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How did Kim Dotcom become rich?

Was it really mostly from Mega?

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oh this image is ripe

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Gay porn

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When people say money doesn't buy happiness, show them this picture.

He only has this life because he has money to be able to provide for a hot girlfriend and kids.

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Oldfag here, I remember him from back in the day (2001 or so). He's always been involved in shady tech businesses, even before Mega. He was already a millionaire before then.

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touzands of keevees are living below the bhroadbund poverty line

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He’s a huge huge coke head ..
I know his “suppliers”
100% fact

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what is that thing to the right? A spotlight?

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A white, non Jewish, self made billionaire with a cute wife. Good for him. I remember when the feds tried take him down.

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he made it. good for him
any seething posters itt are crabs in a bucket

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Can't be from megaupload alone, that website was garbage.
You could only watch for like 45 minutes or you had to pay.
If you wanted to stream movies or tv shows there were better alternatives.

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I dunno. I always used rapidshare

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I thought his wife was asian

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Answer me, Goddammit. Telescope?

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she left after his house got raided

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How can I tell from looking at this pic just once without any background information that she married him for his money and their relationship is superficial?

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Wasn't mega his second big project?

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My apartment had these lamps that were made to look like movie studio lights. That just looks like a better version than the one I had

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Is that his daughter?

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damn i will never be loved by a beautiful woman

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If you can buy it, it can be stolen.

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i remember playing team fortress classic with this fat faggot on barrysworld when i was like 14. he had a T1 line (fast internet for you zoomers) and raged quit because he got owned. spent the weekend ddosing the servers.

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anon, I...

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Neither will he though

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He's kinda based, but also an insufferable fat faggot sometimes

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> no way someone could be a millionaire with the 13th most visited site on the internet at one point

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>leaving scissors lying around on the floor
Why do fatties enjoy living in absolute squalor? Leaving shit on the floor like that is literal neanderthal tier. Fucking disgusting.

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Going back he was a part of the warez scene in Germany and ratted out anyone else he could when he got caught so he wouldn't get butt-raped in jail for the next decade+.

His lawyer accounted for this story and later committed suicide.

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I catched one, nice trips.

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thought the kid would be black

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She is spending her time on earth with him, that's love. She had his child, that's love. You don't know shit.

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Wow spot on sherlock, Every single woman marries you for your money and assets you fucking moron.

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He was more faking it though in the beginning. Had some shady insider stock trading in Germany, that’s likely where most of his money came by, and multiplied it with mega.

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He's one of those rare cases where he should be cringe and hateable. But is actually extremely based.

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I was involved in 0day warez “business” back in the day, almost everyone used mega to share illegal stuff. They even had affiliate program if I remember correctly, you upload shit and get money from downloads. Mega was fucking huge. Tf you’re talking about kid?

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> go on twitter
>see kimdotcom in timeline
>its this photo and him wishing everyone a christmas
>couple of people in the comments oh that age difference is wierd bro
>telling 2 adults its not ok to consentually be together cuz some virgin poor on twitter disagrees with it.

this is exactly why when my investments finally hit peak I will go out of my way to have 18-21 yr old females around me at all times and everyone will know they are my fuck holes. im 35+ for bonus rage and muh power age dynamics and muh grooming muh pedo even tho she's a legal adult.

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with this prolly

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this. he was flaunting his wealth in german tabloids around the late 90's already, long before megaupload. dont remember though what he did and can't be arsed to look it up right now. it should all be in his wiki-article

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Sup old timer. TF was awesome

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Also wasn't mega a honeypot? At least that's what ppl said after the raid. But ig they say the same about 4ch

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>he had a T1 line
having a T1 back in the days before broadband was like being a god on the internet while all of us plebs slowly upgraded from 14.4k, 28.8k, then finally 56k.
Shit was slow but everything was way better.

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>Can't be from megaupload alone, that website was garbage.
>You could only watch for like 45 minutes or you had to pay.
/biz/ - Business & Finance

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exactly, i think i remember the day i got an external 56k and couldnt believe how much faster it was than the old internal 28k card. took 14 hours to download counter strike beta update

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>His lawyer accounted for this story and later committed suicide.
More on this?

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is that his daughter?!

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Thats his wife

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what the fuck, why?

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Intelligence asset. Literally a globohomo puppet larping as "freedom fighter"

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>Ate me food
>Ate competishun
>Ate me enemies
>Become successful
>Simple as

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He probably has a 2 foot long schlong.
Dude is 6'7"
She's probably 5'10"

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He's rich from patents you stupid fucking mongoloids, do 2 seconds of research

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It's a 'vintage' studio light on a tripod which is too shiny shiny to be authentic, probably a remake. An original will look way better, but they are too big and impractical. An original studio/stage light of this type would usually be designed for 1000-2000w lamps and you probably don't wanna be leaving those too near the curtains.

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All those one click file hosters catered to warez scene using affiliate programs and premium accounts, i imagine insane money was made

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Kim made his first stack of money buying stolen phone card account info from American hackers. After setting up premium chat lines in Hong Kong & the Caribbean, he called the lines using the stolen card numbers—ringing up €61,000 in ill-gained profits.
He really got rich off of insider trading the Dotcom bubble. In January 2001, a failed retail site Letsbuyit was close to bankruptcy. Kim bought 375k euros in shares and announce to the public he was gonna be buying an additional 50 million euros in the company. He told media he was “extremely confident” letsbuyit can be profitable, news hit the market, he sold his shares for € 1.5million. Rolled that money to buy a Mercedes Brabus EV12 Megacar.

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Kim started a website called trendax in 2003. Allegedly an “artificial intelligence” hedge fund. For a measly $50,000 the fund offered investors the promise of untold riches — an annual return of at least 25 percent on investment
The company registered as a business, but never with Hong Kong securities or the SEC. They weren’t legally allowed to accept investments or trade. This is around the same time Kim created Data Protect Limited, which later became Megaupload.
For Megaupload to be successful, Kim had to HIDE that he was involved with the company by registering it through another company called Vestor Limited. In 2007, Kim’s involvement to the site was revealed but his role as the founder wasn’t until 2011 ! Megaupload is Kim’s only successful project he’s created in 30+ years on the internet,

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He reminds me of someone

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You forgot to mention that he's very intelligent, articulate, with a strong moral compass. Perhaps you don't value these things, but you probably don't have the common sense his wife has.

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The interesting thing is that he actually eats just salad and restricts himself to 1500 calories a day but can't lose weight because of thyroid issues.

I like him and bought Bitcoin Cash on his advice.

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Nice fatty cope

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>Was it really mostly from Mega?

You would be surprised how much a big web site can print money. Though it may not be obvious how from the outside.

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Shes not beautiful is what hes trying to say ...
Smart guy

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Probably the 300lb weight difference

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He nutted in hee shaved pussy

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He is a fed informant. Taxpayers paid him millions to snitch.

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>You could only watch for like 45 minutes or you had to pay
Yes, and? People pay for shit they can get for free all the time. Most people are completely tech illiterate. Tons of retards literally pay for
>no ads on YouTube
>anime dubbing services

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>how can i tell he's rich?
probably from the spacious mansion's beautiful natural view that no wagie could ever afford

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does anyone else remember him as that mad lad from gumball 3000? shame he's a retard now

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idk he was ever Kims Lawyer, but picrel certainly confirmed, Kim worked for him as a 'test orderer' - basically, delivering up names who could then be (privately..) charged with software piratery. Internet was a bit more wild west back in the day, and trolls like GFvG started out as freelance pirate hunters, finding marks wishing to buy or swap copyright material, via BBS, classified ads - internet was too ass slow to transfer files - then sending them a bill.

This pirate-prosecution grew into an actual industry and the mania probably reached its peak with the BSA/MPAA mass-sending hundreds of thousands of 'legal damages claims' over P2P use. A large percentage of the unfortunate recipients were (naturally..) single mothers of 13 year olds someone had taught how to download rap songs or shitty Hollywood movie screeners off eDonkey. And the first they knew about it were legal letters demanding thousands in 'damages' or be dragged before court. Media started getting interested in this shitfest, lawyers acting for the MPAA received various threats, etc. The industry was made clear it had gone overboard and they decided letting Apple sell mp3s instead maybe a more winning approach.

But, back to the lawyer - GFvG was, as said, at the forefront of the above, a privately-operating bounty hunter whose gig consisted of thinking up new ways of being an asshole every day, then trying to get someone else to pay for it via making their lives a legal misery. Think Craig Wright. And if Kim did indeed work for this POS - which afaik was never denied - you can, at very least, accuse him of playing both sides.

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Is he happy. Everytime they are around a handsome dude, he sees how she responds and looks at the dude in a way he never looks at him and he knows it.

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damn the megaupload days, back when most people I knew still pirated everything