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post memes or breadcrumbs or hopium, anything except for fud

fud is not allowed in this thread under any circumstances, especially schizo fud pasta (funny fud pasta and nico posting is allowed)

thank you and have fun

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Checked divine 7s.
Latest breadcrumb is that anon is pretty sure that the 2022 SWIFT proof of concept that just wrapped up (and was a massive success) was the Chainlink approach to getting CBDCs to talk to each other.

>Bank of International Settlements lays out 3 different possible formats for a multi CBDC world in a 2021 paper
>SWIFT say they will focus on approach 1 and 2, as they don't think 3 will work
>approach 1 finishes its PoC in 2021 with mixed results
>approach 2 finishes its PoC and is much more of a success
>approach 2 is getting CBDCs to talk to each other through an "interlinked" technical interface that uses smart contract messaging, adaptors, nodes, public key infrastructure, ISO20022 and a flexible, chain agnostic, messaging standard agnostic structure to talk both from CBDC to CBDC as well as CBDC to legacy system
>makes particular note of the fact that this approach is so strong because legacy don't have to make many changes, they can just plug into an adaptor

Full document here:
blessings to the anon that shared it. Merry Christmas.

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We always knew Link was aiming for the big guys not playing games with the rest of the shitty dog coin/ btc copycat space.
Truly revolutionary technology. I do sometimes wonder if this anon was correct.

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The sheer volume of fud that is on biz specifically for link 24/7 is just the cherry on top to prove that I'm right about how valuable it will actually be.
These losers spend dozens of hours a week coming up with fud angles, larps, creating half a dozen posts per hour, and sometimes making up to 50+ pbtid in link threads.
It's the most obvious sign of paid activity I've ever seen on this boards outside of vaxx shill threads - and it can't all just be mental illness / regret / retardation. The money comes from somewhere - they obviously aren't very picky about their operators but they seem to have a decent chunk invested into making people sell / not stake on here.

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these boards*

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Also, here's a gallery of connections and breadcrumbs:

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Checked. CCIP will be released soon enough.

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Not on my watch.

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What will 2023 bring? I hope for ccip and deco.

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>What will 2023 bring?
endless carrot dangling and sub $1 per LINK

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that would allow me an utterly paycheck to paycheck poorfag to get a bag. not gonna habben.

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Ok so outside of le “conspiracy”, what is CL going to do in 2023 that makes the price go up? Im going to need more than just some buzzword “breadcrumbs” from some Swift. The team already said CCIP is delayed (real shocker there). So what is there to look forward to? And again, before everyone types a bunch of buzzwords, I am asking HOW DOES IT MAKE THE PRICE GO UP. Because nothing else fucking matters

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I absolutely crucified a fudder yesterday on here (i don't normally respond but was in the mood for it and this guy was pretty shit anyway). He got really angry and left the thread, which is always good fun. 5 mins later the thread was deleted.
What you say makes sense. They must be paying people to do this, but quite a few of them are rubbish at it. I think when they get angry it might mean that they're about to lose their job, as the deleted thread would support.
I wonder if we'll ever find out the full story. Maybe one day people at Chainlink will be able to shed light on it. It won;t be forgotten too quickly by us, that's for sure.

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you will be able to buy more LINK than you'd ever imagined, I guarantee you that
I'm not entirely sure you'll be happy then though
cool story bro, reality is that without le "fudding" chainlink threads are completely dead at this point, they don't even reach 50 posts without le hecking epic fudderinos, which says a lot about the absolute sorry state of this project and this community
if you REALLY believe a bunch of bulgarians or jeets or whatever are continuously employed for 2+ years with the sole purpose of fudding an obscure, illiquid, flat lined, unfinished crypto project you're beyond delusional

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Even if the price goes up, that just means CLL will increase token sales. Every token sold is pure profit and Sergey takes a hefty cut. He already extracted over half a billion dollars for himself that way, he'll just continue to do that. That's the war chest by the way, but it's not for the actual project, it's just for him, that's why they are still selling.

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The Chainlink Subnet will be Huge, basically Chainlink can launch their own high performance Subnets dedicated to all kinds of oracle information.
They get Complete isolation of their activity away from competing Dapps and maintain fast sub second finality and low fees and thanks to the new trustless Subnet to Subnet Warp messaging technology that Ava Labs cooked up they can make all that Oracle information available to any other Subnet no matter what VM they run, that makes Bootstrapping any Blockchain and trustless Datafeeds a matter of minutes while also massively reducing the costs.
It would also give the Chainlink Token an additional Staking usecase as Chainlink will have many different Subnets and some of these Subnets would be open to any Avalanche Validator.
These Validators will need to Stake LINK with AVAX to validate that Subnet and maybe have other requirements like KYC or additional Hardware requirements.
Scaling the Validator set also increases performance, safety and gives Chainlink more decentralization. its a true win/win situation here.
AVAX Bros and LINK Marines working together, a beautiful sight to behold.

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>leaps on every Link thread and fuds as hard as he can
>you're delusional!
>the price is going down!
>sell your Link!
Silly boy, you're proving my point lol

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>/biz/ is one person
>everyone negative about my bags is a nefarious fudder arguing in bad faith
>it's also the same person
>no legitimate criticism exists for my project
thanks for proving my point, deranged bagholder

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The funniest part is, if LINK was just going to fade into obscurity, it would. Instead, you cant stop talking about it. Shilling or fudding doesn’t matter, you are talking about it. VIDT was big on this board in 2019 for a minute, why dont you fud that shitcoin?
The last project I remember getting shat on this hard was ETH… at $12

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the absolute funniest part is that LINK is actually fading into obscurity as we speak, you're just so heavily invested in this both emotionally and financially that you can't see it yet
proof? look at this board for the past few weeks, absolutely void of ANY decent thread about Chainlink, it's all garbage getting pruned after 5 replies tops
it's literally dying right in front of your eyes, and you actually clinging on to hope because of "fudders" is absolutely the most hilarious thing that ever happened to this board
it's like a train wreck you can't stop gazing at

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I'm not clicking that link you sick fuck. If it was legit you'd just link to where SWIFT hosted it. You're going to hell.

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I dont even own much LINK. Its a small percentage of my portfolio and I dont care if it goes to zero. I made it from ETH last year. I am giving you an(mostly) impartial observer’s opinion. Your attack on me personally is telling.

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>Your attack on me personally
I did not "attack on you personally", jeet, I used "you" in the same context you used it here>>53029598
>instead, you cant stop talking about it
this is unironically one of the most blatant and poorly executed deflections I've ever seen

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>The Chainlink Subnet will be Huge, basically Chainlink can launch their own high performance Subnets dedicated to all kinds of oracle information.
>They get Complete isolation of their activity away from competing Dapps and maintain fast sub second finality and low fees and thanks to the new trustless Subnet to Subnet Warp messaging technology that Ava Labs cooked up they can make all that Oracle information available to any other Subnet no matter what VM they run, that makes Bootstrapping any Blockchain and trustless Datafeeds a matter of minutes while also massively reducing the costs.
>It would also give the Chainlink Token an additional Staking usecase as Chainlink will have many different Subnets and some of these Subnets would be open to any Avalanche Validator.
>These Validators will need to Stake LINK with AVAX to validate that Subnet and maybe have other requirements like KYC or additional Hardware requirements.

I don't understand any of this. I do know I recently bought an item from China and I used Paypal. So there doesn't seem to be any need for crypto even internationally.

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>5 seething pbtid

I'll give you a couple of answers I've filtered over the years to be true, from the few times I've gotten a fudder in a rare moment of clarity:

1) Turbo autists who figured out the need for externally connected smart contracts very quickly, and who now seethe at the entire world for failing to understand it like they do. Chainlink is sort of like a metaphor for their general inability to integrate with society, where they are rational and right and it's the world's fault it's so irrational and dumb..
These people fud because in their mind the world should have figured out LINK in 2019 at the absolute latest, but failed to, and so they'll seethe and rage at everyone and everything as a way to express this frustration.

2) People who had LINK stacks but lost them swinging, or gambling, or in a CeFi collapse, or who simply got fudded out of LINK back in 2018 and have been furious ever since. They will never buy LINK because they can't buy it at $0.30 like they had the chance to back then, and then basically rage at people continuing to hold because "if I can't make it then neither can you"

3) People who try to profit off taking an oppositional position to LINK. Usually grifters like the CLCG/Honeycomb/API3 guys, or NEXO, who are charlatan fraudsters and basically parasitic animals to Chainlink just like there are many fraudster teams that are parasitic animals to ETH. They fud because muddying the waters about Chainlink lets them shill themselves, it doesn't go much deeper than that.

4) The seriously mentally ill, like Michael, who also fits in category 2) but has now made a large part of his online identity "being a link fudder" and can't really distance themselves from that because it's the only way they can consistently get attention online, which they crave.

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you're not supposed to understand the word salads anon, you're supposed ti be impressed and FOMO into market buying as much link as you can

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Sergey Nazarov is a Russian philosophy graduate and the head of a successful cryptocurrency project called Chainlink. Despite his many accomplishments, Sergey struggled with a serious addiction to Big Macs from McDonald's. He found it difficult to resist the allure of burgers and fries, and his love for fast food had caused him to become overweight and unhealthy.

One day, while working late at the office, Sergey met a young Muslim man named Amir who was working as an intern at Chainlink. Amir was smart, driven, and fiercely independent, and Sergey was immediately drawn to him.As they spent more time together, Sergey began to realize that he had feelings for Amir. But he was hesitant to act on them, knowing that Amir was a practicing Muslim and that their relationship would not be accepted by many in their community.
Despite these challenges, Sergey and Amir couldn't deny their feelings for each other, and they decided to pursue a relationship. They faced many obstacles and faced criticism from both their families and their colleagues, but they were determined to be together.

As their relationship deepened, Sergey and Amir faced an unexpected challenge: Sergey became pregnant. The news came as a shock to both of them, but they were determined to raise the child together and create a loving, supportive family.
Despite the many challenges they faced, Sergey and Amir remained committed to each other and their child. They knew that their love was strong enough to overcome any obstacle, and they were determined to build a bright future together.

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Despite his many accomplishments, Sergey struggled with feelings of discomfort and unease in his own body. After much contemplation and soul-searching, Sergey decided to transition and become a woman. It was a difficult and emotional decision, but Sergey knew that it was the right thing for her.

As she began her transition, Sergey faced many challenges and encountered a lot of negativity from those who were not supportive of her decision. Some in the crypto community were resistant to the idea of a trans developer, and Sergey faced a lot of backlash and criticism. Despite these challenges, Sergey remained determined to succeed in her chosen field. She worked hard to prove herself and show that she was just as capable as any other developer, and her efforts paid off.

Over time, Sergey's talent and dedication won over her critics, and she became the first female trans developer in the crypto space. Her story inspired many others to be true to themselves and to follow their dreams, and she became a role model for trans individuals everywhere.

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staking upgrades / ccip / network momentum all brings it together, and legacy involvement happens over years and years, not months
and by your own admittance, you're so fucking dumb that the conversation about how chainlink provides critical infrastructure would go over your head
would i take the time to explain a combustion engine to a dog? or nuclear fission to an ant? absolutely not
>chainlink threads are completely dead at this point
i see several discussion threads a week that break 200 replies
are you new or just being disingenuous?
>w-who would bother fudding "an obscure, illiquid, flat lined, unfinished crypto project"
and yet here you are, 5 posts in and actively trying to shut down a link thread by spamming paragraphs of garbage - all while pretending that that you retarded discord fags don't sit there pumping out a hundred fud threads a week
people like you are exactly the reason that i make threads bragging about the amount i have staked along with the rewards - because it makes you froth at the mouth guaranteed, every single time

>> No.53029819

>i see several discussion threads
sauce me up
>actively trying to shut down a link thread
I literally brought this thread back by bumping it you dufus

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It's been difficult lately, frens. I bought in very early 2018 and just have not been afforded the price I consider reasonable for sale. March 2020 caught me off guard and fuck knows the last 2 years have done a number on me.
I think we're in for a boring few years but we'll make it eventually. Picrelated is my gut feeling. Hope we all make it.
More than that I hope that all your dreams for the good things you will do for those around you, who love you, when you make it, will come true. Merry Christmas and best of luck.

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Do you realize that 90% of 2017 altcoins never made a new ATH in 2021?

What makes you think Link will reach triple digits when Chainlink Labs is dumping millions of tokens?

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I used “you” in my first post referring specifically to you, fDdDH5S0. English must not be your first language huh?

>> No.53029860

>I don't understand any of this
Because you are some clueless faggot, keep sleeping.

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My problem with your post is I too fud LINK for fun/cope. I don't think $100 within 2-3 years is unreasonable. It's far worse than either of us expected as long-term holders (which I at a spiritual level know you are) but it'll all be okay. I hope life is treating you well, anon.

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I hold 6k of this piece of shit, almost everyone on biz holds Link....so yeah the "FUD" comes all from bagholders. I find it funny some people believe the Bulgarian tranny meme.

Anyways I seriously doubt Chainlink will surpass $30 during the next bullrun (if we will even have one considering the terrible macro economic conditions). I just regret not dumping this shit at $50 so much

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I regret not selling circa $35 when it had that second piss pump last year too. I think those prices aren't that far off however anyway. Even if it's a dead shitcoin, it ought to reach those prices again. You've done well regardless of your expectations, anon.
Yes, the Bulgarian tranny and world conspiracy theories truly are the biggest indication shit fell off a cliff. We'll all move on and have a good story to show for it, anon. I mean all this sincerely. Wish you the best, cunt.

>> No.53029938

Thanks man, appreciate it. It's been a tough year for all of us holders, whether it's marines or not.

I just hope we all make it before shit starts to get real

>> No.53029975

go look in the archives yourself? why the fuck do i have to dig them up to satisfy the 'requirements' for someone posting here entirely in bad faith?
>w-well i'm trying to spam it with low iq garbage so YOU'RE WELCOME FOR THE BUMPS
uh yeah thanks for being the only person in this thread and keeping it alive during the hectic 9am tuesday bear biz rush

i have 21k staked across 3 wallets by the way
how does this make you feel?

feel free to write a few more paragraphs describing the feeling, and also how apparently unimportant link is

>> No.53029985

>I just hope we all make it before shit starts to get real
How old are you anon? This statement resonates. I wonder if you're in a similar stage of life as me

>> No.53030054

>staking upgrades
So I'm supposed to believe these will pump the price when the first version did nothing and it's now down 12% from release?

Is it even coming out in '23? My guess is they do a barebones v0.1 end of '23 at the earliest, which of course does nothing for price

>network momentum
no idea what this means. I requested no buzz words

>legacy involvement
During a global recession? I'm skeptical companies will want to play around with crypto when they're worried about surviving. I'm not saying it won't happen eventually, my comments are strictly pertaining to catalysts in the year 2023.

IMO the only thing that makes price go up in 2023 is if/when overrall markets turn around with lower CPI readings/indications of interest rates lowering. And that may not even happen until '24.

>> No.53030085

>I recently bought an item from China and I used Paypal
Enjoy your $2000 fine when they find out you use a far-right, Nazi chicken-strangling/fruit appreciation forum

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>> No.53030111

28 year old boomer

>> No.53030120

>During a global recession? I'm skeptical companies will want to play around with crypto when they're worried about surviving.
On the contrary anon. Crypto will be the life raft they need to survive the sinking of the ship.

>> No.53030127

Ah, it's mr barebones. Good to see you, I'm getting to know your fav terms now. You do like that word, don't you? I've seen you use it in Link fudding threads around 7 or 8 times now. Do you find you have any success with it? Or is it just that your vocabulary isn't too good?

>> No.53030139

Kek yep. Bit older but not much.
We'll be right.

>> No.53030228

>I'm skeptical companies will want to play around with crypto when they're worried about surviving
So, all the Swift stuff. Is that just them having a laugh? Do you think they actually have no intention of doing the things they discuss with the banks? And if you do, then which solution to interoperability do you think they will choose? I'm not aware of any other than Chainlink's?

>> No.53030569

Chainlink is literally not needed for interoperability, I destroyed a chainlink labs shill in another thread where I asked him to outline a project in development by SWIFT that will utilise chainlink at some point. He was silent. Then another anon who literally worked for SWIFT confirmed that they aren't using their services for the foreseeable future. Chainlink literally not needed. No breadcrumbs. No hope, just a slow decline to irrelevance.

>> No.53030577

I checked, no such thread exists for the past couple of months at least
caught lying once again
once again, you need to look no further than this thread, fudders is the sole reason these threads stay alive

>> No.53030588

Is how most sane people would describe chainlink features after 5 years of so called development.

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checked wishing you the best as well anon
>t early 2018 holder who also never sold a single link
>tfw also got burned by linkpool

>> No.53030651

agreed. "Chainshit" is the funniest thing I've read on here in the last months. The fudders alone carry chainlink discussion on this board now that the intelligent early adopters have sold and moved on. Chainshit is a meme project. Nothing more.

>> No.53030656

I fud GME because it's holders are obnoxious faggots who shit up the board, not because I'm paid to. Their delusional bagholding is really easy to goade because they think everyone who is against them is a "hedgie". I hold link but I can believe there's a lot of link fudders who are tired of link threads on /biz/, it's not just Bulgarians.

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i need link to quadruple in price by the end of january or i'll have to go back to wage slaving after 3 years of ultimate neetdom

>> No.53030700

Craig Wright was right about Chainlink.

>> No.53030779

So, I have almost 60k Link staked across 9 wallets. These tokens will never be sold, either by me or my descendants. I just want to make that completely clear to you and ask you:
"How does that make you feel?"

>> No.53030805

>I've DRS'd 3 of my GME shares, how does that make you FEEL, hedgie?
The chainlink delusion cult is almost indistinguishable from the GME cult. I shall ask the jannies to rid you both from the board. And in answer to your question, I couldn't care less

>> No.53030855

allow me to offer a question instead
I begun unloading my 35k stack ~$25, and since December the 6th I'm entirely out of LINK
how does that make you feel anon?

>> No.53030978

so is chainlink valuable? does anyone know? would appreciate some insight on this matter, best regards

>> No.53030990

Anyone have the Sergey D. Nazarov meme?

>> No.53030997

It's as valuable as shit. If you think shit is valuable then yes, chainshit is also valuable.

>> No.53030999

>hurr durr i boughted at $0.00001 and solded at $99999.999
Faggots like you always claim to have sold or shorted high but never provided a single screenshot.

>> No.53031018

But you totally believe the other guy who has 60k link staked across 9 wallets. No evidence required from him.

>> No.53031023

hmm but what exactly do you think it is that you're "checking" anon?

>> No.53031092

apparently it makes you seethe uncontrollably with anger, thanks good to know

>> No.53031186

>couldn't care less
That's clearly false, since you devote so much time to this project. You think about it a LOT.
>how does it make you feel that I sold my Link
Firstly, I don't really believe anything you say, but if I were to take you at face value I'd ask: why are you still obsessed with Link, then? Why not move on? Also, I wouldn't envy you one bit. I could have sold at over $50, but I didn't, and I won't be the next time, either. Never selling really isn't a meme. I'm an investor, not a gambler. How's that big bag of fiat doing? You paid your taxes yet? How does it feel to have missed OG staking and all those Build rewards?
You and I both know I'm the winner here. Enjoy watching your fiat turn to dust in your bank account while I hold onto something far more valuable.

>> No.53031241

What makes the price of BTC or ETH go up? Or fucking QNT, UNI, ADA, XRP, ...

>> No.53031248

Says the seething fudder with 8 posts in this thread. Your first comment in this thread was 4 hours ago.

>> No.53031249

I convoluted op post with with the one I replied to
>t. Bonafide retard

>> No.53031257

Checked, they can’t afford a single Link kek.

>> No.53031286

> What you say makes sense. They must be paying people to do this, but quite a few of them are rubbish at it. I think when they get angry it might mean that they're about to lose their job, as the deleted thread would support.
This explains why their posts are full of anger and rage

>> No.53031314

I personally don't care if you sell your tokens or not.
I'm still going to laugh at you all the way to 0 for spamming the board and thinking you are better than everyone else

>> No.53031334

Those Build rewards are complete and utter shit btw, they will be worth close to nothing seconds after they're aidropped.

>> No.53031353

Linkies really hurt you, didn't they?

>> No.53031355

It was behind a wall where you had to be a whitelisted industry insider to see it. Check the catalog or the archive, some well placed anon was nice enough to share it

>> No.53031367

I think I finally understand. They understand we won’t sell. So their putting us through a humiliation ritual. The elite tend to do things like this.

>> No.53031535

>thinking you are better than everyone else
I certainly don't consider myself better than everyone else. I reserve that honour for you and your brainless little friends who, for reasons known only to you, try to spoil the fun for the rest of us. Did you have a shit childhood or something?

>> No.53031553

>try to spoil the fun for the rest of us
What fun are you deranged chainshitters having, exactly? The fun of watching your wealth evaporate?

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>> No.53031656

The Link fud was just as bad when Link was stomping the entire market.

>> No.53031696

Thanks anon haven’t seen this yet.

>> No.53031722

are they actually still dumping?!

>> No.53031726

When was this posted? He said we would get rich in 3 years.

>> No.53031736

Wait, are they actually still dumping?!?!

>> No.53031807

yes they will be dumping 50m tokens in 2023

>> No.53031835

How could anyone not laugh at that?

>> No.53031861

sCheisseLink kek, who is seriously still holding this garbage?????

>> No.53031885

Nigger, anyone with a corporate email address could have gotten that, it's not something that only Elite "Insiders" can do.

>> No.53032038

Im not saying swift crap is “made up” per se, Im saying Im extremely doubtful anything happens soon. I cant speak to their intention as I dont know any or them. I dont think this is a fraud if thats what youre asking, or else I wouldnt own any. But I am very tempered on price action expectations in the next few years

>> No.53032071

Haha I know right. What word was I supposed to use. The paranoia in crypto cults is pretty funny

>> No.53032162

This is all just vague hopium for low IQ's. Absolutely nothing of substance in this wall of text.

>> No.53032430

They cropped out the date on purpose Lmaoooo. This is from 2018 or 2019

>> No.53032441

Digital Dollar Pilot ends Q1 2023. We will see CCIP news. Will we see significant price action? It doesn't really matter to me now after five fucking years. I can wait a few more.

>> No.53032501

These institutions move really slow. Just because a pilot will be done soon doesn't mean they're ready to move to production yet. There will probably be another 10 years of POCs and pilots before they start transitioning their infrastucture.

>> No.53032738

Institutions are not waiting ten years to prep their systems and offer investors exposure to the market. You should also take into account that swift pocs with Link started five years ago.

>> No.53032826

>You should also take into account that swift pocs with Link started five years ago.
And what do they have to show for it?

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File: 61 KB, 538x609, D4E69C7D-9BFF-4B44-BA2D-31E21E07ACD5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Post hand jeet kek

>> No.53033054

>Whats an NDA?

>> No.53033078

>I wonder if we'll ever find out the full story
i wonder more how biz found out about link so very very early at that time it was jsut another whitepaper ico in a sea of shit ico's
i always said and still stand by it that a real link insider leaked it to us and did the first spoonfeeding in order to either get eth whale money in or to get some level of decentralisation
but i refuse to believe the initial link hype was organic

>> No.53033109

>And what do they have to show for it?
What kind of answer are you looking for? Why should that information about pilot projects be available to you?

>> No.53033141

Surely investors are entitled to know about it?
I don't know

>> No.53033222

You don’t know what an NDA is? Okay buddy you need to go back to business 101 before coming to this board.

>> No.53033301

Here >>53005787
You must have missed this my friend, let me help.

>> No.53033360

funny how its only link getting this treatment
take for instance rubic another coin with good memes that was shilled here beginning of 2021, it did a 100x and now has about round tripped the way back down
dont see much fudding or seething over that, now its only link that gets this treatment

>inb4 that means link is about to go to zero too
well then explain how link still has the entire oracle place monopolized, its not a dead vaporware scam

>> No.53033454

checked, but I'm here for finance, not business.

>> No.53033481

>well then explain how link still has the entire oracle place monopolized, its not a dead vaporware scam
you heard of these projects, buddy. There's more to oracles than chainlink.

>> No.53033608

and which percentage of the space do they collectively represent again, i'll wait
oh you also forgot the binance oracle they claimed not too long ago, that was good fud too

>> No.53033623

Looks like I may sell off my LINK hodling on dual-purposed sylo wallet cause if that 50m tokens and dumps are still setting in then how fast will it pick up its ass. The remaining ones in staking should do the multiples trick if the bull run hits it.

>> No.53033647

> i refuse to believe the initial link hype was organic
In 2017 but I got involved with a bunch of guys who decided to compile a table of upcoming ICOs, rating each for various attributes, (after looking at the whitepapers and doing some cursory googling) and then aggregate the results so we could decide which ones were best.
I confess I didn't contribute much to the research, though I did pick a handful of the top rated ones and chucked $500 at each. Chainlink was one of the highest rated ones. The point of telling you this is to illustrate that Chainlink wasn't 'just another whitepaper ico in a sea of shit ico's' but in fact stood out from the shit ones, alongside a handful of others. I don't know where you were all of 5 years ago. Perhaps still in junior school? Some of us were already adults and into crypto.

>> No.53033687

I should also add that I wasn't aware of /biz around that time. It wasn't until much later that I found this cursed hellhole

>> No.53033771

do you fail reading comprehension and as such project away insults to call others 'in junior school'
i was very specifically talking about this place and yes in the moment link came out this place was in a frenzy of shitcoin mania
you also vastly overestimate the average level of thread back then
but do go ahead and tell us all about your secret unnamed treehouse, you must be so cool to be allowed in

in anyways your research didnt matter at that point because it was all speculative every day a new white paper claiming fantastical things happened, nobody here knew the chainlink team or the reality of their connections especially with the giant flood of data at the time
so the only way a research outfit could have generated reliable info on the project was if they had insider knowledge about it very much unavailable to us

>> No.53033972
File: 680 KB, 3356x1134, 1669724694114035.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

JFL imagine thinking that chainlink has serious competition.

>> No.53034013

What has the NDA done for the price? Are you implying it’s a secret to the rest of the market? If not, then the market has deemed it worthless. I am not here for the tech

>> No.53034141

The junior-school comment was a result of your assertion that no-one could have spotted Link as a good project without some fairy dust sprinkling from on high. It simply isn't true. A lot of whitepapers were obvious junk. Also, it didn't take much effort to google search the names on the front of the paper and come to the conclusion that this wasn't dogshit.
I'm not claiming that researching them is foolproof. One of the ones which received a very high score was Enigma ENG, and that didn't go very far. Also, Icon ICX.
You make the mistake of thinking that your experience of something is the same as everyone elses. That's some ego/cope thing you have going on. Also, my 'unnamed treehouse' was just that. It was a handful of people sharing an excel document online. I suppose you might call it 'organic' if you could handle such a concept without having a nervous breakdown.

>> No.53034200

>Surely investors are entitled to know about it?
You're not an investor.

>> No.53034209
File: 1.71 MB, 1970x1970, 1645971589807.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the market has deemed it worthless
Well no, the market was simply never allowed to price anything in.

>> No.53034220

The team owe you nothing, chud

>> No.53034234

I sold 3%, enjoy the mini pump

>> No.53034268

Binance oracles are gonna drink links milkshake. Sergey is a procrastinating fat loser slob while CZ is a ruthless chad business man

>> No.53034443

yes keep throwing the personal insults, i mean that works really well on this place i mean nobody hear is hardened after years of posting on an anon board but hey if it pays for the rice bowl

the first post i made was specifically about the hivemind on biz in 2017 and yes my albeit imperfect recollection of that time is good enough
now i didnt say it was impossible to recognize link back then, i said it was highly unlikely for biz to reach such a critical mass so early and so fast
we arent talking about a bunch of og btc whales ex finance galaxy brains talking amongst each other
we are talking about early biz in 2017 which was very much baby first investment vehicle
and i stand by my statement that no anon retard from biz had the ability to verify that the link whitepaper was more than just words and the team was somehow legit in the exact circumstances of that time frame, i mean counter example rip.ple was just the same at the same time

also let me give you some future advise on the credibility part of your posts
if you try to build up og finance mastermind i speak from authority dont slip up on such minor details like
>chucked $500 at each
at that time even for the retards on biz throwing much higher amounts at total dogshit was common
not to mention calling others teenagers as opposed to your elevated adulthood and then talking about teenwage amounts of money is rather suspect
or wait maybe could it be, no it cant be that simple
you might just be the poorest of the poor jeet slave labor who mistakenly took his own concept of the value of labor and painted it on the world
for a brief moment their forgetting that what amounts to a yearly salary for you is less than a months wage for teenage make belief jobs in the west
yes i bet its that

>> No.53034444

Did I get poisoned tonight?

>> No.53034449

How did he get in here?

>> No.53034952

This right here is the reason i believe it's CZ who is behind the paid FUD and the BTC dumps every since it first listed LINK

>> No.53035496

>you only threw $500 each at a bunch of totally speculative things! You're poor and I win!
Grow up, kid. Try to learn something from adults. You'll get there.

>> No.53035593

this entire discussion was about the average behavior of biz in late 2017
you just demonstrated a complete lack of said conditions and doubled down on your ignorance
yes you are the jeet in this conversation, but no today you didnt earn your bowl of rice better shape up or its back to the designated street for you

>> No.53035941

2023 is going to be the year linkies make it. The third parties like Bancor and Celcius were minnows that needed to be culled. We will see more big players go down, capitulation and regulation put in place and then link will emerge from the wreckage. Swift cannot go live with link until the wild west phase is over.

>> No.53036276
File: 13 KB, 251x211, itsogre.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

its funny and sad. an amalgamation of the memes, hopium, fud, etc has turned us into another derivative of xrp schizos. i just want this bear season to end. i really hope we make it bros. its funny how we dont know if we've made $0.19, or $19,000 since we started staking. it will be interesting to see in the end either way.

>> No.53036572

It was about you not believing that anyone outside of your precious /biz could have possibly bought Link in the ICO. You conjured up this stupid story about a mystery 'chainlink insider' leaking information onto an unsuspecting forum, who were the only people in the entire world who would then be in a position to invest. I showed your theory to be completely false as i had first hand experience of a different story. You turned into a giant crybaby and couldn't handle it. That's on you.
Reminds me of these people who took loads of covid jabs and are now having insane cognitive dissonance as they don't want to admit they were wrong but it's staring them in the face.
Did you have a covid jab, too?

>> No.53036748

Fuck off jeet. There's concrete evidence of chainlink labs shills posting here to influence the narrative. Without /biz/, chainlink wouldn't have the reputation it has. It's the 4chan meme coin, heavily marketed as such and is nothing more given its disappointing performance for the last two years. Why you're being disingenuous, I have no idea but it's obvious that you're being paid for some unknown reason.

>> No.53036753

only the most obvious shill would drag that into it, thanks for confirming
anyway both your reading comprehension and market take sucks major ass
go read my first post again and see if you can sort it out

>> No.53036864

Holy shit this seething paid fudder is still here fudding after 8 hours.
>concrete evidence

>> No.53036919
File: 142 KB, 850x1202, 98798495.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Ok so outside of le “conspiracy”, what is CL going to do in 2023 that makes the price go up?
Nothing. The people who are pretending any coin will pump next year is delusional. Its a bear market. Nothing will pump no matter what news.

>> No.53037095
File: 21 KB, 300x300, 7645.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>There's concrete evidence of chainlink labs shills posting here to influence the narrative.
Bro youre still here? Go home dude. Shifts over.

>> No.53037954

>only the most obvious shill
Damn you got me. It's Rory here. DM me on the bird app for a free goody pack.

>> No.53038529

unlike chainlink labs shills I can post here 24/7. I don't sleep, I'm a servant of the great Fudlord himself, I carry out his bidding to eradicate and destroy chainlink.

>> No.53038552
File: 758 KB, 1876x1018, chadstats.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how is eradicating and destroying Chainlink going so far?

>> No.53038672

Now have a look at the price

>> No.53038702

How does this make the price go up?

>> No.53038716

Its the bulgarian illuminati, they are suppressing the price

>> No.53038933

What do you think link should be worth then? Are you saying its undervalued for the size of the network and services it provides?

>> No.53038980

It is fairly valued. If it gained enterprise adoption by SWIFT and the 11,000 banks in its network, it would hit $100 or so.

>> No.53038985

That just looks like a lot of money being spent and not getting much in return. I'm sure Chainlink Labs are very appreciative of your donation though.

>> No.53039108
File: 64 KB, 1280x720, 16547478376743.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.53039471

Some say a trick, some say a look
It's just a way of thinking after all
From underneath something concrete
It's just a way of coping with it all
Some with revolt, some will obey
Who attains perfection and who's to say
A criminal, a cardinal
Both frightened of angels
It doesn't mean much now
It's built for the future
For some a walk, to some a dance
It's just a form of motion one and all
Without dispute the least aware
Will no doubt see the ragings of a fool
First we look then we spy
The man who has a vision wants it all
A sin so clean rule supreme
The power to undermine
It doesn't mean much now
It's built for the future
First a glance, then a chance
To make a simple gesture worth it all
A conquer all, a desert stall
That serves a drink to people under sun
At last the place, now where's the time
To take in all the other points of view
Some are inert but one exists
To build a bridge
It doesn't mean much now
It's built for the future

>> No.53039494

Are you eradicating and destroying the project, or just the price?

>> No.53040491
File: 24 KB, 720x404, Lil Link.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.53040528

err the token price is literally the crypto economic security of the decentralized oracle network bruh

for brainlets
high price strong cryptography like BTC
low price weak network easy to crack like ETH. Remember when Vitalik had to fork ETH because of low token price?

>> No.53040552

Wait, so, the token is not only needed, but absolutely critical?

>> No.53040570

yea bruh but at this low price the network is like sussin n hack probs imminent. sergey will fork like vitalik did and we will all get chainlink classic as build airdrops.

>> No.53040595

The fact this comment got buried with no replies is proof CZ is behind the suppression and FUD of LINK. Every BTC dump was timed to perfection as was the FTX crash on Staking, as well as him shilling his own Proof of Reserve and his disastrous CNBC interview.

>> No.53040610

>> rubbish at it

>> No.53040698

take your meds schizo. Link sub 5 dollar soon.

>> No.53040797
File: 516 KB, 850x604, 1672004139024402.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this unironically the bottom?

>> No.53040920

June 4th 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre
1989 nián 6 yuè 4 rì tiān ān mén guǎng chǎng dà tú shā

>> No.53040953

its a wyckoff phase c spring making all the retards and weak hands to sell the bottom.

>> No.53040973

Kek cz was the original villain before simeon took the crown.

>> No.53040979

i've been hearing this for so long when the fuck does mr wyckoff think we're going to start going up

>> No.53040981

Fucking kek.

>> No.53040984

Always has been

>> No.53041006

I remember the flash crash to .001. Cz has always been the final boss for chainlink. He also recently created that shitty Binance oracle. Once he’s taken behind the barn, the suppression stops

>> No.53041017

Didn’t they get caught trying to copy paste chainlinks code? Fucking kek his binance oracle is going to be a shitty Made in China version. If any oracle says anything bad about the CCP it will be slashed in real life.

>> No.53041048
File: 27 KB, 600x309, sam-bankman-fried-binance-cz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>pic related

>> No.53041068

lol limp wristed faggots like sergey are not gonna take out cz and cz is insolvent so he will never ever use por not in a million years

>> No.53041114
File: 573 KB, 1079x1078, Ffu7fdijdcucd8ud6wui9e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Blocks your path

>> No.53041117

January 31st 2023 Chainlink Dumps to Zero
2023 Nián 1 yuè 31 rì Liàn liànjiē zhuǎn chǔ dào líng měiyuán
nigger, link is going sub zero. kekity kek.

>> No.53041120

May 9th 2018

>> No.53041130


>> No.53041145
File: 385 KB, 1500x2000, TonightsGirlfriend.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

LMAO robin hood who burns bridges only to give back every last token is not going to break CZ posts like this are what drive me to drive.
what you need are true rapists like the MEV mafia. Get them on your side and they can take down CZ no sweat pal

>> No.53041159

Hi sir gay. let's have gay sex at my Dubai headquarters after you giga dump on your link holders again.

>> No.53041171

Taiwan is a separate country from China.

>> No.53041195 [DELETED] 

Crimea belongs to Ukraine

>> No.53041688

Taiwan > China

>> No.53041719

Qing > Taiwan

>> No.53041814

Han > Qing

>> No.53041824

It’s just bizarre to read these cope posts

>> No.53041852

Romans > everyone else
anon, cope posting is all they have left, try being a bit more empathetic

>> No.53041950

Oonga Boonga Cavemen Niggers > Romans

>> No.53042060

Oh look it's the same 6 dog eating chink faggots sliding every thread.
1 RMB has been deposited into your wallets.

>> No.53042165

1 RMB is going to be worth more than 10k link, baggie Buy MATIC instead. all the good projects have migrated there.

>> No.53042167

You're retarded or disingenuous if you think chainlink (native 4chan users dont call them chainlink labs) shill here. This site has been a blight on the teams reputation since ico.

>> No.53042176

>This site has been a blight on the teams reputation since ico
The team owe you niggers nothing

>> No.53042312

Wasn't talking to you

>> No.53042473
File: 57 KB, 370x534, newPartnership.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.53042494

you sound really angry. just sell and move on dude the team does not need you and your seeth

>> No.53042867

>He also recently created that shitty Binance oracle
brainlet that got to the link marine high ranks by just following memes here.
is binance oracle going to be a direct competitor of chainlink? is it possible for it to be better than chainlink and perhaps replace it?

>> No.53043051
File: 43 KB, 1191x538, live long enough 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

just 4 more months...
Then we will be free.

>> No.53043071

-10 Social Credit score for atrocious grammar Zhou.
Sentences start with capital letters.

>> No.53043095

as i said i am a brainlet and esl pls understand

>> No.53043924

Could you detail your thoughts on why this is the case?

According to wave analysis autism this spring will create a new lower low before pumping, but I don't understand the logic behind the current market situation.

Crypto was supposed to be a safe heaven from money debasement and people now flee it for manipulated boomer rocks instead...

"Traders" are calling for a new bottom on BTC at 12k because of the failed breakout caused by the scamming central banks with a perfect timing once again but everything reaks of manipulation...

>> No.53044375

Apple investors weren't entitled to know about the iPhone before its release
and further as >>53034200 says, Sergey has made it very clear repeatidly that you are not an investor. Chainlink is a blockchain utility, not a financial product.

personally im grateful for the time to accumulate. I finally got a high paying job after 25 years of schooling and I can accumulate at these low prices.

>> No.53044417

thanks for this, did not realize celer was using chainlink so early on
now it makes sense why projects I like and trust use them so much

>> No.53044436

it is not fairly valued
as a market maker quant anon who sees that exchanges still surpress the price of LINK through spoofing their order book .
chainlink is as fairly valued as silver
take that as you will

>> No.53044465

thank you based clg for anxiously triple posting a dead thread and correcting the record

>> No.53044475

my experience purchasing LINK on binance placing order which should wipe out the two lowest ask levels on the LINK order book for them to instantly disappear and magically my new bid is on the top of the bids matches with this statement.
Personally I do not think that CZ operates on a fractional reserve type ponzi that SBF ran FTX, this doesn't mean that CZ can't (and doesn't) spoof his book in unethical ways which would be totally illegeal for exchanges that run books on regulated securities to do.
This sort of manipulation is what really got me into link. I spent the last few years of my life studying orderbooks for the purpose of quantitative trading but I realized I'll make more money working a chill job and just DCAing into LINK

>> No.53044513
File: 502 KB, 3828x680, reviewjan7-14.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

checked and the current larp i think relates to chainlink because we all know who leads bull runs.

>> No.53044520

>I finally got a high paying job after 25 years of schooling
Congratulations for your employment into chainlink labs. I hope selling your soul was worth it.

>> No.53044572

>Crypto was supposed to be a safe heaven from money debasement and people now flee it for manipulated boomer rocks instead...
hmm, this actually is making me think. The moon of gold (and more silver and platinum) is inevitable due to market equilbrium. They could use these to distract from chainlink having a slow walk up in price so that most could not afford it.
I own a ton of metals, but I also respect the Cabal's brains. I could totally see them doing a look here not there with metals, allowing them to finally run and saying hey reddit look here silver did a measly 3-4x to $100 near its actual fair price. Buy this, while chainlink slowly climbs to its ATH and no one cares except a portion of biz
meanwhile paid shills will gloat about their metals gains all day

>> No.53044618

hey man I was busy and some fags yelled at me a LINK thread or two ago for bulk replies
im new so i toed in line.

lol, I applied, they rejected me. Some boutique market making consulting firm took me in because of some new model framework I built to predict whether the price of an asset was relatively "low" or "high"
Since all of it is my existing work which I included in my pre-employment paper that says I will share the IP but I still own it. So i doubt they will fire me (so I am comfy shitposting here half the work day). if they fire me I plan on open sourcing it once my trading bots are in place for next bull run

>> No.53044864

You realize this is the ultimate fud?
Linkpool is the perfect example of why not owning the company stock is a horrible idea for investors.
Sergey can pull off the same scam as Linkpool and rug pull all LINK token owners and they can do nothing against it because he never sold it as a financial product or an investment.

It should be easy to counter spoofing with crypto by buying back all the supply at a low price and bankrupting the one doing it.
That was the only purpose of Bitcoin to prevent market manipulation and infinite printing.
Unfortunately they managed to fuck it up with FTX's paper crypto doing the exact same thing as silver and gold manipulation with paper.
They died because it was not meant to work at such a large scale with tokens but could have survived longer if Sam was not a fucking jew who stole it all.
They still managed to deal a great hit to the crypto space with their scam leading us to the current situation.

It's an interesting situation we are in. Possibly designed to create doubt in early investors to make them sell.
However I can't think of anything that would make me bullish on the Chainlink token price itself from network effects other than speculation.
To make the token price increase the network needs to do a x10.
Staking is a special extended service for high value contracts with an unknown future product and market.

Retail already exited crypto and will only come back if it pumps to the previous ATH.
What we will see in metals is what we should have seen in crypto.
They can still manipulate BTC and probably don't need to add metals to distract.
The question here is what their goal is.
Kill all crypto while the BIS is allowing banks to hold 2% of crypto?
Then why did the CIA attack crypto all this year through FTX?
Why do they attack Chainlink too despite this causing Sergey issues for his financing?
When will this end? What will make it end?

>> No.53045033

>It should be easy to counter spoofing with crypto by buying back all the supply at a low price and bankrupting the one doing it.
this tells me you dont understand order book dynamics that well. I don't mean that as a dig, if there is one part of finance I am an expert in it is orderbooks (and then the math behind financial loan default cascades, no more on that as I could dox myself)
with that said, the spoofing exchanges do on LINK will be nothing but profitable for them along with helping them keep the price down (if they wish) they could also be profitable pumping the price. Really profit for a good spoofing operation is agnostic to price direction....
What I am saying is that the lowest ask, or sell price on the book is almost always the exchange's order through their own market making algorithm, when you go to execute the order that ask will be removed forcing you to buy higher. The oppisite will be done on the selling end. The way the help manipulate price direction is preforming this action less for selling than for buying. As in they will remove fewer buy orders allowing them to buy back.

>Unfortunately they managed to fuck it up with FTX's paper crypto doing the exact same thing as silver and gold manipulation with paper.
no, FTX just was straight up fraud. The latency order execution was a minimum of 150ms where as binance is 15ms, literally 10x faster.
im guessing but I think FTX was designed to literally be a theft and public loss of trust to keep people out of the market. FTX had the most toxic orderbooks which makes spoofing easier. They were either grosly bad at their job or supposed to fail (hence the wire account for FTX having SBF as a direct beneficiary listed instead of the corp)

> They can still manipulate BTC and probably don't need to add metals to distract.
they will need a distraction
> Why do they attack Chainlink too despite this causing Sergey issues for his financing?
not sure, to get friends in cheap?

>> No.53045122

>However I can't think of anything that would make me bullish on the Chainlink token price itself from network effects other than speculation.
Speculation is literally the only reason BTC, ETH, ... mooned.

>> No.53045289

I didn't look into it like you, but saw the orders moving away from my own orders which I attributed to bots and manipulation and have the basic understanding of the market manipulation used for stocks by creating infinite supply and stealing the stocks from real owners through lending of the stock broker.
Spoofing allows the manipulation of the price, but there should be a way to counter this if crypto is meant to be the future of finance.

The advantage of a token is the ability to use self custody and quickly remove the token from an exchange and to quickly expose someone selling more of a token than he owns.
The problem then comes from CeFi and their "lending" virtually increasing the supply to help price manipulation.

If we want to make this stop there are only 2 solutions that can work.
One would be to buy back enough of the supply to withdraw it at low prices to cause a bankruptcy for the borrower once he can't buy it back or exposing a fraud like with FTX.
The second would be to create a form of self destructing token through a form of social or moral valuation of a token.

If CeFi lenders damage the token economics then the token should self destruct once it enters their custody or be hit with a negative status effect reducing its value through a form of network debt.
After some time the same effect should apply to exchanges too not operating in a completely transparent DeFi manner.

The problem with this market manipulation is that if nothing is done to prevent and make it difficult then crypto will not solve the real problem of central bank printing and manipulation.
It they can do this to Chainlink, then they can do the same to every tokenized stock and crypto won't be the safe heaven people hoped to get.

Will this be the next generation of token or chains to be created?
Chainlink could help solve it by forcing absolute transparency on CeFi...

>> No.53045334

>Chainlink could help solve it by forcing absolute transparency on CeFi...
How the absolute fuck would they do that?

>> No.53045354

There is network growth for Bitcoin and probably for ETH too through the existing L2s.
People use these token which caused a higher attach rate for speculation.
Only developers used Chainlink...

BTC and ETH also have their own cartels from before crypto gained mainstream attention and the attention of the central bankers.
Sergey failed to do the same thing and got the attention of very powerful people too early in his project.

For Chainlink to moon in current conditions it needs very powerful token economics to cause bankruptcy for market manipulators or for the manipulation to reverse starting with buying pressure from new speculators.

>> No.53045373

>There is network growth for Bitcoin
And how does this systemically result in a higher BTC price?

>> No.53045425

Very easily if a token changes to implement this debt mechanism.
Imagine the token supply owned by an exchange decreasing by 0.5% every day if there is not an implemented absolute transparency showing the ownership of the token and preventing manipulation.

The ECB did it with the euro then the same could be done with tokens.
In order to survive an exchange would have to stop trading this token or adapt.
With enough adoption exchanges avoiding it would slowly die.

>> No.53045449
File: 58 KB, 500x750, A8123F8F-D853-459E-8CAB-17F7F33916D4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Sergey failed to do the same thing and got the attention of very powerful people too early in his project

>> No.53045457

That's why I am saying crypto is fucked if this doesn't change.
They are using every possible cheat like derivatives, paper bitcoin and CeFi lending to suppress the price.

If BTC can't evade this manipulation Chainlink has no chance of succeeding to counter this manipulation.

>> No.53045469

youre right about most of what you say. The way around this is DEXs for spot instead of an CEX's order book.
the thing slowing down actual price realization, is if the CEXs have more pricing power than the DEXs (which they currently do but the gap is closing). then they can use their power to price down, arb on the DEXs to get more supply, as I will admit price controling has a cost of liquidity, spoofing alone with no intent to manipulate price is pure profit because you do it in both directions as much as possible (maybe there are implications of the microstructure that stochastic calculus would say I am wrong here, but Im not good at that stuff).
regardless the macro structure of the markets show that these CEXs like binance have alot of pricing power and can likely keep up their sharade longer than you and I may expect.
But sure if big money comes in and buys like crazy everywhere and holds in their wallets. Then yes the price will go up, that is inevitable.

>> No.53045617

>debt mechanism
You can't make tokens delete themselves if people don't do what you want.

The funny part is most of the anti-Link manipulation happens through dumping Bitcoin.

>> No.53045725

You can if it's written in the white paper.
You can even redistribute to good players the part you take away from them.
If this is what people desire once they learn of how everything is manipulated this could be created.

Blockchains are a social consensus based on technology.

It's really pathetic when you think about it.
They are so powerful they use the coin with the biggest market cap to do this.
It's like using repeatedly nuclear bombs to kill flies in the same spot.

>> No.53045770

Is there a way to measure the pricing power the CEXs have against DEXs and get a feeling for when their manipulation would become more difficult and costly?

I expected big money to come buy up all the Chainlink liquidity by now.
I am not sure what to expect for next year.

>> No.53045784

>You can if it's written in the white paper.
The point of crypto is to be decentralized. Adding a feature where the founder can instakill tokens if you fail to comply with his wishes is completely and utterly opposed to this idea.

>It's really pathetic when you think about it.
>They are so powerful they use the coin with the biggest market cap to do this.
>It's like using repeatedly nuclear bombs to kill flies in the same spot.
It's pretty fucking amazing, it never makes sense but it keeps happening.

>> No.53045797

pricing power can mostly be measured by volume and spread.
however knowing which is most difficult, not really. You would need too much inside info from the CEX along with if there is any collusion between CEXs
> I expected big money to come buy up all the Chainlink liquidity by now.
same, just shows markets are retarded. Most successful people in finance are stupid

>> No.53046019

Sandro Salami, where's my moniiii?

>> No.53046235

There are some new development with a form of moral token associated with each wallet to reflect its nature and usage.
There should be a way to implement this using a known mechanism.
For example if wallets have too much liquidity and movements or are too big implement a negative mechanism.
Another solution which was done by ATOM was to generate high returns through inflation and forcing people to stake for longer periods of time.
This would have the effect of reducing the supply and would be a virtually negative interest rate taken from people who don't stake.

One day we will have soul bound tokens and multiple ways to measure the moral level of a token owner.
If there is a will for one stock company to make it impossible to manipulate their token prices they could move their token to a chain where they have more control over these issues.
If it forces a KYC on users through DECO then it can control the ownership of the token and would instantly see if it is sent to an unapproved CeFi exchange and only allow DeFi exchanges where the token price cannot be manipulated.
This could be part of the tokenized ownership contract accepted by investors in order to protect them from market manipulators.

If GME speculators could hold their token on such a network most would be happy to do it if it meant the bankruptcy of the hedge funds printing fake stocks.
If one day people realize the extend of the manipulation on the stock market they may all decide to move their token on such a network.

>> No.53046388

And Binance is known for creating fake volume...

What will it take to make the market less retarded?
Chainlink has DECO and CCIP planned for next year.
DECO could generate massive adoption for the global DeFi space but may not generate a lot of profits for the Chainlink network.
But maybe that would be enough for speculation.

CCIP may get released in its v0.1 state next year kek

However without staking v1.0 there is no big growth for the network possible as it is limited by the KYC requirement for current node operators.
And it seems they don't expect to run into this problem for some time after firing their institutional marketing department.

I also don't understand what the FED is doing with their interest rate manipulation.
The reason they had low interest rates is because the government can only survive bankruptcy through negative interest rates.
This joke will have to stop soon or something a lot bigger will go down and there will be no way to save the system once the next crash starts.

>> No.53046465

It would be "nice" if Sergey could take tokens away from shitty holders, but that's simply not how decentralization works lol

>> No.53046767

> negative interest rates
uncle sam:
sorry china, actually our payments to you are not only decreasing in real value through inflation losses, but also in nominal value now.
get double fucked

>> No.53046840
File: 194 KB, 1154x1200, 458C10D1-81EC-4186-AC35-B9472259E1DC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>decide to trade worthless shitcoin but resolve not to get attached this time
>it pumps, "take profit" into chainlink
>shitcoin continues mooning with no end in sight
>chainlink dumps
>question for the nth time how I got attached to this

>> No.53046860


>> No.53047508
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At this point the US market is giving me PTSD.
I wonder how long the FED can pretend to remove liquidity while even Japan is living this sinking ship now.
Interest rates are rising fast and if it doesn't move quickly we will get another mega dump before the year ends.

Do you remember the meaning of this reaction?
I wonder how Sergey is feeling right now...

>> No.53047587
File: 126 KB, 417x501, Punished Sergey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I still wonder what went wrong.
I see some feature creep and underestimating development effort, and also underestimating market manipulators.
It's funny that the situation feels a lot more bearish now that the results are known compared to when we only had breadcrumbs and max fud.
This is the human bias.
When it goes up he sky is the limit and when it goes down the support seems to be $0.

If the suppression does not stop soon Sergey will change into his punished form.

Don't awaken the kraken that lies deep in the sea!
Or it might take everything down with it...

>> No.53047685

You really don't know what 'cope' is, do you? I staked my entire stack 3 weeks ago, after waiting several years for the opportunity. I'm over the moon about it. How is that 'cope'? It's the exact opposite, you silly boys.

>> No.53047745
File: 106 KB, 1026x495, Sergey not planning to kill anybody.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The time has come to use "it"

>> No.53048907

i lost 90% of my networth because of chainlink. is that a good enough meme for this thread?

>> No.53049532


>> No.53049616

Don't worry bro, Sergay will announce that he's tokenized another 14 acre plot of farmland in Nigeria and the price will pump. Have faith brother.