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NTF bros...

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You could have called NFT's being worthless from outer fucking space lol
Imagine being on the cusp of energy and resource crises and people start paying millions of dollars worth of fiat currency (USD, Bitcoin, ETH...) for Jpeg lmfao

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sounds like reddit in 2020
now everyone in reddit is forced to have a NFT profile lol.

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theyre probably just mad because they would not be able to sell any NFTs. I would probably be jealous of how much money people make these days if i was a washed up internet brand too

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>haha ctrl+c ctrl+v :P
pretty funny

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Does it matter?

The only ones seething should be them as someone is making money on their product

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he's salty cause NFT artists are making twice of what he's made in his entire "career" but in a single year lmao

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normies don't really understand NFTs yet, this is why the Trump NFTs are so huge. once normies realize it's basically like trading cards same as sportsball cards, then you better believe NFTs are going to blow up again.

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Lol got em. Fuck coiners

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desu he's just mad that he was popular 15 years ago instead of now when fucking stonetoss made like 2 million dollars in less than a day for his shitty NFTs

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>that discord gif meme
holy shit people in this board are unironically 17

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You guys are the most pathetic people I've ever met. Stay this way forever please, whenever I feel bad I come to /biz/ to feel better.

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>brand has some self respect and doesn't treat their consumers as a bunch of cattle to milk
>/biz/ thinks this is a bad thing and said brand is not actually funny, they are mad and they are shit

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Not even a jpeg. Literally just a random seal of approval that says it belongs to you.

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>you better believe NFTs are going to blow up again.

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yeah because it's no big deal that a U.S President came out with his own NFT collection. ok anon, stay poor kek

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Aren't those the numales who constantly made fun of bible fags but wouldn't dare to name Muhammed?

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Literally not a single person has gotten rich from NFTS

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Lol how fucking desperate are you that you see that as bullish for nft's hahaha
I bet $100 that you still say shit like
>We're so early!

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No, I'm all for grannies selling rabbit images.
It's the future I wanted.

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yeah anon you're right, introducing NFTs to the masses is not bullish for NFTs at all. it's not like we're in a momentum driven market where this kind of thing matters at all. it's not like collectables and trading cards have ever made anyone any amount of money in the real world and it's not like Trump has ever been successful at marketing anything. what was i thinking

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>We're still so early!
I'll take my $100 now.

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>we hate money and new technology!

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I wish that was true

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NFTs are definitely not worthless. And they're finding more use cases everyday, even in identity management.

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If you bought NFT then you deserve to be laughed at.

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Top kek

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They'd make millions of dollars if they made an NFT collection. If I was in their position I would have made one ages ago. They're honestly pretty stupid for not doing it

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Where do you think the money from the initial buys go? Creators make millions off NFTs. Same can't be said for "investors"

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NFTs now have identities on the blockchain so they can be traced back to their original owners so they don't get thrashed as jpegs

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don't waste yo precious time trying to convince bobos that NFTs will be big again.
let them fade and they'll watch from the sidelines when it happens.

It's no coincidence that instagram, reddit, disney, lamborghini, audi(via holoride) etc are all getting into NFTs

It's gonna be an exciting laugh in the end

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I've always had a bored ape from yuga
I'll give you 10 reasons why you can't laugh at me kek

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>shitty webcomic from 20 years ago

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Andrew Dobson NFTs when? He's got quite a powerful brand full of integrity.

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Notice how most of those are all building on matic? Unless for ride on Elrond.

most folks still don't know how underated polygon is

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Only cos you got the free money Airdrop they did
How's it going with the current floor?

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a nazi themed scam which is now even getting every influencer that supported them into legal trouble. yeah, great long term investment there. you're way late on selling.

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People who hate NFT's, Crypto and AI art are modern day luddites.

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they went for a chain that fits them quite well, carbon negative, efficient and friendly.
Advance users in-car experience while still keeping it green and fast

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Can't agree more
And time will always turn out against such people

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he might be stuck holding to it at this point

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Good chain, great product, solid partners etc.. would be nice to have all that reflect on price action kek