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Is there any actual proof that Vitalik Buterin is a pedophile or is that just slander from 4Chan?

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I mean just look at him

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It’s true, I was there, I was his Jewish CIA glow in the dark handler

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Vitalik made a trip to Israel and then came up with Ethereum

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After visiting ripple, he put on a furry outfit, THEN visited Israel.
Then started a shitty chain not worth using.
So glad globohomo is running with ETH while based Christian soldiers all use the XRPL.

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you disappoint me.

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The infamous possession of cp tweet by him was very suspicious. Dude could have used so many other better examples to make the same point, yet he chose THAT shit

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Not a good enough shitpost?

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What a fucking disgusting pedo

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holy shit this guy just exposed his real IP address

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Probably a hebe rather than a pedo, because he's a sane man who can think for himself.

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yeah haha... >>52990911

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Look at how he smiles with his girthy hog protruding. His victim unsuspecting of his meat sword. Disgusting.

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Imagine him dressed up like that ramming some boy's asshole.

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He's an off-putting autist and stole the idea for ethereum from Ripple. I hope Flare drinks his milkshake but who the fuck knows in this clown market.

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I think he may one day become a troon

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Me on the left.

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you can't stole an idea

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It's called being a lolbertarian.

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No, but he is a scammer, sitting on top of a centralized premine and raising funds from the public with an illegal security.

ETH is getting fucked with the coming regulation.

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Bitcoiners were attacking a BCH dev who had those views
He was trying to shit on bitcoiners by comparing something they often support (illegal drugs) to something bad (CP)
Ironically, BCH supporters then used that quote against Vitalik

Lessons learned:
-don't get into arguments on social media, social media is for promoting your shit
-if you're famous, have someone manage your social media, especially if you're an autist like Vitalik

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are you kinda retarded or something its obviously a meme
you are allowed to make edgy over the top comparisons like these. go back to twitter to misconstrue arguments, nigger

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Don't see what this has to do with the thread

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You are mentally ill.
this pretty much

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>Is there any actual proof that Vitalik Buterin is a pedophile or is that just slander from 4Chan?
>Verification not required.