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ITS OVER!!!!!!!!

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go back

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good thing no one listens to that retard

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>it's llterally nothing

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How did she announce this? Through smoke signals?

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>she's targeting her own party's top 5 source of dark money
Idk, maybe with Sam in custody, they want to make sure their friends across the isle don't steal the play???

What does TJ have to say?

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Wow. How would have thought that the bankman was a plant by the banks to destroy crypto.

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Kinda funny how the people who know the least about this shit, always want to create some form of control around it.

Meanwhile all that bickering about helping students with their college loans and she hasn't done shit.. US politicians are useless. I can't wait for this bitch to retire and fuck off.

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Ok boomer

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Bullish for Monero.

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lmao who cares, good luck regulating small chains and actually following through

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>appear strong when you are weak

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You have no idea how happy I am CZ delivered the final blow to FTX. The FTX bastards had the government of the most powerful nation on their side. They had connections with everybody and everyone, and they were leading crypto down a dirty path of bank centralization.

CZ vs SBF was like David vs Goliath. Except if David lifted everyday, took steroids and won mr olympia 10 times in a row. SBF and his cronies must rot in prison and never see the light of day again, while their parents grow old sick and shameful.

Whoever wants to try and mold the world of crypto in their own ugly image, fuck around and find out. CZ is a hero.

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if you were trying to buy political favors, would you bribe the party in charge or the party not in charge?

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>CZ is a hero
100% this!

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>g-go b-back
No refunds, dipshit.

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The jews

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>good thing no one listens to that retard
You'd be surprised. Most people don't understand the first thing about crypto, and will just trust the (((experts))) when they tell them that they have to force everyone with locally held bitcoin to make their savings public.

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Thanks Goyddit

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that's what complete ignorance look like lmao

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Seems like a nothingburger to me. Just set up nodes outside America.

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You bribe both parties, which is exactly what Sam did. He just publicly only supported one

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Welcome to Pmg would you like silver or gold?

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whats next? KYC me leather wallet and my pockets?

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KYC CBDCs paired to a digital ID. COVID vaccine passports were just the infrastructural test run.

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I hate that traitorous cunt so much.

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this. he even said exactly that, just that he donated to GOP non-profits that dont have to disclose their donors

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I guess he really was Some Bank-Man Fraud

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>believing a word the kike says
Anyone he did donate too was a jew or a shabbos goy working with them, whatever their claimed affiliation

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>Anyone he did donate too was a jew or a shabbos goy working with them, whatever their claimed affiliation
true. too many assume that its just democrats, though, despite the GOP being the christcuck pro-israel party

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Use brave dumbass

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I hate all of New England way more than this bitch.

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"some son of Gensler's friends laundered money for Ukraine that he stole from millions of people so we have to destroy internet privacy forever" I'm getting so tired of Warren spewing bullshit

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I'm just not gonna comply lmao

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checked and same.

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Can someone explain to me how this is bad? If youre not doing anything illegal you literally have nothing to worry about.

You knew this was coming deal with it /thread

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Buy Monero you fucking idiots

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>If you're not doing anything illegal, you have nothing to worry about
Okay, give me your email password. Let me read everything. If you're not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about.

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>It would force anyone who helps maintain public blockchain infrastructure, either through software development or validating transactions on the network, to register as a Financial Institution (FI) ... the bill has been deliberately crafted to make permissionless blockchains unavailable to Americans by forcing all validators and developers of these networks to gate and surveil their infrastructure. The intended result is to forbid Americans from having any technological guarantees of personal privacy or individual agency when making transactions online, irrespective of whether those transactions have anything to do with crime.
Only banks with KYC can mine or validate or even write code. This effectively bans the operation or development of any legitimate (non centralized-shitcoin) crypto within the United States and forces it offshore. If you can't see how that's bad there's no helping you.

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Blatant constitutional violation. If it even passed, which it will probably never even be brought to vote, it would be blocked by a court.

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Craig would be so happy.

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this might have been a -2% event in 2017

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Elon and CZ are saving the world.

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This exactly
I think we all agree
Which is why it’s so strange that Kevin o Leary is telling congress that somehow cz scsmmed Sbf?

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It is the future, the law is coming.

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Also mine it. You make fuck all, but it helps the network.

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Leary is a pedo niggerkike whatd you expect

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>us gov bans crypto
Uh no what ever shall I do?
>connects to vpn sever overseas
>carries on crypto trading
>sends crypto to overseas exchange that converts to local currency then forex to usd

You can make laws that can't be enforced but it's like the legislating that the tide can only come in at 7am

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I did for a while, but new phone and I don't care even a little bit desu senpai

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Say hello to your next president. The socialists will take over the democrat party after Biden.

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>usd can't be transferred to any US account or used to buy anything in the US because the foreign bank holding your usd is blacklisted by the feds
your move

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Fuck UUUUUUUU!!!!!

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Social credit next

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Imagine Americucks thinking their owners would let them escape wage slavery. Get back to fucking work.

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of course you fags believe whatever you want to believe that fits your convenient views LMAO

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oh no grandman is shaking her fist! Better crash the market.

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literally never passing. kill yourself OP

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Based Lizzie! You guys are on borrowed time. Biden is going to romp to reelection in 2024 and Dems will have sweeping majorities in House and Senate. Then they will take away your internet funny money forever.

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If you are partial, miscalculate and things don't go your way in an election you're done for.

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blessed words fren

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fake news. cool it with the antisemitism, anon.