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Most good streamers have already been banned from YouTube

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Not a BAT fan boy but probably going to slurp at 0.10. BAT will hit $1 again. It's one of the main tokens has a stronghold in crypto given the Brave browser, even if the token is a separate and lacks utility at this moment. I think long run there's a lot of promise in what Brendan is trying to build. Plus I like Brendan, when he talks you know that the mother fucker knows what he's talking about.

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Brendan is the only reason I like BAT

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BAT is dying. 6 years and it's back to where it started. I can't see it attracting any fresh money.

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>20 bucks in BAT

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>BAT is dying
>youtube is dying
>america is dying
I should have just stayed a zoomer forever.

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i dont want to give the team my personal info but i do want those red shekels

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It'll only keep getting worse. USA peaked in 1960-2001.

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I’ll offload them for you for 40%

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