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I keep buying worn panties by slim 18 old girls, how do i stop this behavior, its affecting my financial, probably already spent around 5000

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What site do you use

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Resell them at a profit

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You are buying panties from fat smelly men.

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Its from someone i know who is in college
I think they lose their aroma after a while

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Anon, it’s way worse than that. You could get a fungal infection from their yeast and fucking die. Seek Christ


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Get a girlfriend OP. She'll let you have whatever used panties you want.

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>braindead apu poster
checks out
kill yourself

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Lmao even

No wonder tech companies keep hiring them, they’re book smart but they’re all gonna die before they hit 50 from their own degeneracy.

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You've never had a gf, have you anon?

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Why would you waste your money on a smell?

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move to a 3rd world country remote work and pay for 18 year old prostitues thats how

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You should grow out of it. 8 years ago I used to sniff and wear my ex girlfriends flatmates panties when they went to uni, it was so good. Since then I've worked in hotels and gone into bedrooms of hot girls and had a sniff but it just doesn't do anything for me. I miss being a degenerate so much.

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you need help

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kek my gf would probably not like if i asked for this

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anytime i hear used panties, i think of the biz anon that would smear shit and take a little canned tuna water and dab it on the panties.

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This. Easy to fake and men's feet smell stronger, so many women will get their bfs to wear nylon socks under their gym socks and then claim they wore them for 5 days.
OP, get a grip. That's 5k you could have now had working for you.

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I would say quit now, but it sounds like you've gone too far. I used to be into femdom crap and bought a pair as well, and the girl sent me a video of her peeling them off after she came back from a run. I loved it, but I knew I had a serious problem at that point. I turned to religion to fight off my bad habits, it was the only thing that worked for me as a long-term solution.