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How do I ride a pump without holding too long and losing everything?

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u become a prophet

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>trailing stop loss
you mong

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if you feel like this is the top and you're getting emotional and greedy by holding, you should probably sell. Learned this the hard way by holding when I called the top perfectly

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Don't be greedy

You can't do it just 1 or 2 times a day, you do it multiple times a day and make good profit by doing it so many times in a day, you might only make $10-$15 each time but do that 10 times in a day and your making over $100 in a day

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Sell when your palms start to sweat.
Sell a couple sats after numbers that appeal to OCD like 5000, 100, 50, etc.

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You create a discord channel and spam it across the internet and announce pump after buying shitloads of shitcoin for nothing, then as soon as the gullible fucks on discord start pumping you sell and make a shitload of money, throwing heavy pajeetbags in their faces and watch the hilarity ensue in the chatrooms.

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Learn Eliot Wave theory... Easy as shit.
Learn to draw Fibonacci retracements

Watch this guy called Trade Devil on YouTube, he's an old school high energy go-go trader..

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How do you do this on exchanges that don't support them?

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Also, here you go...


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>call top and sell
>rises another 200%
>call top but hold a little longer
>drops 50% immediately, and then another 50% while trying to decide if to keep holding or sell to cut losses

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Set a position and stops.
Calculated ahead of time:
>i am buying X at Y price and selling X at Z price.

Have a goal for each trade. Keep it modest.

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Always sell half at the 24 high

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Sell your verge at 1k sats if that's what you're asking

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Don't buy ATH. You know it's about to reach the height when the price goes up extremely fast. Don't rely on the candlestick chart because it's very inaccurate during pumps. Only buy while the price is increasing gradually.

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A bot

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sell as soon as you made profit. rebuy shitcoins with a large market volume when they are on sale. don't be greedy. it's so simple in practice that you might want to create a greedless bot to do it to ensure profit.

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thats sounds like a plan