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Pursuing only money is a double edge sword, for 2 years i ignored everyone and lost all contacts, now at 26 my networth is 50k and good career but i go outside alone and have no one to spend my money with. Money isnt everything

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>Money isnt everything

It's better to learn at 26 than later OP! Start to rebuild your relationships with your family and friends. Send them a text message, or hit them up on social media.

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No cap bruh fr I'm an ugly ass incel so I focused on money though I had some chances in uni, but I blew them all now I'm so much uglier and girls won't even look my way it's ogre at least I have money doe no cap

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It could be worse, for example you could have studied Mech Engineer thinking you would make money and then become a wagecuck with low salary because of greedy boomers

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Thats what i am going to do
You could spend your money on looks
I am swe, wfh life is good but i feel pretty lonely no cap

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I have such a hard time socializing lol I'm so edgy and jaded. We're going to make it tho

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Ok dumbass throw all your money away now and be jobless see how fun of a time you're going to have stupid bitch.

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This is what almost everyone does. It’s called sacrifice. At some point in your life you have to do it. Most people do it in their mid twenties so they can have fun in their early twenties.
It’s better to set yourself up for your thirties and coast than it is to burn through your twenties and grind out your thirties. Two years isn’t even a long time. You didn’t lose your friends they’re just focused on other stuff right now. Welcome to adulthood, it kinda sucks

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>it's another $1,000,000 is not a lot demoralization thread with a sad frog
kys jew

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My problem is that I don't even know where to start, I was pretty social in middle/high school but when I started studying compsci everyone was a boring autist and I didn't make any friends. Now I'm 25, only have discord friends and the only person I enjoy talking to is the office milf. Also I'm Norwood 3. It's over. I have no idea how to connect with anyone beyond work, and many people my age have families mortgages etc just living a work/family repeat life

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Take fin and get a derma roller. Go to the gym or a gun range or idk join a networking group or just be racist IRL, that’s how I make my friends

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work on yourself
be the best version of yourself
be good people
it'll be alright

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I did the same thing and I’m 26 but now I’m worth a quarter milli and the startup I work it is exploding. I post racist memes on my snapchat for old and new friends to glance at in passing, but they are working hard too. Office HR road ties want me but I’m resistant, prefer the low commitment of the dating apps for now
Get gud faggot

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sorry I’m phoneposting to avoid my ban

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you ruined your social life for 50K? KEK

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Is this good? Doesnt sound too impressive not gonna lie

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>demoralization psyop
kys glowie