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im not even disappointed anymore. i feel stupid more then anything. My question is what the hell have they been doing all this time?

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this is actually pretty decent
not as bad as the total lack of information and despair of the last month
really hope sergey learned something about investor communications here and this is the market with the most risk tolerance ever if he was a SV startup he would have been destroyed already

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Guys, OG Link holder here. I feel close to capitulating. Does that mean the bottom is in?

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wow they're taking some extra time to make sure a critically important feature is tested properly and working well
im so fucking angry

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CLL employee spotted

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>i feel stupid more then anything
well yeah, you had 2 years, you reddit FOMO cuck lol

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Might as well just say delayed indefinitely. Obviously they're learning that there is no way to make it secure.

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>Obviously they're learning that there is no way to make it secure.
this message just screams "we can't figure out how to make it work"

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>initial version
>2023 AKA december 2023
Lmaooooooooo sucks for you link fags. Looks like youre gonna be waiting a year for CCIP beta V0.01... Hopefully sergey will be merciful with his 50m dump starting in jan 2023

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Looks like another year of you hovering around us, seeing as you can't seem to help yourself.

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stay mad LMAO

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wow, 54 bucks made. congratulations bucko.

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It's well over $1k a day, you just have to wait a year. Have you heard of the marshmallow test?

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>$1000 EOY
>ok, then 2 more wee-ACK
>w... well just 2 more ye-ACK
>g g guys EOY we'll get sta-ACK
>just one more year i beg you, do not sell
>i staked i want to se-ACK

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stay seething LMAO

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I'm staking until 2030 at least.

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the question is if this shit will go up again.

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Investors have rights, shitcoin baggies don't. The team owes you nothing.