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oldfag here

don't be caught holding last gen alts into the new bull cycle

Wait for new alts to come out in 2023 and get those

Remember that 2023 is gonna be a 2019

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Based advice. This doesn't count for ICP though, that coin will have a massive runup

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Solid advice on /biz/, whaddaya know. Guaranteed there will still be some goobers shilling shit like RLC, Statera, Parsiq, D0b0, THE GRAPH, lol. lmao, even.

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How about polygon? Room to grow?

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I bought and held ADA in the last bear market, and I was fine during the subsequent bullrun.

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That's an even worse hold than LINK

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remember when everyone was waiting for alt-season but it was actually just dog coins and NFTs? Yeah I'm thinking it's going to be something different this next time around

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Olderfag here, don't listen to this retard because RLC built legitimacy through existing long and is currently pumping hard

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Maybe but I would look for new projects on polygon in the ICO stage or even the next polygon. LunaFi might be worth getting into if you are a polygon user. I'm shotgunning into random 2023 launch coins that are doing ICOs now.
Anoma looks like the next globohomo smart contract enslavement chain link replacement coin. Huge potential ans interest but the plebs like us can't buy in yet. Gonna watch this one. https://anoma.net/

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It's not a 2017 run coin. No one was talking about ADA back then. You did what we are advising now. You bought a new coin and it performed well in 2021. It's not like you bought NEO or something.

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The fact that everyone is waiting for the next bull run, means there won't be another bull run.

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This anon gets it. Every bull run has so far been more moronic than the last.

The first run was btc, magic bean money. What could possibly be more retarded? Then the ETH run, ICO scams, what could possibly be more retarded? Then came dog coins, what could possibly be more retarded?

Genuine question for anons here, what is the next run gonna be? What is more retarded than dog coins? Interested to know peoples thoughts. What is the most worthless thing you can possibly imagine? Thats the next bullrun

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ICP is already at the top sorry fren.

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>The fact that everyone is waiting for the next bull run, means there won't be another bull run.

I swear this was the most common phrase in 2019

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Just because you failed to filter dogcoins from /biz/ catalog it doesn't mean they've been the only thing that pumped. Literally every single coin launched in 2019 went parabolic in the bullrun. The coins that didn't pump were......old cycle coins from 2016-17

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lmao look at this fucking pajeet shilling his digital dogshit. I told you there'd be bagholding retards who couldn't admit defeat and take the L.
This shitskin is going to sit here and lie about being an oldfag to desperately shill his heavy bags

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Maybe it's gonna be AI generated NFTs

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What are you talking about? You're moving goalposts. So suddenly it doesn't count when it wasn't talked about? Also, ADA was a top 10 crypto in 2017.