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Why'd he do it?

Doesn't seem like he was ever going to get away with this.

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Maybe he thought that because crypto is unregulated then he wouldn't get audited if he didn't live in the US. He's not a lawyer. He might have also thought that if he put on his "kid in over his head" face on (like he's doing in the press photos) he would get a lighter sentence.

The whole thing banks on the idea that white collar crime isn't severe and so he wouldn't go to jail for a long time if he were caught. Pretty much I just think he was ignorant of the law. Like he probably knew he was doing something illegal. People like this just believe they exist in some bubble outside of the law.

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He was an agent to bring in regulation.

Who you think paid his 250million bail

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IDK but he looks like he's about to shit his pants

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Yes literally just an agent of big government. He did exactly what he was told.

He will get sentenced to 20 years. But really he will just jet out to a private CIA island where he will spend his remaining days fucking teenage Asian girls

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I'm not so certain the weasel hasn't screwed this up more than he did, all seems a bit nebulous. But obv. neither of these fucktards should have been anywhere near responsibility for sums of these magnitudes. But when you are, temptation to cut a few corners will arise, and shtf time comes quick. There but for the grace go we.

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he was a plant simple as given guarantees he would do like 1 picosecond in jail if he donated to politicians SEC chair gensler probably had anal sex with him

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we have a winrar

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His entire mission was to collect BTC for them. They paid for superbowl ads and celebrities to convince you to send him your bitcoin and you did. Now they have it. Mission accomplished

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Because only normies use CEXes over DEXes. They got what they fucking deserved.

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He paid his own bail in the form of 250 million worth of BTC. Our corrupt govt accepted stolen assets in exchange for letting this faggot go.

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>why’d (((he))) do it
Its their nature.

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This, best case no regulation passes and its all talk and use this event to spread fud by claiming an exchange got (((hacked))),

then uhh you know. 100k eoy 2 more weeks etc

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>Pretty much I just think he was ignorant of the law

Sure anon and all those meeting with Gensler were just small talk

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>he thinks the fed needs 250m
>couldn't benefit more from shaking the fuck out of crypto
Bluepilled as fuck. Didnt even cringe because you faggots are cattle that deserve getting rugged

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there was a 250mio tx on btc's blockchain the day he was released. You are bluepilled if you don't think being a whale lets you control prices

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he for sure knew, both his parent are lawyers and they advised him. he just thought that he could keep geting away it, but given that most of the money in crypto ((fake)) it can evaporate overnight.
also the drugs he took/takes amplify gambling tendencies

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Nice digits, and I would add that setting up slush funds and laundering money also played a big part. That was probably being coordinated by glowing employees whose names we will never know.

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They just can't help themselves.

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This played out too perfectly. It might all just be a coincidence but if ftt succeeded it would have been a massive blow on all of crypto, btc included. Sam would be calling all the shots. I hate to admit it but I am a btc maxifag and this year has been extremely interesting and entertaining. I've got nothing against cz but I would enjoy seeing binance get a stress test.

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He's a jew

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I'm ignorant of the law too, but this would seem to me to be something the SEC would fuck me in the ass for.

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His mommy

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jews are disgusting, inbred goblins
they would all scam their own mother for a shekel if she wasn't plotting to scam them first

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I thought he posted bond?

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As much as I love conspiracy theories, I think this case is a classic example of the Warren Buffett quote: "Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked".

This kid made a bunch of risky bets with other people's money, and as long as the market kept going up he looked like a genius. Market crashes and boom, all the money is gone. There is no way the he, having literally grown up at the Stanford law school, did not know what he was doing was illegal. His girlfriend has already turned on him, he has no hope winning a trial even with a $500m legal team. Good news is, with the First Step Act he will end up serving less then 10 years at a camp, afterwards getting to keep more money than most make in their lifetimes. Shalom.

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he was trying to impress the math weasel who wanted the big topshot oligarch who "controls governments". He was trying to appeal to her power fantasy. Poor little jewboy was in love with the weasely little wascal

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he was trying to impress the math weasel who wanted the big topshot oligarch who "controls governments". He was trying to appeal and live up to to her power fantasy. Poor little jewboy was in love with the weasely little wascal

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>Who you think paid his 250million bail
he paid zero
they posted the parents' house as 4M collateral and that's it
it was a complete sham

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Rumors say he created etheriumjackpot.eth and once a week there‘s a payout worth hundrets of millions.
This whole crypto millionaire thing is so fucked up, kids with loads of money from crypto or nft just doing what they want.

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this. Bitboy is a generally a carnie but he's dead on with this assessment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gG_w4Fv5lko

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Because he wanted to feel hot

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Because he can, and Crypto Chad will cuck you goys. Doesn't matter if you like it or not, it will happen.

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Yep, he did it for the tribe. He is a self-sacrificing Chad and he will be fake dead or bailed soon.

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>no a lawyer
His parents were law prof at stanford. No he was overconfident in his abilities to scam people without getting caught. A literal midwit

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How in the fuck do you get a physics degree from MIT and end up with literally zero knowledge of coding? This faggot obviously has zero intellectual curiosity.

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i think it's a put on. same as the "i only have 100k left" lie. if he's speaking, he's lying.

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He was high on amphetamines and other stimulants. You think you are god on those.

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physiognomy and phrenology are real

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>Why'd he do it?
>Doesn't seem like he was ever going to get away with this.

Gambled on some risky trades, lost the money. Didnt know what to do so tried to hide it.

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genetics.. they just can't help themselves. Lusts of their father..

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It would have all worked out fine if it wasn't for the weasel

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>Why did he do it?
You can't be this new.

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He wont spend a small single day in a us prison. What is happening is a shiw being put on to make the peons think there is a working justice system. Soon enough (already) this is completely out of the news cycles. There wont even be a trial, there will be an agreement, he will be under house arrest/time served inside 18 months and he will be running a new scam by 2025.
Screencap this.

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I'm a brainlet but this honestly sounds plausible for some reason. Can anyone explain why it isn't?

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There's a vast difference between teaching law and being a professional lawyer. Actually academics are full of peak dunning kruger, especially if we're talking about studies with strong real-world application like engineering, programming, laws, etc

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jews are terrible at long term planning and excellent at short term decision making, its how they keep getting expelled. they get successful in the short term but in the long term it always blows up in their face. look up some old stories about this, it's fascinating how they keep making the same mistake for thousands of years without learning anything.

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he was following orders

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I hope he squeals and rats out everybody, and then he's "taken out back" when it's all over.

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well it was a pretty sweet operation when it was going. they had infinite bid, they could manipulate any crypto price as much as they wanted.

if you ask me he just got too drugged out and didnt take it seriously enough. it should have been able to have been kept going for much longer and we are lucky it didnt.

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They turned into “durr he donated to both parties” and called it a day

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>your jewish privilege has been revoked
I hope you find Christ in prison Schlomo

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he didnt do it, hes innocent. that should be obvious to everyone by now. the real blame lies with the users of FTX who supposedly "lost their money", they are the real scam artists.

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> He's not a lawyer.

His parents are literally (in every sense of the word) legal professors at Standford...both of them....

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>jewish nepotism

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Here are some possible reasons

>He got to cocky, parents are lawyers, funding politicians, funding from BlackRock
>The drugs he was taking weren't allowing him to think straight (this is probably the reason for the point above)
>This is all planned and just a giant show to usher in regulations, which means he'll get off scot-free.
>Someone he didn't think would flip on him, ended up flipping on him, so hard that not even his parents, Blackrock or politicians can cover his ass

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Probably thinking he could get away with it like literally every big time crypto scammer. Where's Do Kwon? Bitfinex guy?

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Finally someone with a fucking brain

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He thought he could get away with it because:

1. He donated a fuckton to politics (may still work out for him in the end, let's not count our chickens before they hatch, he already got out on bail which will buy him years of his life back as his legal team fights tooth and nail to extend the trail)

2. He was on so much meth and amphetamines that his ego was off the charts and he thought he was 7D chessmaster

3. He gave Alameda godmode on his exchange - they had access to unlimited credit, access to all the trading info on FTX as well as the ability to frontrun those trades, had NO liquidation mechanic on FTX implimented, etc. So theoretically there was no way they could lose, a literal retarded monkey throwing darts would have been able to run it and profited.

His mistake was putting someone even more retarded than a braindead monkey, yet with an even larger ego than him due to rich parents keeping her in a bubble and too many Twilight novels growing up, in charge. Unlike a braindead retarded monkey who's just neutrally throwing darts without any clue of what the fuck they are doing, she tried larping as

> "I'm the smartest most prettiest most perfectest princess with a harem in the world and everyone will grovel before my feet and become my slave because I am the greatest"

So rather than just mindlessly making plays, she actively made plays on "superior intellect" which was literally picking out the worst possible plays intentionally with the assumption that they were right. Sam had to double, triple, quadruple down on fixing her mistakes.

I'm sure the plan was "we found a free infinite money hack, just play it safe" but Caroline the fuckslut retard wanted to prove she's the best in the world and blew it all up. She had him by the balls - his only move was to keep filling the holes she was making in hopes that it sorts itself out with time. He couldn't just fire her because she'd rat. And in the end, she did just that, and now she's free.

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>He was an agent to bring in regulation.

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>. I've got nothing against cz but I would enjoy seeing binance get a stress test.

They just did like 2 weeks ago. They had a bank run and fud circulation, CZ said he doesn't give a fuck and to bank run all they want because he's not a jew. Then nothing happened and everyone shut up.

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>Donate $1 to feeding children in Africa
>Donate $250m to a child traffic cartel
>"Oh see, how can you say he was playing sides, he clearly donated to both causes"

I hate these people.

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Look at how skinny this motherfucker become just from a few days of running around the escape justice. Was it worth it? I would say yes.

Soon to become ultra jacked in jail.

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no one mentioned the kind of crap his parents taught and wrote about yet? things like how criminals don't have a responsibility for the crimes they commit..
brain damaged from liberal upbringing, many such cases

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Typical jewish traits. This fiasco has probably helped teach more people about Jewish nepotism than anything in recent memory.

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He's just an actor. He never owned or controlled FTX.

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I have this theory that people like this think they're really good at lying because they can lie to their parents
A lot of parents, especially well off families, let their kid lie and get away with it
This creates an alternate reality for the kid where they can always get away with lying, until eventually they try it in the real world and get fucked
You can tell when he does interviews he lies in a way that probably works on upperclass parents

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Yeah, this goes hand and hand with the fact that during his Bahamas court hearing his dad was literally plugging his ears (literally literally, physically fingers in ears) and his mom was laughing every time the word "fugitive" came out the judge's mouth. His parents would never believe their sweet little angel would ever do anything wrong. He could probably shit in the sink right in front of them and say a dog broke into the house and did it, and they would believe him. "It's just that easy" he must have thought, his entire fucking life.

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Reminder that I had some disagreements against telenor over a mobile usb modem and data plan and it was all about a sum of around 300(three hundred) euros. State court for such matters ruled against me in absence and I wasn't even informed until the debt collectors from a different agency tried shaking me down for money.
Dont have a bank account since then.

In some similar cases people get killed by some retard albanian mobster over $500 or similar peanuts.
Always keep that in mind you would be hounded by glowniggers to the end of the world and back over some $100K debt or missed taxes or some shit.
>solemn promise

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>Shalom promise

How did they get away with writing this?

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There will be no trial. Caroline and Wang already plead guilty and gave the FBI everything. SBF will take a plea deal, they will likely make all the little fish whole with worthless fiat or USDT and then he gets a slap on the wrist and gets redeployed in another scamwick factory.

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It's the only explanation that makes sense. Most advanced math courses now require at least some coding acumen. If any autists want to catch sbf in another lie I'm sure his course syllabus w/requirements is out there.

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That's a solid theory - plus irl (especially as you age) few people will call you on your shit unless it's actively impeding something, so if you're just a nerd nobody gives a shit about you can go your whole life making huge mistakes and thinking no one notices. Probably also why he dressed like absolute shit.

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He's on house arrest in his parents house, like wth is that even, he wants to go vegan in prison like we playing here fr; he's about to be granted bail with $250M. Tf is all these shit, the fact that I placed my 200 bucks on FTT and seeing it as a good token like BNB rings a worm in my stomach, I could have just banked on low-caps say VRA and RIDE and a good flip on cyberpunknfts and a long-term hodl on Skyjack NFTs.

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I'm also aggravated by cattle but what can you do?

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I wonder if they lack a soul, I don't understand goyim.

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we have the same (lack of) beard

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Does it hurt being as retarded as you are?

>> No.53034409

he's telling you it hurts, you're just being mean for no reason.

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he did too much coke on wolf of wall street marathons.

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He got fucked by CZ. Unironically if CZ just STFU he could have quietly made everyone whole by slowly dumping FTT.

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Hes a kike, he cant help it, its in his nature. He sees a penny he grabs a penny, even if not grabbing said penny would have generated him a lot more money in the long run, and less time locked up.

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>A Jew won't get away with this, on a Jew controlled economic system.
Give it a few months and his sentence will be a "snap on the wrist" while everyone else will get scott-free

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>he was ignorant of the law.

No he wasn't. Both of his parents are lawyers. And His dad helped him set up FTX

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According to Caroline's testimony, Sam gambled with FTX customer's money from the very beginning. So it was not just desperate last-ditch attempt to plug a hole.

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In another interview, he said he doesn't read any book

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>Why'd he do it?
pic rel
the whole incident is a feature of a grossly corrupt system where theres laws for thee but not for me

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Dan pena, Andrew Tate and now SBF all glowies all say don't read books. I'm fucking reading 8 hours a day now just to spite them.

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The prosecutors are gonna have a hard time convicting SBF. Crypto isn’t real money, so he essentially isn’t guilty of stealing anything.