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Reminder XRP is about to make me a millionaire and all your fud was for nothing so you will seethe and cope.

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Based and xrpeed

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>buyback for $37,500 each
>make own tech
>buy from exchanges

Which path do you think they’d actually take? Not the middle choice, right? I think you’re right, 3trillion is going to be exchanged to the hands of retards. Congrats. You win.

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Which means there will be tens of millions of new millionaires. Now do you see how stupid you sound.

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It's a scam you still have time to get out

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Why have they not already made their own tech and why would it not cost them tons to make it? Your post makes no sense.

Also there is no way I can wait long enough for 37000 if that even happened I literally only need a 100 to be a millionaire.

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I have no sympathy of xrp retards.
They don't care about mass adoption or resisting the state. No, their whole investment thesis is the US government will force xyz to buy our bags at 100,000x the current price.
It makes absolutely no sense.
Get fucked

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>Bitcoin made millionaires
>Eth made millionaires
>Doge made millionaires
>Fucking shib made millionaires
>Xrp just fucking can't okay now sell your bags to me at a low price reeee

Seethe and cope

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Chainlink fans are the same, really. That project is what will enable the dystopian hell scape more than XRP would.

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either way...the goal is to sell for a good profit and GTFO to a chill comfy country that has little to no issues.

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Shut up you insufferable midwitted faggot. We are all here trying to make money and you and your investments are no different. XRP has utility and a market. Hating no-XRP-having faggot.

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A lot of XRP holders (myself included) who know it’s true vision think that it is going to go to $2000 per coin, which means you would need upwards of 500 XRP to become a millionaire. According to the XRP Ledger, there are currently 175k wallets with that many XRP in them. Lets just say for arguments sake, that XRP rises massively and eventually hits that $2000 figure. How many of those wallets do you think would sell once XRP hits $1, $5, $10, $20, all the way up to $2000? The actual number of wallets that hold till that $2000 figure would be extraordinarily lower than that 175,000 figure.

Lets also address the fact that “too many millionaires would be made.” Let’s say that there are 100,000 wallets that hold XRP when it hits that $2000 figure. Currently in the United States, there are 22 million millionaires. That would be an increase of less than half a percent added to that list. How many people do you think got added to that figure in the dot com boom, or people who went all in on the 2008 crash?

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kek, cripple baggies coping hard, got really good at it over the years

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>ripples network is useful for xborder transfer of money
>banks set up private network
>token [TICKER: XRP] not needed
xerpies are a nice cattle testnet. but when shit gets real, they will be left in the dust, thanks for playing, you get nutting. regards deutsche bank

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Where is it then?

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https://rich-list.info/ have a play with this.
If you have 100 XRP there are 1381510 wallets with more XRP and 3101360 with less XRP.
It will never make 10s of millions new millionaires.

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Exactly. These guys love to say “WELL WHY WOULDN’T THEY JUST ______”. Maybe because that’s what XRP is for, and they already a solution for the massive global money and goods transfer problem and they don’t need to spend decades getting it into preparation?

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The buy back stuff is actually posted by ETH maxis to make XRP holders sound stupid. Or they can only afford less than 1k xrp or something.

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Only the retards believe in the buy back. The banks will buy from the escrow if it all works out.

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>Shut up you insufferable midwitted faggot. We are all here trying to make money and you and your investments are no different. XRP has utility and a market. Hating no-XRP-having faggot.

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A ham sandwich is going to cost $2,000 retard.

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xrp is not a crypro currency and is a shit coin

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XRP is run on hype not advanced and competitive technology.

This is evident by analyzing the behaviour and opinions of XRP holders around social media, including this board. The "Standard" argument is not discussed with intelligence, purely incorrect facts splurged from tiktok and youtube videos they watched. The argument that XRP must continue as successfull as it was up to this point is arbitrary and false.

XRP has no advantage over competitors. It grew to this size through a now expired first movers advantage. It's competitors are outperforming it on every front. The investors in this market are of the lowest capacity to perform due diligence and this has kept XRP on top for so long. David will juice the remaining dumb money from the hands of retail into the whales. This is not an argument, it is a direct result of the nature of the XRP currency.

Think objectively if there is no reason for XRP to perform as it has done in the past then there is no reason for Blackberry to perform as it has in the past. There is no reason for Yahoo to perform as it has in the past.

tldr; XRP is overpriced. The holders are dumb. The community is hype driven. These types of investors never win in the long term.

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Exactly the same but change XRP (retarded) with XOR (based).

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>anon finds out about crypto

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I've been holding xrp for over a year now, and I'm still not tired. this is the exact path I'd follow with xpress as well. I know a solid coin when I see it.

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I cannot wait until we can :

>Crush our enemies.
>See them driven before us.
>Hear the lamentations of their women.

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I never go into threads of other coins i dont hold and act like you because im a well adjusted adult

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Do you have a vagina?

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So you're telling me if I buy 200 dollars worth of this coin, I can become a millionaire

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XRP is run on the first mover advantage, a good team and very good connections.

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You will never and I mean NEVER make it through XRP retard. BIT has a way higher chance of making you rich.

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>on hype not advanced and competitive technology.
thanks for your time.

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Not selling you horrific faggots. I will piss in your faces when xrp breaks $500 seethe, cope, dilate. Tranny opinions disregarded

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Kek seething baggie

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Wtf is this candyass go get some sense and stop fighting over some shitty quotes here, as the holidays,comes with some nice pussy gains when web3 xMoney leadership team goes the extra mile to deliver a very special message to it community

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We won't see any action until 2025
I hope we still get involved in this bullrun and see 20c eoy

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>2 years
Sorry but our solution can't wait that long.

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Explain your rationale on why that can't happen. A cursory understanding of history proves they do this with currencies like Gold you child brain.

Get it, they won't buy back at 100k or some shit, but their is 100% the possibility of a buyback if XRP becomes the bank to bank solution of the central banks. They're already testing on XRP as well.

Again, share your child brain logic with the group.

Please respond - this is how we mentally annihilate shills and faggots like you, I'll wait..

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did he say that in 2014?

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But 5 years no problem

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Cool story bro, XRP still got some juicy shit, as staking is live on Maiar Exchange with 28% APY! I have transferred them in order to benefit from this great rate. go get useful anon.

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I have my ledger in a farraday box hidden inside my attic, alongside my seed phrase etched into a steel tablet. I have prepared for this. Truly I tell you, FUD has no effect on me. God willing, I will become the first millionaire in my family and repay all who helped me generously. Everyone who holds this coin through the storm deserves their reward.

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Go hide you head in shame retard dick crypto as crypto becomes more important as I can now shop and get cashback when I stake it on Maiar Exchange go get some real shit faggot

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well you cant ctrl-c ctrl-v gold but you can ctrl-c ctrl-v ripple. in fact that's ripple's business model. I know for a fact that JP Morgan is running their settlement network on a licensed ripple fork. XRP not sneeded.

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damn bros it's over
we bought bankerscam funny money from a money goblin
all we can do now is sell, what project are you guys moving to? I'm thinking the chia team has been pretty based shitting on us baggies

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How about that RLC? It’s digital oil!
You can’t burn it for energy or turn it into plastics or other innovations but it’s digital oil!