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Like I’m your gf’s busty stepmom

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Dapps Charles

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it's where we do science and peer reviews the right way

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Hahahahahahah no dapps on cardnao retards. mantle network better.

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The cringe is real

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It’s like top network, except it doesn’t work and it’s not good.

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>most decentralized L1 (even more so than Ethereum)
>more than 90% of the tokens are already in the community's hands
>team has less then 10% of the tokens themselves
>Cardano staking works flawlessly from your own wallet
>more than 3,000 community owned stakepools
>Hydra heads rolling out next year, effectively giving Cardano 1000tps per Hydra head
>Peer reviewed tech
>Charles is a charismatic savant
>Can't be labeled a security due to ICO raised and distributed in Japan and due to the decentralized nature of Cardano
>Cardano stablecoins being rolled out early next year
>Cardano will have collateralized stablecoins and regulated stablecoins
>Cardano community tools being rolled out to code smart contracts in languages other than Haskell
>Cardano rolling out privacy focused chain called Midnight
>Midnight will have it's own token called DUST
>DUST will be distributed to those staking their ADA as a reward
>Midnight will be compliant with regulations
>Partnered with SingularityNET bringing AI tech to Cardano
>VC's have investment in Cardano, therefore can't dump Cardano
>Cardano's utxo model is based on Bitcoin
>Cardano has a hardcap on tokens
>Slow and steady wins the race

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This is their CEO. Please do not repost this.

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cardano gongo down

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Its based now take your shirt off

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Gambling on hard mode with no dapps nor ecosystem to talk about whatsoever, not much speculation, slow development times...

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>Charles is a charismatic savant
you need to go the fuck back

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What? Looks way more normal compared to people like this con circus of a man

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>Slow and steady wins the race
>DUST will be distributed to those staking their ADA as a reward
>Charles is a charismatic savant
Made me roll my eyes. Good points, unironically, but please remove the reddit from your pasta for future viewers.

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>no utility and no ecosystem
Chudbros... We lied...

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looks normal
i have never ever used any of these in my fukcing life

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Collateralized with what?

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THE Ethereum slayer
THE number 1 staking coin
THE future of digital transactions
THE foundation of Web 3.0

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Basically, this is all you need to know

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it's peer reviewed

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To the moon!

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cool but what is it used for?