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>it literally just talks between avalanche subnets
This is just embarrassing at this point

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Its a huge breakthrough in crypto, nobody else has what Avalanche has.
thats why all these big corporations and wallstreet fags are coming to Avalanche and not to Poolygon or ICP or other dreck.
so learn your place subhuman. (hint: its the lowest caste that you are already used to)

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>makes subnets
>biz fuds it saying the subnets cant talk to one another
>fixes it

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>beginning of a new era for scalable blockchain applications
>creates a fucking bridge
this quadruple spending garbage fuds itself

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>this makes LINK obsolete
LINKbros... the AVAXchads are laughing at us...

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>creates a fucking bridge
Not a bridge you dumb fucking Nigger.

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>this makes LINK obsolete
It doesnt make LINK obsolete, Chainlink is to get offchain Data into the Subnets while Subnet to Subnet Communication is a purely onchain thing.

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>makes an oracle for subnets
big fucking woop.
this is dumb and fixes nearly nothing. making a billion side chains to "scale" is a scam.

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First it was "subnets can't communicate", now the jeets quickly pivoted to "it's just a bridge". I aggressively dislike brown shitskins.

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>he doesnt get it that the cross subnet messaging makes the Oracle business a lot easier
lmao this laggard not gonna make it.

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this sounds awesome
can i host a website on my subnet?

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ICP is a scam

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that's why i want to build my site on avalanche
how is it done

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Like I said, Icypeepee is a scam.

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Everything around Chainlink ultimately turns out to be a scam.

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okay forget website can i built an http enabled oracle on avax so other chains can use it

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sure use spacesVM out of the box or build your own VM for a more feature rich website. Make it a permissionless subnet and attract existing validators to come join your new webhosting subnet with incentives. The problem is you'd have to actually build something instead of being a retarded FUDfag on biz.

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sounds cool, link your spaces site

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lmao at calling this building a website on avalanche

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I don't give a shit about blockchain webhosting and it's not an economically valuable use of the technology so I don't have one. You could build one though and you'll be able to handle more than a few hundred concurrent users :^)

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>thinks trader joe and gamerfi that lives in AWS is economically valuable.

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So IBC but shittier?

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Did that 2.0 proposal pass yet?

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It makes CCIP obsolete, but only in the case where everything in the future is built on Avalanche subnets.

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>but only in the case where everything in the future is built on Avalanche subnets.
that is the future.
a glorious Avalanche and Chainlink future awaits us. its all true, its fact. as predicted.

you accept this ultimate truth or degrade into an Arbitroon, a Methhead or ROSEcuck (they will never make it).

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How does it make me money and why should I care?

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good for AVAX and bullish for LINK.
if these arent already the main pillars of your portfolio you are a Laggard and a nigger and will never make it.

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If I wasn't Greek maybe I'd buy a bag

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I'm even between Avalanche and Rose h-haha...

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Tony? Are you really still bagholding lmao

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Oasis will become a Subnet on Avalanche, its even in their Whitepaper.
to make it: buy AVAX, buy LINK and then you can buy shitcoins.

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>the poos can now tell eachother to not redeem on-chain

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>Oasis will become a Subnet on Avalanche
What's the incentive when they're already an established L1? I can understand if they were still in the conceptual phase but they've been on Mainnet for like a year and they're a pretty good protocol.
>its even in their Whitepaper.
What part?
>to make it: buy AVAX, buy LINK and then you can buy shitcoins.
I agree. I just keep throwing more money at Rose to lower my average buy price as the price keeps sinking, hoping to eventually recoup my cost. I'm so far down on both Rose and Avax. Thankfully I'm OK with Link.

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In the near term there really isnt a strong impetus. Avalanche consensus is faster though and Oasis would gain access to the network benefits of being on Avalanche without having to rely on bridges to interact with other chains. Rose could still be used as a gas token even. IMO it doesn't have enough going for it on its own.

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its real you dumb Nigger
>What's the incentive when they're already an established L1?
becomes decentralized and can scale now, gets the sub second finality from the Avalanche Consensus and profits from cheaper oracles and many other things that Avalanche has to offer. dont worry, they will bend the knees soon.
>What part?
You didnt read the Oasis whitepaper?
lmao its literally on the first page.
>I just keep throwing more money at Rose
stop throwing your money away retard. cmon man.

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my avax stays ballsacks
my diet stays big macs

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i can't tell you the exact differences but Cosmos has 175 validators, kek

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they just copied layer zero

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xrp does this natively and has for years

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>infinite horizontal scaling between fully composable, VM agnostic, near-instant finality with revolutionary consensus that can scale validator set without harming performance

If there is any single project in crypto worth anything its avalanche - yet biz fuds it because.... they don't have a bag from ICO?

clown world

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You give Biz a chance to buy Eth (but better) at $11 and they fud it instead lol

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>ChainLankGoof Presents Crack Nigger Bitches in Blockchain

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>comparing a L0 to a L1
>xrp is just like avax

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AVAX isn't a bad chain but ICP is just better. I will probably pick up some because I do see both pumping hard, just want to stack bitcoin first.

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geth forks are cringe because geth is cringe

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cripple does nothing

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>The virgin communicating subnets vs the chad atomicity

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>a "2 more years" ratix chud entered the chat

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avalanche is vm agnostic... can build any vm you want on the platform