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This is for you. Bye

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woah checked

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what are all this mumbo jumbo numberos?

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dont care still dcaing fuck you nigger

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retard took a screenshot of a bearish predict and said "time traveller here"

fucking retard

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Is this the amount of dicks you're going to take in the ass each month?

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1st column month (duh)
2nd column value at start of said month
3rd column presumably value range for that month
4th column value at end of month
5th column certainly not the difference during month, maybe difference compared to prev. ATH, which would put the ATH at ~17147
what shitcoin got to 17147? none to my knowledge, so pretty sure last column is not about that

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What coin is he talking bout tho? BTC?

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btc or eth?

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Too bad I have the power to change the future

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eth to 11k in 2 years? sounds good

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well it can't be anything else because no other coin reached such high valuation so far
as i said, the 5th column, IF it describes the difference to previous ATH, would assume an ATH of 17147 for an arbitrary set timeframe
maybe ETH will moon in 2023 to 17147 and then OPs pic uses that as reference
maybe BTC will have a high of 17147 sometime during 2023 and it uses that as reference
i doubt any other shitcoin could reach such numbers in the years to come
but honestly i'd just write this off as schizo rambling
you are free to save OPs pic and look at it in a bit over a year from now on though if you are turbo paranoid and think some random neet on biz is predicting the future lel

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Pretty sure it's 17147 as the EOY BTC price

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from where we are now, that'd be a ~5% pump within the next 11 days
sounds plausible, assuming you mean EOY 2022
imagine a slow bleed from 17k to 8k throughout of 2023
the miner capitulation would be glorious

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kys faggot

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eth prices

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Time traveler from 2017

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Holy kek

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this is some jewish gematria tier stuff lmao

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So this website hates crypto and/or are boomers got it

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BSV will finally pump?

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dang xrp is going to crash that hard in 2024? I guess I will sell a tiny bit in 2023

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LUNC chads we will make it!

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get a load of this faggot
shills still around

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Whats with american acting like storm troopers calling me a muslim like I was a jedi. in a galaxy not so long ago and far away

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na but your mom calls me calvin klien when I go 1.21 jigawatts in it

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lol i don't get it, it just extrapolates the current month years into the future?
i'm guessing once we have a green month we're gonna see 1 gorillion dollar bitcoin in 2024?