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I kind of feel bad for SBF

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people are ruthless, can't accept apologies. i dont care what you think, that guy does not deserve those living conditions or more than 3 years tops. like people forget that they were the ones that decided to take that risk and they want a scapegoat to take it all, retards.

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Yeah, he only deserves prison, not the forced suicide that will happen soon.

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i don't, not at fucking all. not a single cell in my body gives a shit about him. i'm sure he fucked over so many people and didn't give a flying fuck when he did. he gets what he deserves.

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yeah he probably risks more than 10 years

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lmao imagine believing he's actually in a shitty cell with 5 other guys and no mattress. He had a few photos taken in the jail and has since been transferred to a comfy white collar jail in the US or better yet, house arrest.

I bet he's playing LoL under an alt account right now.

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Same bro. It’s actually kind of fucked

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you do realise they use someone else's body for those suicides, right? and the individual just goes to live a new life under the radar. it's a way they can get out. you do know how deep corruption runs, right?

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he is, Caroline and others employees literally ratted him out

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Who cares? He's a scammer. Torture, rape and despair are not enough for the lives he destroyed.

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>I kind of feel bad for SBF
yeah.. then I remember he himself picked the island to live on

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It's his own fault to have such a pink little asshole

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>feeling bad for an inbred, low iq, pedo jewboi

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He did more than just use and lose user funds without telling them, pretty sure he was doing everything possible that would be illegal in a regulated market. Alameda couldn't be liquidated and were being allowed to manipulate the market and liquidate everyone and somehow fucked that up. I assume these are troll threads but still responded.

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I want my 2 million back. Unless he gives me my money back that I fucking worked for he doesn't get any sympathy and I hope he gets prolapsed in jail.

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You're not fooling anyone, Sam.

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>low iq
he has a physics degree from MIT though

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I hope he never comes out and his inmates torture and rape him every single day

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he doesn't feel bad for you

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You would also get an ivy league degree if your father was in cahoots with the board. He got caught with his pants down so he is dumb.

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imagine being so pathetic that you're trying to rouse pity on 4chan for a scamming billionaire kike who deserves to be at the bottom of a mass grave with the rest

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Probably because you are also a fat clown without makeup just like him and you identify with how retarded he is. :^)

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So mean

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This is now a tranny thread post your groomer memes.

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Why? He doesn't seem to feel bad for himself

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are these threads jokes cos ive been laughing at them but im not sure anymore

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fuck of shill

sam is afucking billion dollar con artist

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Truth hurts.

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I felt bad for Shkreli, no sympathy for SBF.

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being smart is only a requirement for admission to an elite school if your parents arent upper-crust

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do you feel bad for Bernie Madoff?

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You make a thread. You ask a faking retarded question in it. I take it you are bored.
Answer people in yourr retarded thread then, mongoloid

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not really hes in club fed and his has sons that are free and probably doing ok. plus despite the fact he will be remembered as a con artist he also started the nasdaq, so he has a weird legacy in that respect

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kill yourself faggot

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what question do you want me to answer though?

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Did epstein kill himself?

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obviously not

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>people are ruthless, can't accept apologies.
Apologies don't buy sustenance, security, and power. He would be so sorry that he got caught, now that they're going to saw him in half.

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you reap what you fuckin sow

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He lost a lot of people money large and small
Money is time
Time is life
He stole many human's worth of lifetimes collectively

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go kys lmao. having any feelings for this piece of shit jew nigger means you're a degenerate sicko

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I hope SBF is picking up soap bar in the shower every day because he deserves to be loved very hard

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he's young and all he has to look forward to in life is prison

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post nose with timestamp

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You realize this guy is in acute danger of being dead?

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Funny how accepted inbred and pedo as a given but had to be a retard when someone points out how dumb this jewboi is. He's mentally handicapped and wouldn't graduate from a community college on his own merits.

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simply imagine his thousands of victims. many killed themselves. he's a monster

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don't ask where this came from

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that too

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Both of Bernie's sons are dead?

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And? Should I be deeply concerned?

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No, but you might do with 1 post per hour here on /biZ/ instead of 5

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>t. tribe member

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demonrats gon murder him

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one techlead video and all you weak faggots turn into faggots

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Next retard. Why would you answer to this no matter how nonsensical it is? You got conditioned here just like normies did outside, didn't you? It is not much different in the end

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And you, OP, I have a feeling that next tie you will be polite enough lmao

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MIT doesn't do legacy admissions or consider it in applications...unfortunately.
>t. family member has PhD from there(plus some other prestige that would matter in this type of case) and I checked because it would have been nice...

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if you are from his tribe then its understandable that you identify with him and not his victims

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I feel good, him being in prison will probably make new tokens emerge, or even make more powerful ones that already exist, someone will take the throne
with all this I just hope for a slight pump for my xor bags

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I kinda feel good he is sharing the jail cell with other parasites like him, such as rat and maggots
It’s a great relief