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*goes from jewish dweeb to prison yard turbo chad in a week*

he's going to get school shooter levels of jewish pussy

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Just lose weight and grow facial hair anons it’s that easy

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i dont think theres much jewish pussy where hes going

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Still can see his man tits protruding.

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his mutilated and shriveled jewboy cock only sees action when he's getting his grippy jewhole prolapsed and his herpes laden jewboy cock gently taps against his lover's throbing manmeat

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Why is he dressed like Luke Skywalker?

Also, did he lose weight. He looks better.

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Pic has Pablo Escobar energy

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Are they really going to epstein him? It's seems like everyone is aware of that tactic now.

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it doesnt matter because they wont do shit

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>turbo chad
how low test are you homo

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You faggots realize this is all a show, right? Billionaires don't really go to prison.

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Does prison time make you an auto chad?

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he looks like a confused, fat autistic fuck who is trying to process that he got caught and is going away for life

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El Cheapo

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they do, although rarely

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looks like he relaxed and got raped desu

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>Why is he dressed like Luke Skywalker?
It's a regular white dress shirt, untucked.
It has french cuffs ... the kind you use cufflinks with. And obviously the cufflinks were confiscated.
The brown belt is part of the shackles.

My question is, is it his shirt? I've only ever seen him in a tee shirt and tennis shoes, so it's odd to see him in a dress shirt.

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“Bitboy, you killed my father, prepare to die”

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Of course.. Its sink or swim. Rough enviroment grows chads. Thats why street niggers are tough, if you call a street nigger a bitch he will beat you to death to defend his honor. While if you call some sheltered incel gamer a bitch he will take it and stare at the ground.
There is an ancient primal code of honor among men, in prison its a death sentence to let someone openly disrespect you or fuck you over.
Incels see this as savage behavior when its simple nature law, law of the jungle.

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fuck yea

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he just had a whole bunch of test injected into his butthole in the form of warm gooey cum from the biggest bbcs of actual hardened criminals

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Bernie Madoff jewnior

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No, but Jews are incapable of being Chad in prison, this guy is going to be a bottom bitch.

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I really appreciate this

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FTX founder Bankman-Fried allowed $250M bond, house arrest

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Even bottom bitches in prison tend to be tougher/more dangerous than civilians. There's a Key and Peele sketch that goes over that actually.

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but there is bussy

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You realizes he's going to Israel right?

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Wow thats the first time someone made a meme for me! Thanks anon <3

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Who are the pair of slim white guys flanking SBF? The one on the left is pretty hot. Are they FBI or with the Americans?

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that's CIA, first one to talk gets to stay on his aircraft

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Probably US Marshals. They usually handle federal prison transfers in and out of the US. They cant take weapons into a prisons or into another nation.

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zog puppets or based chads?

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Are the US Marshals under what agency? I thought only the CIA and Military operate outside of the USA?

Both. Hot masc white guys tend to be in these 60k ~100k security jobs. They do as there told and look good doing it. They often have gay BDSM personal lives but are down low about it.

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He always remember the time he got raped by a nigger though. Can never erase that.

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This thread just makes me realize how many of you are low testosterone faggots that you by any means think he looks like a chad.

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you should have seen the twitter threads full of women calling him hot

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lol this nagger lover says that black men live in the primal jungle and compares them to primal animals. I agree.

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Nigger loving faggot. Fuck your gay nigger logic. Literally cave man competition mind set that results in constant infighting. When a white man is disrespected he don’t fkn kill, he simply gets even

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>beating someone for disrespecting you
high T, low IQ behavior

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Nigger there are multiple Twitter threads were roasted got wet seeing SBF post-jail. Prisonmaxxxing is real.

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It's culture you ingrate
Stems from pastoralist honor cultures, typically very hospitable but will kill over dishonor, sometimes resulting in generational feuds
Differing from collectivism (bug cultures, literally because of rice)
Differing from individualism
Look up individualism vs collectivism image processing, fascinating stuff

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Love from Kazakhstan

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the leanpill is real; you dont know if you are a hidden chad if you have never been to 8% bodyfat, it just is what it is

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Dude pabloescobarmaxxxed to decrease the risk of cheek busting. Good move

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the guy will be back to screw us all in less than 2 months if they take him out, if another crash happens I would have to drop my sora bags and go back to my cave to cry because I will never be a successful person.

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>twatter screencaps are representative of real women

Back to pol, incel

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From pudgy tech bro to Colombian coke baron.

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It coffee future?