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Have we been the clowns all along?

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Did he finally lose it?

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His chip broke

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Elon will probably buy Substack too

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I hope this madman never leaves twitter. It's fascinating to watch a billionaire lose his sanity in real time.

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This African American has lost hundreds of billions of dollars in market cap in the past month alone and is probably staring at some margin calls

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I'm glad we went down the "destroy Twitter" timeline. The "make Twitter better" timeline would have been boring.

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They're the same timeline though

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I have quirky reddit glownigger fatigue bros

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Twitter may become a very lucrative investment because as a free speech alternative opposed to deep state controlled propaganda media why would anyone use anything else?

Censored socials from Big Tech and fake news media will drive all of their users to non-corrupt alternatives.

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Come on Elon. Make a tweet about crypto. Please.

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Elon just shit posting on Twitter all day

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About as lucrative as 4chan kek

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He just embraced the clown world.

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I was thinking the same thing. Is he schizo?

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came here to post this
a frog thread died for this

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The guy he responded to said he has a toddler's impulse control. He truly dgaf, does he.

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4chan just posting Twitter all day

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Thank you musk sama for your kind winsdom