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It's absolutely OVER.

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>gensler fud
what's next? tether fud? china ban?

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crypto crackdown --> crypto cataclysm

fellas, are we gonna see four digit bitcoin again in our lifetimes?

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Damn, it was so easy for *them* to destroy crypto

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Gee, it's almost like they're suing Ripple for regulatory clarity that they'll in turn use as a yardstick for every other cryptocurrency they (the jews) deem as a security (which is all of them).

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Holy FUCK that is crazy. A senator privately doing the exact opposite of what they say in public? That's fucking insane. Literally cannot believe it.

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Nobody is going to pass this dinosaur's anti-crypto bill. Crypto has a 800 billion dollar marketcap, it has past the requirement to be too big too fail.

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to fail* I am not a pajeet

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Hava, Nagila hava, nagila hava HEY

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code is law

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>"Code is la-ACK!"

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Good, the jews are falling right into Jesus' trap.

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auditing and dilution of absolute shitcoins and strengthening of altcoins that are actually doing something? not my problem, bobo

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Bitcoin is a commodity, Gary knows this. 16,997 PoS shitcoins to deal with first.

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Yeah removing scams and ponzis from the crypto space is "bad". Kill yourself ranjeet

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0digit cents!

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Boomer money jannie said something. Call the police.