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You are welcome and act accordingly.

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It literally started when btc was 69k since it has only gone down from there, by defintion the bear market is at least 1 year old already.

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> le two more jews.

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You don't even know what a real bear market looks like dumb kid

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Prepare your anus, bend over, and get ready to be penetrated . MAKE HASTE FAGGOT!

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wen moon

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BTC $800?

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oh yeah i will be balls-deep inside your bear bussy bobo mmmmhmmmm oh yes can you feel my candle throb against your soft, moist bottom? i'm about to fill you with so many longs you will be coughing up my ROI from your nostrils

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Imagine a 2023 like 2022

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Nah, we're gonna be fine bros. Focus on income and skills. Meditate. Quiet quit if you must to avoid burnout. Do whatever you can to get restful sleep. Don't let these bear niggers get to you. Buy le dip, DCA in/out accordingly.


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Yeah and how much further do you think crypto is going to fall when stocks go down another 30% this year?

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Fudnigger were going back up from here

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at least this time i know what i should be holding, MATIC. since polygon was thriving during this year's bear market while others were going to zero

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Can't wait til we bull in April. Hoping we don't crash too much further though

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That's the normal bear. We're entering the deep bear.

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As a bagholder I want some insight.

At what point does it go from a dip to a bear market?

I had sold but I bought back in too soon