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what is the chainlink of this bear market?? there must be one coin that is going to go up only from now until the next bull cycle in 2024, we're running out of time to find out what it is!!!

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RLC. Its already outperforming the current state of the market the same way Link did in the last bear market.

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Still Chain Link

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probably gmx

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icp or rose

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We are supposed to go straight down

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There aren't too many, with 2023 being possibly the worst economic year there is very little to hold on to, I would say xor but I keep hoping that the same inflation won't kill it

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will this be our year bobobros?

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let's wait for one or two UK queens to see how the market recovers kek

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Looking for a second job is still an option, you know?

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fuck each and every one of you.

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All dead shitcoins that will never pump again.

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Qredo unironically if you're willing to do your research

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AGRS the coin of Tau.net

Team is PHD tier programmers working on it since 2015. They have monthly updates on YouTube and also CMC checks out same as their treat on Bitcointalk.
Current market cap is like 2 million but I believe it's can reach 200 million - 2 billion next bullrun. That is 100-1000x

See you all in the citadel.

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Found they are working on a new website on d.tau.net

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I heard they spam their scammy project on 4chan. I would stay away

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This is a good answer, because it will be extremely easy to get ICP once it gets closer to the VC price (3 cents).

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It's only me and neither am I paid nor am I part of them.

Where is the scam? Ohad is on this longer than Vitalik. Obviously the project evolved a bit from the 2015 design which got reflected in the new 2020 whitepaper.