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I have just received insider information about a "black swan event" that is currently in the process of being created. Initially, I did not believe what my source told me, but he was not joking and the arguments presented to me were impossible to argue against. What is interesting is that this is not a random black swan event; it has been engineered and the preparations for it have been in the works for some time.
The people responsible for this are those who run the entire cryptocurrency industry, and they have a plan because this is not the end of things but a new beginning.
Knowing this plan has the potential to increase your money by 1000 times or more if you know what to do, and I am aware of it.

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Suck my dick.

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Low intelligence post.

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do it anon, go on then, shill whatever shitcoin you're going to

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these guys wont make it.
imagine someone could have warned you of ftx collapsing and saving your funds. its somewhat like this but way bigger.

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what warning is here you disingenuous faggot, there is a spooky thing thats going to happen and it's being orchestrated but thats all I can tell you, this is along the same lines as psychic mediums giving cold readings and trying to gauge the reactions of the audience to build a story

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Brown hands have typed this.
I remember those kind narrative from you, Rajesh. Next, you will tell to E-mail you, and then you ask for some crypto for your insider info.

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I could tell you about it, should I?
>Brown hands have typed this.
you didnt have to announce that you are brown.
you can just type up whatever you want to say without that disclaimer.

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Ok I’ll bite. Is the black swan collapse related to something involving homosexual sex?

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Outsider here
The event was announced on both /pol/ and /x/
Coincidentally (or not?) a certain org is also recruiting on both that never dared to try overtly recruit on /pol/ and /x/

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are we going up or down?

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nothing was announced, only very few people actually know whats going down soon. its also a pure crypto event, has nothing to do with outside markets or politics or anything /x/ related. there is nothing supernatural about whats going on. actually anyone could have figured this out but most are blind to it for some reason. an NPC type of thing probably that prevents them from seeing it.
does engineered Black Swan event sound bullish to you?
actually yes. if you do the right moves you can profit. most people wont.

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>most people wont.
and thats by design. they build this trap over several years up. the endgame is taking the money of all the people that are still in it.

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Ok then, i'll bite.

Tether's going to die.

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Insider here. Nothing will happen.

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Does it affect a specific chain or protocol or token?

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its worse imo.
yes a very specific chain. and its not the chink one (although I wouldnt trust it either)

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Shut the actual fuck up, nigger retard

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>not a larp
It's not a larp but I've already seen this thread on different occasions.. what black swan event are you talking about? of a new variant in china that will be like in 2020 or worse?

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Hmm gotta be eth or ada for anyone to care

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Insider here, not a LARP.
There is an orchestrated black swan event happening, those who know will get rich, those who dont wont get rich. It's has already been set, all will be revealed in two times or 1000. This is going to be the biggest of all time.

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now name the chain so we can short it or gtfo

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>but I've already seen this thread on different occasions
I made previously some threads and gave some good insider information that I got from my very rich very connected contacts. I only learned today about the engineered Black Swan. thats new information.
>what black swan event are you talking about? of a new variant in china that will be like in 2020 or worse?
its a crypto thing. has nothing to do with China or Covid or shit like that.
But will very likely cause lots of volatility in the market. this time it affects onchain assets and not centralized exchanges.
think FTX but way bigger.
you actually figured it out.

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I cant talk openly about it as they monitor the internet and /biz/ too, we dont want to alert them do we?

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Cool thanks anon I think I know what what's going to happen. What is the timeframe?

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You are larping to say eth is going to shit the bed? How would that even happen? I dont think ada would be that big a deal.

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my dad works at nintendo

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only thing i can imagin' is that certain types of tx get blacklisted on eth

you know its practically centralized

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haha good one
yes sure let the dark forces do its work

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The worst possible black swan I can imagine is a bug at staked ETH since the merge. Everyone who staked can't withdraw it and lost all. Vitalik can't make a fork and delete half year from the chain.

What would happen with dai or usdc in a situation like this?

Literally who cares?

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That bug could be remedied. It would have to be an attack

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How would you fix a bug like this? ETH is too big now to make a hardfork.

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>wake up
>crypto crashes
>weigh my silver
>it hasn’t changed
crypto was designed to take peoples money ever since it was no longer used to buy drugs and child porn online

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youve literally said nothing
fuck off larper

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Do people with big pockets finally realize how easy it is to get tether in a impossible to escape death spiral?

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It’s not as far fetched as you may think. When everything was bull, everyone, even down to your typical normie opening a coinbase account for the first time time, got a first hand experience of what a gas fee is. It’s not exactly a good look when you want to buy 50 bucks worth of some random shitcoin and have to pay 100 because of a lagging network. Compound that with the fact that it’s spearheaded by anerexic, cat shirt wearing Russian pedophile and you have the right ingredients for a massive media shitstorm capable of turning the narrative on cryptos most notable chain.

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>What is the timeframe?
all the neccessary pieces are in place already and its ready to go.
so probably soon.
>You are larping
Its not a Larp. I honestly wish it was but its not.
>How would that even happen?
they are going to fuck with the Block production/verification.
they are always lurking but not a degree where they read every thread and every post.
you are close, you have most of the pieces right in front of you.
>Everyone who staked can't withdraw it
there isnt actually that much ETH staked.
>What would happen with dai or usdc in a situation like this?
exactly but they dont really target usdc because they play for the same team. they go after everything thats decentralized.
its centralized now, what happens when all centralized parties just let it happen?
Its not a flaw in the technology, certain actors took over and centralized what is meant to be decentralized. now they plan to cash in on this investment.

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tl;dr not you keys etc

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>Its not a flaw in the technology
meant to say its not a flaw in the concept of this technology because Cryptography works, Blockchains works but its not immune to attacks.

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>they are going to fuck with the Block production/verification

that could render all DeFi on ETH useless in a second

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>they dont really target usdc because they play for the same team. they go after everything thats decentralized

Okay. After this I think staking can be part of the happening but the real goal is stop the smart contracts. Am I right? If this happens all stables would be worthless so I don't know how usdc could survive this.

Even if you are a larper this is much better than the random "I hate eth" threads.

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Just out of curiosity, should this attack/hole in the system happen, would that essentially be putting other chains (MATIC, AVAX, etc.) in a prime position? I think I remember your thread from a week ago stating something was in the works and that a TRUE defi is what’s going to be what emerges from this crypto rubble before the thread got nuked.

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I See Pee bros.. now is our time.

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Thats apparently the plan and they have been attacking DeFi for a while now in all kinds of ways.
Their engineered Black Swan is their magnum opus but its not the end of DeFi but very likely the end of Ethereum as we know it.
>I don't know how usdc could survive this.
they have done some preparations for that.
>Even if you are a larper
Its not a Larp, actually many people have been worrying about this ever since the whole Merge story came up. some oldfags began losing trust with the whole EEA thing while everyone was blinded by the Pumps, this whole thing goes way back. the development in recent years also showed that the developer team wasnt really seriously working on solving problems but playing on time but now all the puzzle pieces are on the table.
>but the real goal is stop the smart contracts. Am I right?
its a bit more complex than that.
>"I hate eth"
dont get me wrong, I dont hate Ethereum. Never did but now I begin to because my eyes were opened to what they have done to it and what they plan to do.
Its not a good thing for crypto to happen.
>other chains
L2s that are in some way connected to Ethereum are going to be fucked, bridges too.
its been suggested as one of the goals that demolishing Ethereum is part of a plan to get a new solution in.
Kinda like the phoenix out of the ashes, order out of chaos. you know, the typical story when (((they))) have their fingers in the soup rigging things.

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So what is the possible timeframe?

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Is this all a big L1 shill? Do you suggest holding any L1 or being out of crypto all together?

Desu idk how crippling the trust people have in ETH will make anyone rush to buy alt L1s or any crypto anytime soon. How to profit?

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Is ICP now a good buy in comparison?

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>Desu idk how crippling the trust people have in ETH will make anyone rush to buy alt L1s or any crypto anytime soon. How to profit?

Same. I'm an oldfag and still think he is larping. We didn't get any technical explanation and he is talking emotionally. Btw the happening could potentially kill the whole ecosystem or at least hibernate it for 10 years. Nobody can profit from this. And I still don't know how usdc would survive this. Imagine a world where Microsoft collapsed right after Win 3.1

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>its a bit more complex than that.
oh wow, how enigmatic of you
that's larper talk if I ever saw one
how sad must your life be that you come here larping to get some validation from gulible losers to stroke your ego

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It could go down any moment. Are you willing to risk another hour? another day? another week? a month? a year? what does your risk management look like for a case like this?
>Is this all a big L1 shill?
Could be, depends what (((their))) endgame is. Avalanche could be a "replacement" and there are many coincidences. Like the developer teams being really close to each other. The Avalanche CEO was also involved in other previous Ethereum fuckery, you probably remember the DAO hack and the forks right?
So is it possible these People conspire again to rug normalfags that have no idea of whats going on?
then blame the tech while they pocket the money? Is that unrealistic?
>Do you suggest holding any L1 or being out of crypto all together?
during the event everyone will be affected and everything will dump. I doubt they would make it so easy and again as example pump some L1 while letting Ethereum dump. dont think so, they will let everything dump and let people sell. then they scoop up whatever the replacement is at the bottom and then shill you months later a new narrative.
probably not
>I'm an oldfag
thats not enough, what kinda oldfag are you? have you been paying attention or just coasting along like everyone else? not all oldfags are equal.
It is complex, would take a while to type it all up.

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where is my money safe? DAI? USDC? BTC? help me

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>Avalanche could be a "replacement"

Thank you for the thread op. It was fun until this.

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>Knowing this plan has the potential to increase your money by 1000 times or more if you know what to do, and I am aware of it.
also, explain this.

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You could have just said that Tether was going to collapse and this larp could've actually been believable

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Actually it does seem logical in many ways.
As already explained, the biggest red flag here (no pun intended) is how close the developers are.
You'd think they would "compete" more with each other but this is not what is happening.
Vitalik and Peter are both close friends with Ava Labs, even solving crucial Bugs for them.
Is that what you would do for your competition?
Probably not so why are they bothering with it? You think there is no financial motive behind this? its just a coincidence? maybe you werent even aware of it at all.
So let me play doubles advocate here and lets assume it is indeed the replacement for Ethereum (could be any other chain in this example).
What use do they have for Ethereum at that point?
Will they keep both these systems running parallel to each other?
or will they destroy the old one, rug many people for profit and then just move over to their replacement chain?
What would a jew do? think and you will know the answer. If you can figure out how they would maximize Profits you can figure out what their plan is.
youd love to know wouldnt you?
thats still on the table too, look up what else has the acronym "USDT" and shit bricks.

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>Vitalik and Peter are both close friends with Ava Labs, even solving crucial Bugs for them.
>What use do they have for Ethereum at that point?
>Will they keep both these systems running parallel to each other?

This is the main different thing between a real insider and you. You should only speak about your knowledge not your emotions and "logical" things. This "insider info" thread just transformed to a simple eth fud thread.

>Will they keep both these systems running parallel to each other?
This is how the market works usually. More companies can solve the same problem using different methods.

>What would a jew do? think and you will know the answer.
Wouldn't give you authentic insider info. A jew would use you to leak fake data and grab our money.

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No emotions but your own are involved here and its not my Problem that you dont like what you read.
>More companies can solve the same problem using different methods.
They did everything to centralize it so they can destroy it. Its unfortunately set up for failure and the developers are in on it.
>Wouldn't give you authentic insider info.
my information is solid

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>weirdo is on a four hour LARP
>16+ pbti
I gotta give him credit for trying

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You know Vitalik is involved in some extracurricular activities with the ETH Foundation, and it's not just the obvious SEC bribery stuff. He is working with some interesting people.
The USDC crowd wants to put their competition and thorns on the side out of business, so this attack on ETH makes sense.
My question is, what will survive this shitstorm? XRP?

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How much of your portfolio is depending on Ethereums survival?
If it were gone, would you still be fine? or would you end up hanging yourself on a doorknob?
>what will survive this shitstorm?
Bitcoin most likely but surviving is not the same as "making it". the question what are ((they)) betting on?
is clearly a midwit trap and always been. the marketing was always too obvious and they dont want people to make it, they need overall more bagholders and wagecucks not people that clog up the Supercar dealership thats why they set up these traps that sound too good to be true and thats where they herd in all the normies.

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midbrain play is on the menu

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If there was a 'black swan event' it would never be engineered by the 'cryptocurrency industry' lol. They're small fry fail sons who are just parasitically trying to suck up the sewer water equivalent of money. They have no capacity to cause any serious widespread financial issues besides depriving a bunch of idiot normies who somehow conceive of themselves as being in the 'in crowd' because they transfer 3 quarters of their wages into XRP or some other trash every month and have some magical thinking that leads them to believe that one day it'll go up and they can maybe buy a house.

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>t. some kid that never heard of the EEA and thinks Crypto exists in a vaccum.

>> No.53065307

>How much of your portfolio is depending on Ethereums survival?
>If it were gone, would you still be fine? or would you end up hanging yourself on a doorknob?

Another emotional fud. Btw with this logic you should leave crypto until the happening. Nothing can survive an action like this.

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not selling my xrp, kys retard

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What happens to busd and paxos since they control busd

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>muh emotional fud
again only emotions here are yours and yours only, you cant even answer such simple questions. why? because you have zero risk management and no idea whats happening.
>my xrp
its the reason why you havent made it.

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>you cant even answer such simple questions. why?

Because you asked another anon you idiot.

>> No.53065426

all centralized exchanges are doomed and all stablecoins that arent (((theirs))), everything they have their fingers in is at risk, same for everything connected to Ethereum.
>becomes even more emotional
yep, clear cut case of not gonna make it.

>> No.53065467

What happens to busd and paxos running it then sir

>> No.53065486

>everything connected to ethereum
>USDC survives
Um ok. What use is USDC if ethereum is dead? Why would you need to store wealth on the eth blockchain in that scenario?

>> No.53065492

What happens too busd and paxos running it

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It's a pretty obvious trap and they have been talking about the asset being backdoored recently for a reason, but the level of shilling for it is on a different level then most other assets.
ETH collapsing due to engineered counter attack in response to FTX bust is an interesting habbening, but it will only be a true blackswan event if the chinese go down in flames along with it. Especially binanace.
A lot of powerful interests who want to take CZ and binance out of the picture altogether.

>> No.53065565

>all centralized exchanges are doomed
What if the said exchanges are (((theirs)))?

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But I will my man, best of luck to you.

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as I said earlier, cold reading and building a story off of the reaction of the audience>>53062206

>> No.53065676

Ok so what’s the replacement? You made a thread shilling the new paradigm of crypto and we believe it was probably lcx or something. Everything you are stating, especially Jews, implied ICP could be the next ethereum?

>> No.53065714

The only thing OP is saying is that ETH will be under extreme duress in coming days, and it will take many things down with it concurrently.
Likely including Tether, many exchanges across the world, and more.

>> No.53065729

ETH is a tranny coin, if it collapse it's only positive for the crypto market.

>> No.53065754

We need to make money. I’m not shorting ethereum. So I want to know the asset the money will flow into.

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>if ethereum is dead?
Its not so much that its gonna be dead but that they will actively fuck with it and make it unusable and they can thanks to the centralization, they can still make their moves but you dont.
similar to what they already do with the MEV, the MEV cartel is also (((them))).
Longer downtimes and painful reorgs to kill any trust are possible too but overall there are many different ways they could fuck with it. I heard they will do all of them because then they would have a new excuse everytime they rig the game and keep people in while milking them dry.
some people would cut off their nuts to get into a timemachine and warn themselves of the FTX doom.
Binance is also of course Balls deep in Ethereum, if (((they))) would want to fuck with Binance they would fuck with Ethereum first, thats their weak point.
Entire happening would be engineered too, most likely is as Binance is a very masonic place.
also interesting is that centralization in Ethereum is the Reason why Binance made their own Chain.
they are trying to isolate themselves from the possible fallout.
in that case they engineer the exchange to fail so they can cash out. why make it fail? to make room for something new. phoenix out of the ashes etc. pp.
sorry but you wont, it wasnt my decision so dont be angry at me.

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In the starting post there was a black swan event. Now you are talking about a long process. You should pick one.

>> No.53065791

> Hi I am one of Sam's paid fudders.
> After enough engagement, I will reveal that the black swan event is BINANCE GONGO DOWN!!!11!! CZ IS CHINK, FUNDS NO SAFU!!
Such masterful moves. How's the weather in Bulgaria?

>> No.53065808

It seems like some states and entities around the globe made a deal with them, and are preparing accordingly. This is what I meant by 'theirs'. I don't think they want their own initiatives to fail.
>sorry but you wont, it wasnt my decision so dont be angry at me.
Why, are they going to completely ban it world wide, or just keep it at 30 cents forever? I don't see how they won't push for ISO 20022 memecoins this much and then do nothing with it since it would be much more valuable to pump it at least a little bit to engage the normies globally a bit more to accept the incoming digital cashless system while all the other alternatives burn down around the public.

>> No.53065819

OP reads like a 16 year old tried really hard to sound like a badass insider

>> No.53065836

>they would push for*

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We're going back to PoW aren't we? This black swan you're talking about, will this show how weak and insecure PoS is?

>> No.53065843

so what chain is going to flourish if ETH dies? the only ones I can think of are like XRP if the SEC stops fucking with them and they enable their EVM from flare? Or is there some actual schizo lunaC google shit going on???

>> No.53065881

USDT=US Digital Transactions Corporation

>> No.53065936

The black swan event is ETH will be sued by Gary Gensler as a security by next week.

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the replacement needs to fullfill the following criteria:
>developers sharing the same academic background
>same glownigger investors
>strong Chainlink connection
basically this.
dont forget its a planned collapse.
>I’m not shorting ethereum.
thats another thing, where can you even short it during a time where everything will be fucked and when centralized exchanges wont let you cash out.?
many people forget about this little detail.
rigging Ethereum to fuck you over and shake you down is not a black swan event?
like I said, its complex.
basically yes but thats every centralized exchange.
>How's the weather in Bulgaria?
I wouldnt know I dont live in the 3rd world and if I was I would be already doing life for stabbing that bald faggot 57 times in the torso.
Because they dont want you to make any money, they dont want you to be rich.
They need a Serf not another guy competing with them.
the money you make is profit that they are losing, its that simple for them.
so they create distractions.

>> No.53066111

Fair enough. I suppose that would be the case unless Ripple and others are willing to completely capitulate and hand control over to the other party, in which case they would be allowed to stay on the stage.
Do you know what is going to happen to exchanges and entities that are openly cooperating with the usdc crowd? I don't think some of them are set up to fail - it's obvious they are trying to mitigate the situation by playing ball.

>> No.53066150

OP didn't even say if it's a black swan that make numbers go up, or down

>> No.53066152

Will this happen within a week? And are you not afraid of reprisal for leaking this information?

>> No.53066154

You didn’t say no to ICP

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>ripple settles the lawsuit
>crypto goes nuclear
>xrp is the only coin with clarity
Guess where the leftover money will flow? I don’t believe that ripple will fuck over everyone, because this will damage their reputation forever and they have too serious connections to do that. You probably know that Blackrock manages usdc reserves. Guess who was at this years WEF panel together? Jeremy and Brad. What other crypto guys were invited? Anyway, you do you, I don’t you’re stupid, I just think you’re too confident and clueless.

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>thinks OP is leaking anything
I fucking hate zoomers and nubiz so fucking much holy shit.

>> No.53066207

It's sad how far 4chan has fallen. This thread plus the other one of someone buying magnetic rocks to protect himself from 5G just shows how utterly stupid the average person here is these days.

>> No.53066224

Just to hypothetically answer this question: if USDC is the only safe stablecoin during this time, the ONLY three blockchains that issue USDC are Ethereum, Algorand, and Solana all other blockchains have their USDC stored on Ethereum and "bridged" over which mints IOU's for the stored USDC on Ethereum. So if I were to believe this larper I would send my USDC to Algorand because lmao at sol.

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so what do you disagree with?
>We're going back to PoW aren't we?
would be nice but thats not gonna happen.
the narrative was already shaped and Miners got kicked out because they dont want you have any say in what block makes it in and which dont.
>how weak and insecure PoS is?
dont forget that the Merge was done in a Proof of Work environment.
the EVM isnt everything.
United States Department of the Treasury
they are above the law because these events are scripted.
thats the thing about centralized exchanges, you never know whats going on behind the scenes.
are they set up for fail or not? everyones guess.
they also dont want to kill crypto completely. thats also something to keep in mind.
well these jews are very crafty, its like in their hollyjew movies when they film 3 different endings and until the first screening nobody knows what happens not even the crew or the actors.
its not ICP.
>Guess where the leftover money will flow?
not into your pocket thats for sure. its just how the world works.

>> No.53066299

>if USDC is the only safe stablecoin
who said its safe?

>> No.53066303

>Because they dont want you to make any money, they dont want you to be rich.
They don’t care, you will spend your money into the system anyway. Crypto made millions people rich, so what? They bought lambos and paid taxes. They don’t want competition with cbdcs, they don’t care if some poor schizo will make 3M and will blow everything on coke and prostitutes. They literally own the money. See you one year later.

>> No.53066302

blah blah blah blah blah shut the fuck up

>> No.53066321

> pure crypto event
kys faggot

>> No.53066326

xdc, iota or flare?

>> No.53066340

You did.
>exactly but they dont really target usdc because they play for the same team. they go after everything thats decentralized.

>> No.53066345

meant for>>53066299

>> No.53066371
File: 1.12 MB, 1921x1080, 1653057455396.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

OP lacks the class to be a true insider, probably some middle-management midwit who heard one breadcrumb and used it to push over 20 posts of his shitty takes.

True insiders who know everything are wisemen who post in riddles and coded language

>> No.53066385

>>I don't know how usdc could survive this.
>they have done some preparations for that.
You also said it here. This LARP is fucking retarded for multiple reasons, but I cba to explain them.

>> No.53066478

It's unibright

>> No.53066515
File: 1.31 MB, 800x795, thisgemforu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you will spend your money into the system anyway.
or they can skip this and get your money faster by luring you into a trap.
would jews lure you into a trap? yes/no?
its crypto market specific.
In that post I was talking about the entity behind USDC and in the other post I meant the stablecoin USDC, should have worded it differently. my bad.
>in riddles
doubt many can even figure out what I'm talking about.
they know whats happening so their own money is not at stake.

>> No.53066526

there was only 1 insider in 4chan ever,
the guy from kucoin

rest if not proof
fuck you idiot, i made more money in natural resources than in crypto this year.

>> No.53066561

>In that post I was talking about the entity behind USDC and in the other post I meant the stablecoin USDC, should have worded it differently. my bad.
Then you would be talking about Circle and Coinbase, and Blackrock not USDC. I'm not explaining anything else to you, you're an absolute retard.

>> No.53066568


>> No.53066615

You have no idea who is doing what lol
So if you think you can give a timeframe for this upcoming event, what would be the rough ballpark date?
I think middle of January or Feb would be ideal.

>> No.53066618
File: 92 KB, 480x358, 1672073363757191.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if you are not going to tell us what you know about the replacement to be used then what are you even doing here?
spill the fucking beans and enjoy feeling good

>> No.53066619

yes I should have worded it differently, thanks for pointing it out so I could correct it to avoid further confusion.
its none of that, were those your bags?

>> No.53066729

24 posts
if this is larp you may need help

>> No.53066767

the replacement needs to fullfill the following criteria:
>developers sharing the same academic background
The internet computer was worked on by 100's of developers, with many having PHD's while coming with Ethereum development backgrounds

See recent BTC integration via chain key cryptography

>same glownigger investors
a16z, Polychain, KR1 are all early Dfinity investors

>strong Chainlink connection

Not sure what you mean by this.

Vitalik himself has also said that he views the internet computer as the 'sister network' to Ethereum, and has also previously said that Dfinity are the biggest competitor to Ethereum.

>> No.53066782

based Dfinity bro

>> No.53066877
File: 117 KB, 1156x1166, cod.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I heard in the next 3-6 months but imo it could happen anytime now as its already centralized, possible they are waiting for the right trigger and that there is a timeline for the plan.
I'm spilling all kinds of beans already.
>The internet computer was worked on by 100's of developers
I'm talking about the ones that run the operation. also no IC3 background on any of them so that excludes em.
>See recent BTC
was talking about Ethereum Assets, Bitcoin isnt all that important in this context.
>a16z, Polychain, KR1 are all early Dfinity investors
not the league I'm talking about. think bigger.
>strong Chainlink connection
there was never even an interview between them.
>Not sure what you mean by this.
the EEA, never heard of them?
thats what Ethereum was made for.
>Vitalik himself has also said
Vitalik says many things.

anyway, its not ICP.

>> No.53066909

I am not sure if CBDC rollout would be as smooth as they like to think. What's your take on the whole digital currency push, are they really confident they can push through the cashless society world wide?
You know there are many who are pushing back.
The latest event in China is the beginning of phase 2.

>> No.53066915

>tl;dr a retarded LARP to shill some L1

>> No.53066948


>> No.53066958

even worse I'm pretty sure its a solana shill

>> No.53067008

Gnosis chain?

>> No.53067059
File: 240 KB, 913x1280, IMG_20221228_114304_239.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This thread is so bullish for pulsechain

>> No.53067103

> Could be, depends what (((their))) endgame is. Avalanche could be a "replacement" and there are many coincidences.
> hen they scoop up whatever the replacement is at the bottom
So here you have no idea what the replacement is - but it might be AVAX because that's so great

>its not ICP.
But here you know it's not ICP.
Pretty transparent, you stinking dirty Turkish roach. Go back to your fuckboy antics, Emin, and leave crypto to the people with some brains to spare.

>> No.53067215
File: 656 KB, 200x222, sig.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I had a very interesting conversation about this not too long ago, basically the cashless society is a crypto mainstream society because incentives work better than the stick and crypto is somewhat perfect to play the trojan horse. might not be the plan for every country.
not really.
>because that's so great
because of the close connections. Avalanche is a lot closer to Ethereum and to Chainlink than ICP.
ETH, LINK and AVAX come all out of the same corner and recruited all their people from the same place. thats suspicious.
also has a very suspicious history when it comes to Ethereum.
did you know about that 666 code line in the DAO and that whole fork story that resulted from it?
These people were already seen fucking with Ethereum, why wouldnt they do it again?

>> No.53067284
File: 407 KB, 617x630, Larrys-ABCs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bullish for Hedera and SaucerSwap

>> No.53067309

The trigger has to overlap with many things, including the planned economic collapse and the next 'pandemic'. The flu this time has to be real for the scenario to work. At minimum, it needs to be deadlier than the last scam.

>> No.53067353

> Avalanche is a lot closer to Ethereum and to Chainlink than ICP
Uh huh. And you're an "Insider". Did you know Dfinity was founded by the same crew as Ethereum and was originally intended to be Ethereum 2.0?

>> No.53067436

>the next 'pandemic'
climate lockdowns and Blackouts are mentioned often.
>Dfinity was founded by the same crew as Ethereum
things that never happened?

>> No.53067850

Does it start with J and end with a Y?

>> No.53067869

Put me in the screencap.

>> No.53067965

do you know just how much capital it would take to 51% attack the eth network? not to mention that it would mean buying up a fuckton of eth and then locking it up, exponentially increasing the cost of the attack with each eth purchased. Also note that the eth needs to be owned onchain, not some bullshit cex coins. I will wait for your rebuttal but nice try

>> No.53068059
File: 1.40 MB, 1437x1036, 563c8546384f4ffa90a250f4034367f59557d18deedaa998a0d9cc98f1eb1728.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what do I cash out my ETH to so I don't get fucked?

>> No.53068131
File: 202 KB, 640x640, C9D9433D-50B7-4BB0-86A4-93EBD16B11A9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>avalanche could be a replacement

>> No.53068135
File: 121 KB, 1024x1000, 1657640904220.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

(((They))) will crash ETH to bring in regulation and bring to light the ISO2022 blockchain a which is the new monetary system.
Schizos are ahead of you on this

>> No.53068369

OP is gone because you were all nigger faggots.

>> No.53068380

project, op said vague shit with no clear argument

>> No.53068412

Jesus Christ, you fucking niggers are a cancer on the internet.

>> No.53068428

>provide a good argument
>receive no response to my argument, just ad hominems
im somehow a cancer on the internet kys you faggot

>> No.53068454

>do you know just how much capital it would take to 51% attack the eth network?
Its almost like you would need the ability to print money. Good thing there are no institutions with that kind of power who also dont want crypto to compete against them, right?

>> No.53068462

its almost as if printing money would pump the price of crypto, not crash it down? or are you suggesting that it already happened?

>> No.53068473

by your metric we should look at systemic liquidity for crypto, which is logically fed balance sheet + changes in fed repo + changes in tga, which added up together indicates declining liquidity, not increasing, so wheres the money printing?

>> No.53068476

These threads are so fucking gay.