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>Where's the money Sam?
it's all gone
>OK. 250 million Bond
No problem

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Man literally bankrolled politicians into power. He is safe from any legal consequences. Only God can punish him now.

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Its my personal money goy

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Users "invest" in billions of dollars of things like FTT and sol
Current value = $5

Users: where my money went I thought I was getting 15% APR risk free. He stole it!!

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Why can I see a merchant in this picture
What have you done to me

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He did though. He gave it all to grippy gremlin and laundered all that dirty money. Bet he didn't expect the gremlin with her buck teeth to rat him out even though she looks scaven as fuck.

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Inbred jewboys get their first week of life off from pain but on the 8th day they are gang molested and mutilated for the tribe and often given herpes by the rabbi for an extra hidden fee. From this point on the inbred jewboy will be scammed by and scam his own mother at every opportunity, no one is safe from the tribe. The jewboy's goblin visage and adipose laden sacks of fat on its chest are a testiment to his family stump and his natural high estrogen content.

To be a born a jew is to automatically lose at life. LMAO @ inbred pedokikes.

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The FTX hacker felt remorse and bailed him put. Heartwarming.

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he is a scapegoat

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Where's a schizo with a gun when you need them?

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Don’t forget he has $500 million in Robinhood stock still

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109 countries, you think it was a coincidence?

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what really? Am I missing something here?

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Don't forget that he himself said his net worth evaporated, too.

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code is law
his keys, his coins

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Read the bail again. If he skips hearings or disappers, his parents pay $250 million. He didn't pay $250 million upfront or anything like that. It's even more ridiculous. Had a Jewish judge at the hearing too. Do they just want everyone to become an anti-semite? It can't be done more obvious than this.

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At this point, they think they are unstoppable. Forget being subtle.

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Crazy. If any normal person that what he did they would throw him in some deep hole and forget about it.

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goggle two tier justice

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Brandon does time while Bankman lives with mom. Our justice system is a joke.

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picture of the house that was leveraged for equity

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He's a dead man walking unless they somehow get him off with it. If he goes to prison he will be deaded. They can't have this jackass shooting his mouth off in there. The headlines will be along the lines of 'Misunderstood Philanthropist Takes Own Life'. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

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He's just going to have a little accident at his parent's place and disappear from the face of the earth. Funeral will be held in private of course.

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Sentencing in january. He can still gwt a big sentence

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Being a big political donor has to help him tho. Thats what the donos were made for

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Why would God punish a fellow Jew?

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Wow, this is the most abstract merchant I've ever seen.
What has /pol/ done to me?

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None of that matters when the house of cards start falling. Then the rule becomes
>they expect one of us in the wreckage, brother

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2.5 mill is all his parents needed to set bail for the precious son.

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So 2 more weeks?

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He didn't spend a dime. He just signed a piece of paper. Not only does he get free money and promotion on the way up, he also gets free bail on the way down.

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My money is still on "Does a brief stint in Club Fed before Biden puts in an eleventh-hour pardon" tbdesu

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25 million you spoon

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What does that mean? Did they even pay anything? Will they keep that house

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Plus he wanted to be cremated with 24 hours of death, It's the least his family can do to honor his wishes.

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They will if he goes through the process. if he disappears, etc. they forfeit the house. Also from what I understand there were other unnamed parties that actually paid the remainder of the $25 million bond. I hope the names are revealed soon.

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>max buy sol with leverage on hidden personal account
>use alameda money (customer funds) to bid up sol
>close position instantly on personal account to siphon away millions risk free
>oops sorry guys lost all the hedge fund money I only have 100k in my bank now(no mention of private accounts)
Imaging believing the stimmed out Jane Street MIT physics grad just made really bad trades and lost billions of dollars with nothing to show for it.

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He will fly to Israel and buy his parents a new home with his 500m USD stash. The US justice system doesn't apply to the tribe.

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I suspect that this method is also sometimes used to launder money between parties.

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They are going to use him to bring down Tether, that's why they even allowed him bail in the first place.

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agree, the lord is going to set things right. thoughts and prayers.

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Quality post.Give me your eth adress and i'll send you some crypto.

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What the fuck are goys going to do about it?
Nothing that's what.

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My salute to his lawyer.

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You know yo only need to pay 10% to get out, right? It said it was paid by parents and some others, easy to come up with 10% with rich friends.

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not even a real bond. his mom runs the largest democratic SPAC. WEF and new york times shilled him WEF deleted him from their site after.

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im not sure if i can respect wef anymore, they kept getting scammed

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Sad but true, anons still get fisted on centralized platforms. When are they gonna learn that self-custody is based? More reason I store all my Eth, Mana, Senate and Ride on my ledger where I get full custody

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A true love story

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>250 million Bond

Federal bonds like this (this was an "appearance bond") are different from typical state court bonds where you have to actually come up with 10% of the bond face amount before getting sprung. In this case, they didn't have to fork over even one penny to "post" the $250 million bond and secure SBF's release from federal custody.

There are four signatories on the bond, two of them his parents who put up their Palo Alto, CA, home as collateral. The guaranty from the signatories, and the Palo Alto home collateral, was enough to secure his release.

It doesn't matter that the value of the house isn't even close to even 10% of the bond amount, or that the four signatories collectively likely couldn't cover the bond (or even 10% of it). The "$250 million" amount, in this sense, is largely symbolic. That amount simply represents what the signatories could be forced to pay if SBF were to skip town and not show up for trial. It basically guarantees that the bond signatories would be bankrupted, several times over, if SBF were to skip town.

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that's house isn't worth 4.5 million

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Some one should just Zillow it

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The cattle just want their Niggerball and Bing-Bing Wahoo while we careen into the abyss

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WEF is a circlejerk of well-intentioned utopian midwits. The Bilderberg is the real Deus Ex MJ12 shit irl.

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Yes. This is why all Tether exchanges have accounts on each other's CEXs.

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Cry about it, fag.

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kill yourself kike

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>Do they just want everyone to become an anti-semite? It can't be done more obvious than this.
They are unstoppable.
Blame Americans for funding the communist, fag.

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This. Don’t they remember the holocaust?

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the weird thing is that the jews mogged so much the europeans that the euroepans adopted instantly judaism for gentiles and replaced all their paganisms quickly. this has been going for 2000 years.
Then the judeoatheists BTFO the judeochristians with capitalism

The other brutal mogging was with the indo-aryans mogged by the east indians proto jains and buddhists

In america the mogging was by the judeochristians on the mesoamricans.

The last famous mogging was the chinese destroyed by the judeoatheists in the ''century of humiliation''

what will be the next mogging?

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Well who’s going to stop them?

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yeah I mean, even if he was killed by some lone schizo, they would blow it up in the media like it was antisemititc and rile up their golems

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How do his parents have $250 mil in assets wtf? I thought they were professors?

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Bitboy got a tip from someone who fount Sam's wallet. The feds took all the BTC Sam stole as collateral for his bond. 1P5ZEDWTKTFGxQjZphgWPQUpe554WKDfHQ
Our govt is officially now in the business of laundering stolen assets in exchange for prosecutorial lenience.

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>Our govt is officially now in the business of laundering stolen assets in exchange for prosecutorial lenience.
cmon, I'm sure this isn't the first time they've done that.

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Well now, thanks to blockchain, we can see it plain as the noses on their faces. No matter what SBF does next, we will know exactly where the stolen btc goes. This is also incredibly bullish for BTC because even the feds are acknowledging that we are at a price range that has already been manipulated as low as they can get it.

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If the govt was not corrupt, that BTC would have already been seized and they would not allow SBF to leverage it for his freedom.

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They don't give a shit. He can't do anything for them now.

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God's chosen people can't be trialed like regular goyim.

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That fucking jew went on every outlet and youtuber and then told us he is roughly worth 100k based on his personal bank account.

I want this guy dead.