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Willing to devote my time to answer any and all doubts regarding PRQ.

PRQ as out performed Doge by 25% in the last 4 days.

PRQ has outperformed GRT by 50% in the last 2 months.

It’s happening right before your eyes yet you CHOOSE to ignore it till it’s too late. This in my opinion is life changing opportunity.

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Check the archive on omega threads, omegacuck is trying to pump his bags to dump on you at 1.00. He's a gay niggerfaggot.

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Anon that’s like a 13x. If you’re complaining on getting dumped after a 13x then please stfu

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Bro stop making these threads. My bags are not yet full.

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you sure seem confident about PRQ

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Tell me why. I used to own this. Site never worked... Convince me baby one more time

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whats the best wallet for prq? i dont trust metamask, should i just leave on exchange?

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30% of the total supply is locked. 99% of all tokens have been released.

It’s tech is the most superior in the space and it has clients.

They’ve been building all bear even acquiring a listing on Coinbase and a future listing on binance.

All under 15m MC.

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You have a higher chance getting keylogged and your wallet hacked then Coinbase scamming you. Leave it on Coinbase is you don’t go for the cold storage route

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Peak amount I can express from 100k stack 2023 and 2024.

You trading back to btc?

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Welcome to the club future whale. Probably $50K usd

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2024 maybe $150K

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Breh that’s not make it.

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Nobody said you’ll make it in 1-2 years. 4-8 then we’re talking

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Give 4-8 year peak speculation for 100k stack

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Everyone that bought the fartshit IEO is still currently up 3x
BTC still has one more leg down before we bottom, supposedly around middle of Q2
Explain in laymens terms what parsiq does and why the token is sneeded
this is retarded lol $10k USD to be a 'whale" is false hopium
it's like changing the definition of makeit stacks to whale
1M would be a whale, everything less is cope.
100k is a makeit stack
10k suicide
stop trying to fool people with poverty tier cope

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Key word ‘future’ because the cost of that whale stack was $280K usd 1.5 years ago. You’ve been given a rare 2nd opportunity. Don’t miss it

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newfags changed Link makeit stacks from 100k to 10k after price changes
Stacks do not change when price does, they are set in stone in the early days, it is nothing more than poorfag cope as well as tactics used by shills to finesse normies
The fartshit team has been building, as a business. they have disregarded the token and their visionary is no longer part of the team.
token quite literally not sneeded, sorry gl analtoy

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Are you retarded or something? Exactly why it’s still 100K. The make it stack has always been 100K are you retarded mate. Please stfu and gtfo out of my thread if you can’t afford the $150K usd car I bought this week. Please just stfu and don’t tell me shit about make it stacks because YOU HAVENT MADE IT

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dyslexia ?
100k doesn't make you a whale
newfaggots diverted from $Links original 100k make it stacks to 10k after we mega mooned to give hopium to further the ponzinomics.
You have yet to discuss anything about fartshits tech, feels like a bait thread to stroke your cockhole

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You haven’t asked any questions. Instead you’re here being a poor fag and shit posting the thread. Please leave you add nothing with your poor broke wagie self.

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Sorry sir

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COVALENT is much better than PRQ.
MUCH better tech, more clients and better tokenomics.
More normie friendly and easier for devs to use, more supported chains, better tech support.
Held better during the bear market and is already pumping more than PRQ.
PRQ is already on Coinbase and already pumped from $0.001 to $0.07 so it can only dump, while CQT is below ICO price because it was released during the bear market so only up from here (it still pumped 4x during bear... Imagine bull)
PRQ had its time and is an old and done shitcoin, CQT is new and better and is already eating PRQ clients.
PRQ has no clients, CQT has Rose and Moonbeam as official partners with more to come.
Do not make the stupid decision, buy CQT and ignore old shitcoins that already pumped during the last bull market. Statistically speaking, 99% of shitcoins never reach ath again, this is especially true for PRQ, which has a team of known scammers, also devs from the team are leaving for other projects. It's a dead project and anyone shilling it is only trying to get rid of their bags that they bought at $2. You will get dumped on.
Do NOT buy PRQ.
Buy CQT.
Thank me later.

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PRQ the comfiest hold.

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is 5k of prq enough? and how long do i need to wait?

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okay how much we talking per one?

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How do you feel that I can nullify your entire arguments with a single picture

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Nobody on biz wants to buy pajeet coins.
PARSIQ is the white man's coin. They dont have a single nigger, arab or pajeet working for them. Not, a, single, one

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How did you nullify my arguments? PRQ is clearly the inferior choice.

Rubic was the white man's coin too. Meanwhile indian teams work with superior quality tech, such as Polygon and Covalent

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>t. streetshitter
Nobody wants to buy your pajeet coins faggot.

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He really plans on selling at $1? What a cunt

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Peak of 50 pennies in 2 years? No one wants to buy this fucking shit coin there are way better options than looking for a measly 5x LMAO, even ETH has better expectations for 2024

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Scared? PRQ is objectively a bad investment, CQT does everything PRQ does but better

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So you're saying this is going to $1. Thanks just bought 100k. I'll dump at $0.90 to be safe

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That car screams small dick energy

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I’ll dump at 80 cents just to be safe

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Where are you gonna fucking start selling though? It's not helping that you're changing your price target from thread to thread, one thread $1 and one thread $15

You owning such a large share of the supply is worrying for anyone except for yourself, as you can imagine. So which one is it?

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Answer why do you plan to dump after 10x? fucking faggot that’s rookie gains

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I’ll dump at 70 cents just to be safe

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next bullrun, parsiq will beat its previous ATH
Unless it's a dead project, but i think they're good enough to stand the distance.

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60 cents for me it is then kek

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I don’t plan on dumping at $1. I’m waiting for atleast $10

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Why do you have to shill it in tandem threads then? It's sad to see anon.

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Parsiq have years of financial runway.

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Enough for the next bull run

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You're guaranteed to see out another bull run holding Parsiq. The only question is how high it's going to go.

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i want to buy PRQ on bsc for simplicity is this just as good? i assume its an erc-20 token natively?

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In fact BSC is simpler if you plan on staking your PRQ as the staking scheme runs on BSC. No bridging required. You can swap your BEP20 to ERC20 at any time if you later decide you want to transfer it to a CEX.

I assume you're buying on PCS but if you're looking for other options the exchange MEXC has at some times offered withdrawals/deposits of BEP20 PRQ but you'd have to check whether that's still in operation.

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>I assume you're buying on PCS
yes im gonna pick up a bag today or tomorrow, thanks for the reply

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>Go ahead and miss out on this current PRQ pump
Does this guy get ANYTHING right? Ever?

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We did it reddit!

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fuck off nobody wants your prq bags

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