one thing XRP and ADA is useful and used for ? and i will literally sell all my LINK. Link is actively used and actually helping the crypto space by providing services. Tell me one thing XRP and ADA provides as a service ?

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>Chainlink failed completely to create a grassroots movement
Maybe that has more to do with the neverending gatekeeping fud than with everything Chainlink is doing.

Fucking QNT pumped before and during this year's Sibos even though they literally had to rend a booth.
Meanwhile Chainlink had TWO speaking slots on the main stages, and dumped.

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wonder what sort of behaviors eric has in mind?

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see my previous post>>53084811

that video barely has 20k views, thanks for proving my point

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>Chainlink has bad marketing

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why don't you answer my question you dumb nigger?

Why did Link drop from rank 5 to rank 24?

Is all the market retarded apart from you? Or is Chainlink doing something wrong?

Answer my question nigger and stop spamming me shitty articles

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>Chainlink has bad marketing

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That pic only proves link is massively undervalued. One wrong marketing move and SEC will come after you like XRP.

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>proves link is massively undervalued.
why? Give me a single reason, every single crypto investor thinks his bags are undervalued

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Link does more right now and has better legacy finance prospects than pretty much any crypto out there right now, but it’s rank 24.

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since you retards like your screencaps so much, here's a new one for you
have fun deboonking that

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Ada is catered to retards that can shill to other retards when chainlink is for negative autists that will fud their own investment. Thats why you should never target autists with games or movies etc. They are just bad for business

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Literally has partnership with SWIFT and at the same table with them ? While XRP QNT retards are breadcrumbing wetdreaming about SWIFT out of their tin foiled hats ? Why is price low easy Markets are not efficient if they were people couldnt buy it for 0.17 cents per link. No one truly seriously understands the potential of link other than Mongolian basket weaving forums and frog avatar twitters. 99% of people are followers who base their opinions according to others due to being afraid of becoming a weirdo. Independent Thinkers are outcasts, they do not fit society, they are weirdos. Therefore it is impossible to have an efficient market due to people being a retard normies. Information about link is available to everyone, doesnt mean they see it as we the outcasts do.

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Thats why we took the old chainlink shill tactics to other tokens that didn't have the screeching incel losers fudding

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they've had the partnership since allegedly 2016, for how many more years do holders have to wait to see literally anything substantial coming from it?
>inb4 muh PoC!!!1
it's the same fucking thing done back in 2017
go die in a fire

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>Chainlink has had two PoCs with Swift so far

>Chainlink has had two PoCs with Swift so far


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Just proves how NFTs were in a bubble what's your point?

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>what's your point
that this mythical adoption you keep harping on about in every single thread cannot be found in any tangible metric
why's that?
is this also the holder's fault?
what about CCIP launching on 2022, per Sergey? did the holders manage to somehow sabotage this too?

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2022 was the worst year of my life

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Go die poor and lonely

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nice projection
here's more adoption for you bro

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Bunch of 4chan autistic faggots crying and seething all day because they bought high lmao. Autists fud their own bags while spamming niggers everytime link has any event. No one wants to associate with you autistic fucks.

Meanwhile retarded normies shill their useless bags like doge, shib, ada, qnt and so on with positive energy. Sure, link doesn't need retail in the long term, but you fags ruined links image in the last few years and the price action short term reflects that. Keep crying and fudding and nothing changes, faggots.

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It’s actually ranked 21.

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It's embarrassing that he's a philosophy grad but spams 'profound' quotes like a 17 year old girl who just read an abridged version of Being and Nothingness.

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>chainlink did nothing wrong, k?? the holders fucked up cause they didn't shill hard enough for free
>this is fud, the marketing was excellent right from the start
>CCIP wasn't supposed to be released on 2022 anyway, Sergey announced it just to make you shit your pants lol he's such a goofy troll
>what do you mean chainlink is down in sats, gwei and fiat when you account for inflation since June 2019? this is fud, we early adopters are greatly pleased with link's performance you seething fudder lol

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feels great knowing if I remain patient I will get to load up on LINK at levels OG's thought we'd never, ever reach again. And on top of that, I get to do so without having gone through 3+ years of mental torture holding through the highs and lows

one more leg down to 1-2 bucks and i'm buying 10k+

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You are the literal example of seething incel I was talking about. Now you spent your days coping and fudding your own bags trying to give logical explanations why the price went down. What a waste

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The realest OGs will be the ones who buy in at $3-4 in 2023 and get to enjoy the 2024 bull run without having held like absolute cuckolds for 5 years.

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>this mythical adoption you keep harping on about in every single thread cannot be found in any tangible metric
Anon, I...

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>stating facts and being critical is fud, k?
are you enjoying the vertical rate of adoption anon?

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Technically staking rewards won't launch in 2022 either lmao

>> No.53085664

anon, all you have to present as evidence of adoption is the tvl, eeerrr I meant tve cause tvl flopped lmao, screencap you've been spamming for the past year and a half
I just gave you 6 metrics of chainlink services flopping harder than BSC shitcoins
take a fucking break from shilling ffs and be sincere for once

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Fucking idiot you posted two charts of Keepers v1. Post keepers v2 data dumb shit. V1 reduced in usage because V2 is now standard. Your fud is lowest tier

>> No.53085752

shit year for a shitcoin
2023 would be a good year to start a chainlink bagholder general and quit clogging biz with useless threads
but that would require IPrangebanning chainlink labs and their indian subcontractors

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"keepers v2" does not exist anon
is this bait?.. I can't even tell anymore

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close enough

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Only correct post ITT

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>Chainlink is dead I beg you to sell pleeeeeeease
The chumps in here kek

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shitty infographic brought to you by....CHAINLINK LABS

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>B...b..but Chainlink is baaaad!!!
This is too easy now

>> No.53085962

> posts several cumulative charts
oh lmao

>> No.53085974

^^^^what a devastating response lolol

>> No.53085981

Keep wasting your time lmao you are so clueless

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why doesn't Sergnigger discuss the price of the token?

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you seem highly upset over me destroying your little retarded narrative of angry incels obliterating the success probabilities of an enterprise grade project aimed to handle quadrillions of secruties by simply "not being positive enough on 4chan!"
on top of that, a group of people whom you reffered to us (((we))) (who's we btw, your discord group?) managed to " took the old chainlink shill tactics to other tokens" oh wow a master manipulator whale bois
you're not fooling anyone, kike

>> No.53086047

and when this happens for LINK
and it will
then I will sell

>> No.53086059

It's a utility token, my guy. The price will happen in time. if you ain't interested, simply don't buy.
I'm invested as I believe it'll appreciate rapidly at some point. What's your problem with that? WHy are you here?

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This post is basically a whimper

>> No.53086302

those are all actual cryptos tho link is just an erc shitcoin. Literally dog poop coin tier

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Comfy af. 60k Link staked. Cry moar, fuddies.

>> No.53086433

You seem upset about chainlink pa meanwhile ((we)) made money. Stay mad incel

>> No.53086450

lol you're the living proof of OGs being gullible retards >>53084811

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Next Year begins tomorrow. We are making it in 2023, boys.

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/biz/, I'm sorry I FUDded Link into the ground. I don't even own any crypto anymore, and yet I never stopped telling lies about Sergey and Link all over the internet. I guess it was kind of a compulsion, a passtime at best, but the point is that I can never stop, so you should sell your stack before the stuttering pothead that runs this scam dumps the entire dev wallet in one go, and walks away quietly to spend the rest of his days fucking ladyboys in Thailand.

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I notice you couldn't even find the words to answer my question >>53086059
What's the matter?

>> No.53086543

>That's what I'm talkin' bout
I physically cringed

>> No.53086548

>EOY 2022
chainshit lol

>> No.53086556

>I physically cringed
Job done kek

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"KIKE NIGGER JEWS AGAIN!" Sergey roared stomping into his office decorated to look suspiciously like the Cayman Islands.
"What's the problem this time?" inquired Adelyn looking up from her wet dictionary with a jaded glance.
Rory and Thomas stood over in the corner by the coffee machine. Rory shrugged his shoulders, Thomas rolled his eyes and mouthed "not again" to Rory. Rory, not wanting to get involved in yet another morning 'incident', thought of his wife's son and all they had built together.
"Well..." Sergey began before staring into space for a solid 42 seconds. The others had grown accustomed to this inevitable delay and waited patiently.
"The media, in all their wisdom, cannot see the value of smart contracts; but flippantly share BLM bullcrap". “It’s like a torrent of shit published minute by minute hour by hour!” Rory and Thomas kept their poker faces while Adelyn blew a big bubble of blue HubbaBubba, seemingly immune to the rhetoric, possibly because she was an Asian woman on loan from the Chinese state department.
"And, what's worst," Sergey continued jumping up and down, his fat violently oozing, his chubby arms flailing wide around, "that Microsoft dude is coming today and I'm just not in the mood to talk about "how much I care about BLM"” Sergey fingered the air overemphasizing the quotes and the problem.
"Aww just focus on your oracles sweetie" said Adelyn cooing, "that's what he's come for. Try and stay focused!"
"yeah focused and 1keoy" thought Sergey. Out loud he said with a wink "You're right my little spelling bee, everyone come over here for a group huddle"
Rory and Thomas looked over at each other and sighed in unison and Adelyn complied with a ‘white people walking past you grimace’ expression on her face.
Each put their hands into the center, "One Two Three, We Just Win" they shouted together smiling the Smart Contract mandated smile

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What the fuck is this? I'm selling. Oh wait I cant. Why did you betray me Sergey?

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JFC linkies, you are beyond saving

>> No.53088393

LINK has never been advertised to normies because it isn't targeted towards normies, it's for institutional use.
I don't know why the fud is always focused on normies.

>> No.53088444

so you admit it's a globohomo WEF token? Has literally NOTHING to do with the original ethos of crypto.

>> No.53088459

Not even what citibank said

>> No.53088461

which institutions is LINK used by?

>> No.53088488

none, that's the joke

>> No.53088500

Your stupid post makes me not feel bad about stealing your Checkems

>> No.53088504

100 Checkems scheduled for deposit

>> No.53088764

cultist globohomo shill begone.

>> No.53088927

It's a utility token for financial services, what fucking use would normies have for it? The whole reason LINK is popular on this board is because it was never meant to be widely advertised, of course it's a Globohomo WEF project, they literally gave Chainlink their award for innovation and have articles about Chainlink on the WEF website, they're working on integrations with SWIFT. It's not a fucking secret you actual fucking retard, literally why do you think the people here invested in it, because some niggerball player advertised it?

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>> No.53089005

>12 posts by third world trash
I'm just glad you'll never breed lol

>> No.53089052


>> No.53089081

holy shit. you could have had life changing wealth if you sold at $50. instead you will be a cuck wagie for the rest of your life
>but muh 4.75% apy

>> No.53089130

Yes it’s the holders fault, not the army of feminists sergey has hired

>> No.53089182

You will never be able to unstake.

>> No.53089202

he didnt market anything, he baited his holders to hold while he dumps. He know the in and out of the economy and withdrew before celsius collapsed.

>> No.53089249

>completely misuses basic terms

>> No.53089263

How can chainlink even compete?

>> No.53089289

Oh my god.
Holy fuck.
>ETH 48b mc
>USDT 10b mc(!!!)
>LINK 6.5b mc
If you look at these numbers and don't immediately understand that it's clear LINK was vastly overvalued in a speculative bubble relative to the rest of its sector, then you might as well just forget about LINK. Stake them, never sell, and just move on with your life. You're never going to be satisfied if you weren't satisfied with this. This is mental for a free service where nodes are subsidized by token holders.

>> No.53089298

The funny part is you linkniggers don’t even know SWIFT has been working with XRPL interoperability since 2018. This is common knowledge for XRP holders and the LINK/SWIFT partnership barely means anything to us especially since we already know the majority of the world is tired of SWIFT and looking to move away with it while casually being partnered with Ripple.

>> No.53089312

None of those things needs the token price to be anything over the price of a cup of coffee.

>> No.53089362

Cearly false, thoughI have no intention of ever unstaking. What I may do is add my rewards for a compounding effect in the early days. How many did you stake?

>> No.53089703

Personally I'd be willing to bet my financial future on LINK not ever mooning. With the way the oracles work, CLL capturing all the value and having unlimited power to avoid situations that don't benefit like having a bunch of autists dump their bags on them at $1k eoy, the potential of smarter people doing a better job and creating a more sustainable/sane DON and link becoming the AOL/Myspace of DONs, among other numerous scenarios.
The problem is there's no way for me to profit financially over inflated expectation of linkies that I know of.
The closest thing might be long ETH/short LINK but in general I don't think LINK is a very good short since for crypto it's relatively decent in the sense that it's much less of a scam than most so while it has very little upside potential due to countless factors, it also doesn't have the same downside potential as a lot of things since CLL can milk holders for years by stringing the along.
Also why it's kind of retarded that so many here think people are paid to post again link. There's really nothing to gain from it. I wish there was, as I think I could probably make a career out of the future lack of success of link. But obviously there's no value in that outside of casual shitposting on /biz/ for entertainment.
The real alpha here would be idea of better DONs in the future. Scorned linkies who got fucked in the ass by CLL should gather up the most autistic of the bunch and hedge their bets with link by taking the lessons learned from link and doing a well thought out version that captures value in a decentralized manner rather than paying for the 23rd HR hire this year.

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Kek I love watching you dumb niggers get BTFO’d

>> No.53089903

and yet banks and central banks will use neither xrp nor link because swift hired a real software company(capgemini) to implement the interoperability protocols

>> No.53089936

I genuinely didn't read any of that. I can tell by the shape of the paragraphs it's fud, believe it or not.
Thought you should know. I won't read it, either. Your effort was wasted, plus I still have many, many Link tokens and will be buying more soon.

>> No.53089963

As soon as you see “Chainlink Labs” or “CLL” you know its Mine the Chans bullshit posting. They REALLY need to step their game up, it’s just boring to argue with them at this point. Which is why all the high IQ link holders left. I only still do it because it passes the time and pisses them off.
Sure you should invest in that then.

>> No.53089981

I worked there for a while and have some stock ty

>> No.53090120

>invest in that then
kek it would be fun to watch the fudders read up on and shill capgemini, but they're too lazy for that

>> No.53090146

cap is boomer tech but they've been making banking software for 40+ years, starting in france

>> No.53090767

Make sure to stake them.
I know you're not going to believe me but not only do I not know what that is, but I'm just a regular person who's been into crypto for a long time.
Imagine you're a regular person posting on /biz/ and people are constantly schizo posting about this. It's hard to explain how weird it is, but if you've ever had the misfortune of reading a GME general on here and seeing the way they act, as well as the reddit screenshots they post, it's similar to that.
I don't want anyone capable of that kind of retardation to sell their link. Narcissist schizos who do mental gymnastics like this deserve their fate.
I do have some sympathy for the sane people who are capable of self reflection though and realize no one gives a fuck at this point whether they sell their link or not. Literally no one benefits and it's completely inconsequential at this point. The time to sell was summer 2020 and various points in 2021.
Now it's about whether people choose to continue walk down the path that leads towards being the next XRP or GME retards, or just stake it and pretend it doesn't exist and move on with their life instead of moving the goal posts.

>> No.53090781

Christ, I bought in at $12.20. My Gemini account is down 80% since February. FML.

>> No.53090967

Of course the best looking one would be from a Big 4. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

>> No.53091176

I interviewed with Ernst a few weeks ago. Even for a lowly $90K data analyst, they wanted me to travel 40-60% of the time. Shit is crazy.

>> No.53091327

>writes another wall of text tldr please sell your Link

>> No.53091692

>literally says not to sell your link and to stake it
but ok

>> No.53091710

>Boohoo. Sergeythefatfuck didn't hype marketed my shitcoin and thus I couldn't dump on everyone else and retire.
Absolutely state of biz. If you are trader you should have exited a looooong time ago and many times. If you are some kind of holder or believer I dont't really understand why you keep checking the price while markets die more and more.

>> No.53091745

That being said. Longer term I don't see any reason why this would be a bad place to START buying this shit. I mean its down like 90% from the point where I sold. It's literally stress free for me to start buying back my bags. There are many like me with many other coins. They are starting to buy again this year. Is it enough to go immediately back to the highs? Probs not but that is ok.

>> No.53092286
File: 126 KB, 520x769, 1662776866847.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"Total value enabled" is an extremely relevant metric, considering pic related happens if you use anything but Chainlink.

Do tell, I'd just LOVE to hear from you what terms he misused.

>> No.53092312

>the enabler of the entire defi movement
This is the reason it pumped when it did and this is the reason it started eating shit. Defi turned out to be 99% hairbrained scamming bullshit. It's extremely simple.

>> No.53092346

Did you watch them? He isn't really familiar with the space and doesn't know what 'layer 2' means in this context and associates it with the concept of tokenization in general rather than what we call layer 2(ie Arbitrum).
This is not a controversial opinion as was discussed here after Smartcon. And it's not a huge deal that he's kind of a newb in this area. Nor do I blame him for getting his place at the money trough while he can before Sergey spends it all on HR and McDonalds.

>> No.53092378

now do keepers / 'chainlink automation' kek. how many millions of dollars and human capital resources & employee resources did this cost Sergey when he saw Andre's new shiny ball?

>> No.53092386

lmao biz niggers bought at <1 and sold at 1.5 years ago. don't listen to larping retards that say never selling. oldfags made it LONG ago.
t. newfag

>> No.53092434
File: 519 KB, 220x124, half-baked.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

many (not all but a strong majority) of twitter link "marines" are complete retards. Those with brains rode the pump to $50 and dumped like they told everyone else to do on biz chainlink posts. I even recall chainlink labs employees telling community members to diversify and ride the meme hypes and nft bubble. If you only held LINK and drank the kool-aid that much to not take a step back and look at the crypto market in a greater lens, well I have ZERO sympathy for you. Is what it is. Tbh if you didnt cash out enough to last the most severe of bear markets this past bull market after all the opportunities (chainlink bear run, defi summer, food scams, dog scams, metaverse scams, nft scams, cex token scams, L1 scams, hundreds of $1k+ airdrops that you could immediately liquidate scams, and the countless other opportunities, well youre a loser and likely an incel retard who would rather fud your own bags and gatekeep than make money. Sucks to suck.

>> No.53092436
File: 204 KB, 1935x1663, 1643907724529.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>defi is the reason Chainlink pumped
Absolutely not.
Chainlink's Defi dominance was never priced in, see pic.

>doesn't know what 'layer 2' means in this context
What the fuck makes you say that, he uses it perfectly.

>and associates it with the concept of tokenization in general
No he doesn't, he says layer 2 is a place where tokens are used.

>what we call layer 2(ie Arbitrum).
Oracle networks (keepers, VRF, feeds, ...) are layer 2 as well.

>> No.53092463
File: 694 KB, 1125x1910, 1666230678641260.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sergey is responsible for hiring retarded web2 grifters and a harem of hr roasties. now chainlink labs recently laid off their entire enterprise team, unironically.

pic related. only those who know understand. fuck off new fags stay poor

>> No.53092470
File: 2.38 MB, 4096x2731, neverforget.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this. again, sucks to suck losers.

>> No.53092473

sorry i don't speak bulgarian

>> No.53092501
File: 399 KB, 2146x1210, TVE is a scam.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

WTF is TVE? a scam metric to replace TVL? BTW these numbers are false see -> https://www.smartcontractresearch.org/t/discussion-post-chainlink-transaction-value-enabled-tve/2771
(pic related)

>> No.53092626
File: 227 KB, 904x1018, apu3-2023-Jan-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sounds like that apu3 scam. hows that working out?

>> No.53092681
File: 24 KB, 320x240, 1671184821225898.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The concept of Layer 2 where you use tokens to incentivize behavior
>thinks Chainlink is a Layer 2
>thinks all tokens are a Layer 2
What really makes me laugh is all the copers who think this ex-googler ceo actually has a meaningful role with Chainlink and understands any of it.

>> No.53092704

>>thinks Chainlink is a Layer 2
Oracle networks are layer 2, yes.

>>thinks all tokens are a Layer 2
He says "layer 2 where you use tokens".
In what cinematic universe does this mean "all tokens are layer 2"?

>> No.53092756
File: 25 KB, 398x500, 1668741165739634.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Call it whatever layer you want. Idc, Eric has 0 role at Chainlink and likely last spoke with Sergey at SmartCon during this talk where Sergey cowered under his laptop and got called out for basic business failures.
>only remote work
>not killing competition and letting projects like Apu3 (a former Chainlink node op which was heavily promoted like Linkpool scam) to even gain the light of day traction.

Anons, do some basic napkin math. Sergey sold weekly for 2 yrs straight. At avg prices sold that equaled out to $1.5B-2B in funds. Apu3 marketcap is ~$70mm. How did Sergey allow this to get to market? As much as I hate SBF jew he wouldve never let this happen b/c he wouldve thrown money at the problem, even if it was customer funds' kek. Even more worrisome than all the Fails, is that the staking announcement was overshadowed by media articles confirming Chainlink company laid off their entire enterprise bd/sales team, AND their go-to Linkpool rugged whatever bagholding delusional ogs who were left.

>> No.53092771

Eric Schmidt:
>associates with Chainlink

Chainlink fudders:
>incoherent seething

>> No.53092777

my question is, where did the money go? Is running a service network such as Chainlink that unprofitable? Maybe if these "open-source" "transparent" "Truth>Trust" crypto projects would share their balance sheets quarterly like publicly traded companies are required smart anons could help Sergey figure it the fuck out. But nah they will keep shilling useless scams like that recent gold mlm.

>> No.53092833

That line about incentivezed use was bizarre. That's effectively universal to crypto, especially things like ETH. Honestly made me think to some degree Schmidt was just hopeful for crypto as a space but had little knowledge specific to link.

>> No.53092855

So is link worth getting into now or is it over

I don't want to spend the next 4 years of my life accumulating the wrong coin during this bear market

>> No.53092873
File: 9 KB, 282x179, download (16).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.53092887

they don't want to share. sergey is worth over half a billion dollars, meaning he paid himself a salary of at least $100MM every year. since selling tokens is their only source of income, that's investor money not being used for its intended purpose. as soon as they have to open their books they will bail in one way or another