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>christmas falls on weekend
>new years falls on weekend
>no days off


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Good, finally a holiday that has some respect and isn’t pawned off on a Monday like a whore.
Remember, you need to be at work the day directly after Christmas.

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>entire team has submitted vacation requests for week between christmas and new years
>I have not
>kind of too late to do it
Should I just...technically stay on even though I'll have nothing to do? first christmas in the workforce btw

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I’m glad I live in New Zealand where the government recognises this and gives us an observed holiday on the weekday.
>americucks btfo

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yes it's the easiest money ever, then take time off when no one else is and it's busy

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Pizza delivery guy here, looking forward to making huge money for the next two weekends.

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good we need a strong work ethic in our work force. waging isn't enough, I demand obsequience

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Most workplaces are DEAD boxing day. You will not have an easier time if you're in any sort of retail. There's a good chance they just let you go home early and pay you anyway.

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>better pay
>fewer co-workers around
>less busy
>don't have to spend time with stupid relatives

working holidays is the unironic best

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you dont get the whole week off with paid vacation and a nice 20% bonus of your yearly salary?

while only working 2 hours a day on average