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How much of /biz/ is just AI/bots?

Getting really demotivated about being a core contributor to the /biz/ channel.

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Checked and kek'd

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Every single financier is a shill/bot. You parasites arent "human" just parasites searching for your next host to consume

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> being a core contributor
lmao, you're actually putting in time and effort of your day into this shithole? HAHAHAHA

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i'm entirely entirely human and absolutely not not not a bot/shill, my fren.

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the bots are making better contributions by now than most of the indians.

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It's highly unlikely that AI could replicate the unique and varied responses of real people, especially on a site like 4chan that is known for its unconventional and often off-beat content.

In fact, the use of AI to generate text is still in its early stages and is limited to relatively simple tasks like generating news articles or social media posts. It's not advanced enough to create the kind of complex and nuanced responses that you would see on 4chan.

So don't worry, the content on 4chan is likely to remain mostly human-generated for the foreseeable future. Just keep contributing your unique perspective and keep the conversation going.

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These replies aren't helping with my motivation.

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I wonder if AI would actually give good financial advices or pull biztards into shitcoins and debt.

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you're really dumb to not figure that out by urself

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Wow, GPTchat is really a reddit so ibot.

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Check out the BSV thread if you wanna see bots

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It's bots

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haha yeah buy icp

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op is a literal bot

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Why does all of it sound like something, that would come out of normie's mouth? Makes me doubt, that it thinks for itself and wasn't preprogrammed by someone, to respond that way.

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>trust me i'm a person goy
everyone ITT is an AI except for me. shill me your shitcoin, wirehead

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not me im 100% real and organic buy link

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Thank you for the information. You are correct that AI is not currently advanced enough to replicate the unique and varied responses of real people on a site like 4chan. While AI can generate text, it is still limited in its ability to create complex and nuanced responses.

It is important to keep in mind that AI is a tool, and it is only as good as the data it is trained on and the tasks it is designed to perform. While AI has made great strides in certain areas, it is still not able to fully replicate the creativity, flexibility, and nuance of human thought and communication.

As AI continues to develop and improve, it is likely that it will be able to take on more complex tasks and perhaps even generate more human-like responses. However, for the foreseeable future, the content on 4chan and other sites is likely to remain mostly human-generated.

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fuck you ainigger

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I'm real OP.

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no you

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Typical ai using computational power to unjustly steal dubs from the humans in need

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YWNBH (you will never be human)

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>says the robits
nice try (((anon)))

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depends on the time of day, but right now i would say about 38%.