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They're about to over-regulate the shit out of crypto, especially in the US. They're already playing the "crypto is used for laundering" card, framing everyone who uses crypto as somekind of sophisticated cyber criminal just because some neets bought Monero which accounted for 14 billion in transactions in 2021. Just to put it into perspective traditional finance establishments launder over 300 billion daily. Is it actually over this time?

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This is unironically why DeFi exists
Get your cash off exchanges and into DAI

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It was always just a matter of time
SBF's retarded ass just accelerated it by a year

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LOL The fact I haven't been banned on twitter for the vile spew I hurled at this fake-indian whore yesterday is actually starting to make me upset.

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its been over since 2017, theyve just been ramping up towards this. cant have the goyim making a little money, especially when its less traceable than tradfi

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the united states is the bad guy

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When $600 of certain transfers gets you an IRS form, there can't be any decentralised work arounds...

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>They're already playing the "crypto is used for laundering" card
What do you mean "card"? That's literally its only use case.

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Imagine still operating* in one of these countries in 2022.
*note: operating, not living; you can still live there just don't have your trading activities there

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Thanks for playing

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Literally who

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>SBF's retarded ass
he played the part his tribe assigned to him very well

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Haven't they done laundering on FTX themselves? Their exchange has now collapsed and they are blaming us? Seriously?

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Not happening, usa stablecoin adoption means third world shadow banking ends up financing us treasuries.

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She's the one who will influence the rules on how crypto operates unless people push back on her antics. It's basically bad news.

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I kid you not Tidecoin solves this. It is bitcoin 2.0

DYOR anons.

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With the TIDV, we should be able to have our way around her bill for having KYC on DeFi and other self custody wallets

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It's a bad omen for America that this retard is a senator

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relax, this won't pass because it is against the first amendment. It's just to make you angry and show her constituents she is being hard on crypto so they can keep sending her donations.

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already being sanctioned.
>Get your cash off exchanges
self custody already being sanctioned.

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This would obviously happen sooner or later
Goverment hates anything they can't tax or control

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BASED! Let 99% of crypto scams die. CBDC's and XRP incomiiing!!!

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That is if all projects will adopt it, so that everyone can have encrypted KYC data

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How has this ugly bitch not been killed yet?

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While moving them cash its advisable to utilize privacy protocols for privacy and security.

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Every crypto holderknows this and the wise ones already adopted self custody and privacy to stay steps ahead.

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Most likely the reason why the clamp down on privacy was quite strong earlier in the year, but it only exposed the importance of privacy and how it threatens centralisation.

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I use Railgun to hide my transaction details on-chain, no trace whatsoever.

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Based. Premined shitcoins and anything with an ICO should be regulated the fuck out existence.

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Its all organized but the upside is more attention is now on DEXs, private wallets and Defi.

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Lmao. That's the poster child for premined centralized shitcoin with corrupt distribution and also 200% an illegal security.

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The decentralised community should be KYC free and privacy should be optional since it a human right.

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war..war never changes

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You don't know what you're even talking about, nice fear mongering tho.

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DAI is backed by 70% USDC

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p p p please a a a anon u u u unlock y y y your veCRV I n n n need my pork b b b barrel spending

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>this won't pass because it is against the first amendment
Since when do they follow the constitution?

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Real crypto is unaffected. It's not like you see Bitcoin or Monero people scared that it's going to get labeled a security either.

The only coins at risk of these regulations are centralized ones.

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You guys don't get, they are going to take all of your money.

They want to kill everyone. They haven't done it yet cause they haven't managed to get the guns yet but they are still trying.

They will leverage AI chat bots to socially pressure people with fake consensus that we should remove the guns.

They already hunt people using the internet.

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yes but you can't really get rich buying 'real crypto', that's the point
the only way to make it is to (successfully) trade

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Only pre-selected industries like information technology are allowed to have money, everyone else has money illegally. You should not have money which is why they are killing every billionaire with crypto.
They will kill you too eventually.

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This law is unironically bullish for centralized shitcoins because it makes it illegal/impossible to develop or run nodes for anything else within the US.

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Did you even read the bill she proposed?

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>Inb4 privacy enjoyers get filtered

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The usa economy has already collapsed.
The political elites entire survival strategy is starving people so thoroughly that they do not have the physical strength to do anything.
Naturally hunger riots will ensue.
People already conduct mass burglaries on pharmacies and grocery stores.

This is the way of the future. The mega corporations exist only to distribute good to their stores to be ransacked by massive mobs of hungry homeless and poor people.

It is already acknowledged that regular people having money is illegal.
Money is now valueless.
What has value is organizing massive mobs to steal from mega corporations.

The corps will continue to provide us everything we want.

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french-style revolution incomingggg lolllllll

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I don't feel like explaining myself because you're baiting.

Read this if you want, but I know you won't.. cause you're a cunt.


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>implying they give a shit about the constitution.
The american political elite are adversaries of the people and they base their actions on what their opponent thinks. Their opponent is shit head americans who have never even read the constitution and don't know what it says (myself included) and are so demoralized they don't even care about what it says.

So they base their illegal actions on the idea that americans are too fucking cucked to know it's illegal or care or do anything about it.

So no, the constitution does not matter.

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Privacy is a human right and it has even become a necessity with the recent development going on in the crypto space regarding security.

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Please elaborate how to do this optimally?

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The bots shilling Discreet are at it again.

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Regulations should be exclusively to centralised platforms only since no decentralised platform got hit by the exploits besides self custody and privacy is becoming a trend.

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This is not true at all. This regulation has nothing to do with securities. Mining or developing either BTC or XMR in the US will be for all practical purposes illegal if this bill passes
>It would force anyone who helps maintain public blockchain infrastructure ... be obligated to: identify and record the personal information of every person who uses their software or sends transactions over their internet-connected computers,
This bill is actually great for centralized shitcoins because they are the only ones that get to continue existing here, the bill legitimizes that way of doing things and hobbles real crypto.

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Maybe you should discreetly fuck off too