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Newfag here

Is this bear market as bad as the last or 2018 one?
What can we expect "next bull run" q4 2023?

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This is the worst and longest bear market we've ever had. Its over for crypto there isn't going to BE another bull run idiot

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Capitulation has literally just started. Expect at least another year of shit and piss before anything like bullish PA starts. 2 years of crab is not out of the question or even that unusual. Read a history book.
Hasn't even started, buddy.

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It's pretty much the worst thing I've ever seen and I been here since 2017

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We'll probably be rangebound between 3-20k btc for 2023, then in 2024 get near all time highs, then drop 80-90%, then when the USD collapses later this decade we'll reach new highs

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I feel like the market has been daed as fuck since the 2018 mega-dump, and ever since then we've just been participating in its rotting corpse. Right now it's just the most rotten the body has ever been, but it can only get worse from here until the body totally decays to nothing.

I was here for the 2017 boom, what a wild time. I somehow managed to sell the top. Unfortunately my initial investment wasn't enough to create life-changing gains, but I had invested enough to get a new computer, something that I've desperately needed. Good times. Really good times. They're not coming back, not to this market.

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Q1 2025

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We're still at "euphoria" on the bubble chart

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I've been on /biz/ since 2017
a jpeg of an ape is still worth $93 000 USD. Luna classic has a valuation of a billion dollars. /biz/ has a new thread every 2 mins and the vast majority of threads are about cryptos instead of actual jobs and side hustles

In my opinion this bear market is just starting

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Shutup you stupid fucking nigger
This is pretty much the bottom. Ss this

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>t. retard

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Strap in, newbabies. Gonna be a bumpy year.

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The difference is, during the last bear, there were still a lot of people dreaming about what this tech could be and discussing fundamentals and limitations and what was possible. I think now it is clear that it was all pie in the sky bull shit and everyone was ignorant. We've now learned that DLT is pretty useless and won't be changing the internet.

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20k to 15k was not capitulation?

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capitulation is probably around 6k

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Alts are probably gonna get JUSTed soon but I don't see BTC dropping much lower. Most people buying right now are dollar cost averaging. I guess some people that slurped at around 30k might get scared and cut their loses and the swing traders and bots will keep trading but other than that who is selling at these prices?

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people will sell at any price because there is no fundamental value to BTC or any other security but commodities. Even fucking oil went negative value. Don't fall for the trap of thinking it can't fall lower.

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We posted in the same second, we are connected forever now anon

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>2017 oldfag here

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it is the most irrational the market has ever been by a long shot
you have guys like this who think they're smart, for instance, because the market continues to reward them

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I am provably smart, I have high IQ, you're being emotional.

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quads confirm

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Desu I think you're Larping as a Bobo but what I mean is the people buying now are prepared for the prices to go lower and are not very likely to sell. Barring some black swan event I don't think people who bought at these prices will panic sell no matter how low BTC goes

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pretty bad, but it's only been a year since ATH and most alts are 85-95% from their aths. in a typical bear, these alts would be 95-99% from ath with eth 85-90% (~$500). the only way this bear market has been REALLY brutal is the lack of relief rallies, apart from the weak one in summer in which btc barely even gained as much as spy500 kek

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>that pic
My sides.

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ftx regulation

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good alts are down 97% you idiot

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>measuring the markets in bitcoin
Did your mother drop you on your head when you were young?

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>the people buying now are prepared for the prices to go lower
The people I know who are buying now have been around for years and are trying to catch knifes to dab on "bobos" in the gc. They shit their pants and cope and often ragequit every time it drops below their buy-in. It's honestly embarrassing.

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yeah and that's a by-product of the bigger number of alts this time around. look how many "muh defi new paradigm" erc-20s there were, also cosm shitchains can be spun in a teenager's bedroom in a few hours so its not surprising

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Regulation will take years to happen or will be easily circumvented as is the norm with most other government regulations
Larp, if they get that mad unironically they would have given up already. Or they are invested in some total shitcoin like Safemoon and clinically retarded

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What are you measuring in with?

Doesn't crypto follow btc which follows the stock market?

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it'll send the cockroaches running tho

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They're just addicted to gains. Intellectually they know that we're in goblintown, but their dopamine withdrawal makes them take trades they shouldn't.

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Define young

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>good alts

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expecting projects funded by BitDAO to break out during next year's bull-run, since they're backed by the largest DAO directed treasury

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bottom is in when exchanges start collapsing beyond FTX. Binance going under and saylor getting liquidated is the buying point.

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The next bull will make more millionaires than ever, with web3, privacy projects, Defi, NFTs gaining so much attention.

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this thread is depression, but the problem is the wider world feels the same

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From previous experience capitulation is a good size drop like 30%-40% in a day.
You would feel sick to your stomach investing into anything because you don’t have any faith in the market you’re buying .
That said, you get about 6-8 hours to actually buy the bottom. Which leads me to believe this range won’t be accepted.
When the rejection takes place, expect a candle to $11k range. That would signify the capitulation phase of the chart.

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We will see a bull run like never before in q4 2023, so slurping some tokens with growth potentials like OCEAN, ENS, TOWER

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Checked but everyone keeps saying this. Also how do you know saylor bought btc on margin? What a retard?

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We are at the bottom or near to the bottom, i think we wont go lower then 14k, inflation is falling, Fed will start to slow down next year, nearly all onchain charts are compareable to bottoms in last bear markets, but the way back will be long, end of 2023 we might go to 30k but not more...

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lol nope. This one was an absolute fucking collapse that exposed the entire system.

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worse by far frankly

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We could get to 40k, who knows. CZ has been pushing to make crypto a viable payment system. so, besides making payment projects like xpress or coti top gainers next year, it's likely also going to accelerate recovery.

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Projects like Railgun will definitely stand out, with how much simplicity and transparency it brings to private Defi with auditable view keys and all.

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The bear market gives more time to accumulate. And that's what I'm doing with assets like XMR, ORE and ALBT. Assets real use cases that drive adoption.

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2018 was worse.
Dont forget that btc went from 19k to 3k and eth from 1.5k to 84,-
This is nothing and has just only started

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>poorfag detected
Opinion discarded.

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Don't expect shitcoins to be around. Put more effect in buying solid tokens with utility like ORE or METIS.

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There's so much to look into when it comes to privacy. The fast rise of ZK-snarks projects makes me want to explore more.

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DCA fag and stop crying. Asset management projects will skyrocket.

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Bottom signal (you are all bottoms)

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Where is this "history book of crypto" you smugly reference? Crypto seems like a giant internet scam perpetuated on telegram chatrooms.

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Anything more sad than anons inserting their bags at the most inappropriate times. Please tell me these are bots.

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They are paid jeets, a biological botnet

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You won't fall for scams if you know what you are investing into. Try to buy solid tokens like with good utility like asset management, Privacy or security.

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I don't expect that the cryptomania will ever regain its popularity. And since all governments are either banning crypto, or figuring out ways to tax it, it will not even be useful.

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The market is still going to tank for sure. Just a good time to DCA and buy cheap. Getting on liquidity pool like ORE/ETH can be worth it as well just to stay afloat.

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My guess as to who’s selling may be some people out there losing their jobs or otherwise taking some form of pay cut due to the inflationary nature of everything being 25% per expensive. And crypto is probably the first to get sold to help soften the blow. To an extent there’s certainly bots and exchanges manipulating some tokens. Kucoin for example has all these random hidoodle coins just massively pumping and dumping out of nowhere. That’s just one example.

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>q4 2023
That is the earliest I expect a dead cat bounce to 30k but I doubt it. It will probably hit 9k some time before it makes a run up to $30k. The entire 2017-2018 run from $1k to $20k down to $3k fits within the 2020-2022 bull run from $18k to $70k back to $18k. We have a long sell off of lower lows and lower highs. Just zoom out. There is still an opportunity to buy and swing a stack to stack sats. We are in a desending triangle now and will bounce off some number lower than now to retest 24k. It will fail to reach 24k and continue with a new desending triangle until it bounces again and again until the bottom is in. We are in March of 2018. In believe the November 2018 bottom will be in in 2024. We got a year or more of this.

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Some alts have the potential to scale through this bear season. Personally I am rooting for web3 and Defi projects with working products.

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Defi is king. Been staking on keplr some cosmos tokens and providing liquidity with ORE / ETH pair.

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Agree. Also a 2017 oldfag. Been watching this thing since 2014 when I started heard of it. I've never threw any real amount of money at and have lost what I have played with in 2017 by leaving it on Bittrex and losing access of the email tied to the account. I firmly believe this will be a long bear. By mottos signal is /biz/. Only once the following dissappear from the lingo will everything related to this cycle be over
>short squeeze
>crypto finance
>all current alt coins outside of LTC and ETH
They will all still exist but fall from relevance as new even more retarded ideas populate the space and new money from even greater fools flows in. If you are holding any coin from this cycle you will be like what an XRP or BAT holder is today. You'll be married to your dead coins bags. Don't be that anon.

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Still early on web3. The bear market is a good time to onboard. Asset management is also important in web3.

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Shib has close to $5B mc. Says it all right there. A fuck ton of shit has yet to be washed out.

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I still got a feeling there are still chances for some based alts to survive. Privacy seems to be making headlines for positive reasons recently and it will only make sense for prifi to take the lead in the next bull season.

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I've been looking into some DAOs recently and their benefit. The Railgun DAO is privacy focused and holds a very bright future as the crypto space shifts to be more security inclined.

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Alt coins continue to slowly dump, and make new lows, but not much lower unless they are complete shitcoins they will go to zero. The main coins Btc and Eth and some very good alts will just crab for 1 year

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My bet is on Web3 and NFTs, its obvious since a lot of projects are rallying round the niche with products to make NFTs more useful.

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Those are data and identity management projects, I'll add ORE to the list, its holding up real good even in this current market.

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Privacy is based but i'll keep my fingers crossed on that one until I see how the craze around self custody turns out.

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Zero knowledge tech has really improved the crypto privacy space and I cant wait to see what 2023 holds for privacy.

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What do you think we should accumulate? RLC, ROSE, AVAX and ICP are my top picks but I also think GRT would be good.