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wtf can we do

any lawyer on biz who is uptodate on the linkpool situation?

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>invested in unregulated security
>get's frauded
>wants legal recourse
lol, lmao even

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Stab Jonny in the eye i quess
in minecraft haha

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buy more SDL,,,advice your hole village to buy SDL,, celebrate SDL pump with new water bottle

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if there is no legal recourse, the next best thing would be getting jonneh doxxed and see what happens i guess

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Sounds like a plan, how do we doxx him

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I'm gonna smash a fooken pint glass in his fooken eye next time 'ah see him at the pub. I know where the fooker lives, I know his ma.

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what is going on with it? What's the problem? I'm out of the loop

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Jonneh pulled the rug

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How so?

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He bait and switched

no more revenue sharing and we got an absolute trashtier token instead

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The day before staking they launched a forced token migration from LPL to SDL and forced you to convert and sign their new TOS (protecting them from legal repercussions) if you wanted to redeem your existing accumulated LINK rewards
The new token completely eliminated the revenue share component and diluted existing LPL holders 5:1 while permitting a laughable amount of LINK to stake relative to the 7k that anyone could do via just the regular chainlink interface

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so linkpool was something like a shared node or set of nodes service? And to stake your (less than 7K) LINK there, you had to use a token called LPL? But if you had 7K link, you could have ran your own node without any of the LPL token nonsense?
Do I have that right?

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It doesn't matter if it is regulated or not.
Stealing is a crime no matter how you explain it.

He sold 25% of the income of his company.
It doesn't matter what he wants to do he can never go back on this promise without a bankruptcy.

What concerns me is that I don't see anyone trying to start a class action lawsuit against them when it is more than worth it.
Also Chainlink Labs being a part of this new cartel and the thief stilol working for Chainlink Labs is very problematic for Sergey's reputation.
He keeps invited the biggest scammers to his conferences, but making one work directly for him is at a completely different level.

Imagine if SBF was working part time at Chainlink Labs while this was heppening.
Would Sergey have kept him as a worker?

This is currently what he is doing for the Linkpool thief.
I can't take Sergey seriously anymore.
He really doesn't care about us.

Every company should have run to the hill to remove their association with Linkpool after this scam but they are trying to ignore it.
Every one of them is corrupt.

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No one wants to do anything right now because they have us by the balls because of chainlink. I want link to pump if I start shit with lp it will for sure spill over to link. They know this

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The only thing you can do is go find Johnny and fuck him up yourself. Funny how all these faggots- bancor, linkpool- none of them are anonymous. They stole MILLIONS. And they're still walking around gaslighting the people they stole from. Lol, lmao even. Crypto cucks are supposed to have nothing but money and free time, so whats keeping you from going and taking whats rightfully yours back, by force?

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wtf are you talking about, you are pretty obviously astroturfing.

legal repercusions are coming

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Is this the future you want?
What do you think the Chainlink network will grow into if you let evil take root at its base?

Do you want the vision of hell to be made into a reality by Chainlink?
As long as this situation is not resolved it will create negative sentiment for Chainlink and be used for fud.

The only answer for a network pretending to bring trust to us is to be impeccable in their morals.

I held through the -90% bear market because I believed Chainlink would bring this world into reality.
I don't want to hold the next shitcoin of the next FTX corrupt cartel.

Who do you think will make the memes and positive sentiment to pump it in the next bull market when their OGs have been so greatly hit?

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its pretty obvious at this point that chainlink are in fact the bad guys

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Sergey is at the base and I’ve looked past some stuff he’s done so far cause of money. This whole thing happens Sergey style. Take over and cut everyone out, that’s his mo. Only bullish sentiment I have is pumping next cycle. Im there man I’ve been hiking since ico. The tech will probably work in another ten years but i wont bag hold for Sergey any longer while he goes to conferences to tak shit and sleep in five star hotels.

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I hate that I lost money but seeing linkpool team go to jail would make up for it

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I am willing to think they are just incompetent and naive.
Sergey didn't promise anything related to Linkpool.
What he did badly was making an announcement without giving an update and an explanation for the delay.

Sergey will officially become a liar in 2 weeks once the year ends and CCIP is not released and only weak people try to hide before their responsibilities.

Linkpool may have ruged everyone in this and even Sergey may not have known Johnny was trying to rug his users like this.
The possibility still remains that they only made plans for the node staking protocol and that they didn't expect this forced migration to happen to LPL holders.

The mode of operation of trying to force people through it by revealing it on the last day seems to imply Johnny was trying to rug pull everyone at the last moment and at least one node operator taking part in the network made a comment that they didn't know about this and only discussed the protocol.

Had this SDL token been exchanged for LPLA without taking away the LPL ownership everything would have worked out well.
Maybe the others didn't know about this and are now stuck in this shitty situation locked in staking together with LPL for one year and unable to withdraw.

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There is a reason why they have positioned them selfs to be the defacto staking platform. Think about the wording used right there. They set it up in a way if stake.link failes then retail staking as a whole fails. Sergey style , and don’t tell me sergey doesn’t know. Johnny works for him and talks daily with him.

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Sergey knew the whole time. They have launched staking and stake.link you don’t think he’s going to chat with his employee?

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stake.link is specifically for liquid staking, chainlink will offer an autodelegation system in the future themselves

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Sergey doesn't deserve our support if he doesn't fix this situation by removing Johnny from his company and their association with Linkpool through SDL.

But yes he fucked up everything and I would have exited if not for the hope that Eric is trying to unfuck this.
As for the tech it seems the investment banker who shared their information with us years ago knew about the real roadmap of the company.
He kept repeating me this was a hold until 2024-2025 and it's impressive to see how this may become a reality 4 years later.

The Swift insiders had their roadmap since the start.
We should get some form of crypto recovery next year and DECO will cause a new DeFi bull run.

So we may be closer to the end of our suffering than to the beginning, but I don't want to hold an investment in something I don't believe in anymore.
If Sergey loses the last bit of trust I still have in him it's game over and at that point I may consider an alliance with Nexo to short them and create honest fud based on Linkpool.

The staking protocol should include a form of node reputation into it taking into account their morals and reputation in the real world.
No sane person would want to use Linkpool as a trusted node if they knew how they treated their investors.
If they can do this to their investors imagine what they can do to node service users.

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Yah two more weeks is another constant theme. Then two more and then oh sorry we changed some stuff my bad. Look at the build rewards wording.

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Checked. Sergey doesn’t deserve any support at all. We looked past stuff because truth> trust. He walked that back with two year lock up with reward lock up.
Do not bag hold for that fat faggot again. Im selling part of my stack next run. He betrayed us not the other way around.

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Why do you think Sergey knew about Johnny's intentions if he chose to wait until the last moment to reveal his betrayal?
He may have hid this from Sergey too as it's not a part of his job as a developer for Chainlink Labs.

They can still recover from this, but how they react to this situation will be very important and will reveal the truth.

Also Sergey is a very busy CEO with hundreds of employees.
Do you think he has time to discuss with every node operator to ask them how they are planning to rug his user base?

He keeps trying to shill his project on mainstream media and has to learn how to play the power game at a bigger scale.
He already had to share many of his responsibilities with people we don't know and are running the company under him.

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CEO knows everything that goes on. They get a report about it. When I’m on a job managing it I may not be there in every aspect but I get heads up on what’s done for the day etc etc. jhonny works for CLL and they talk daily for the role out. You don’t think something like this was discussed at all? Seeing as stake.link is now staking for retail chainlink?

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there is no doubt in my mind that the fat fuck knew about it.

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How could he not? He handled it the same way he handled Andre cronje

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The 12 biggest nodes and Sergey didn't get wind of anything ? UN-fucking-likely.

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I have a similar mindset.
I won't bag hold this anymore, and will focus on trading it instead without bag holding once we finally get a recovery.
In a way this bear market gave us what we really wanted: freedom

We have been freed from the curse of believing in an utopia and can now see things for how they really are and act on it.
Compared to how I was years ago when I was afraid of selling my stack I am in a much better place.

However you should also keep in mind that what we experienced with Chainlink will never happen this way again with this asset.
The exponential pump phase called hype cycle happens only once at the start of a new project when people have too much positive expectations.

This is the cycle delivering the best and quickest returns.
It is then followed by a facing reality phase which last approximately 20 months when investors have to face reality and realize they overvalued the company which didn't deliver the final product yet.

We are now entering the final liftoff phase which could last a decade and deliver lower boomer stock like returns.
There will still be crypto cycles in this which will cause the token to pump and then dump, but the movement will become less volatile with time and deliver less returns as time goes on and the network grows in an organic lower paced manner.

Linkpool will have big issues once staking v1.0 is released because it will have an infinite competition of node operators without a corruption scandal and it will be ignored more as time goes because of their destroyed reputation.

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Sergey keeps attracting scammers like a magnet for some reason and completely missed the CeFi short seller cabal.
He was partnered with Celsius who used insider information to short them and barely woke up to the reality this year.

Yes he is that stupid.
For some reason people put him on a pedestal and think he always acts perfectly because they don't see the reality behind his actions and how he really is.

As long as there is a small probability of Sergey being stupid everything is not lost and he can learn from his mistakes to improve.

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They won’t because they created a consortium of node ops that get air dropped sdl and from that an apy. See Sergey style. I am free from it yah. I will trade it like a shit coin now and get into other projects.

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>attracts scammer

Three diffrent ones and they are Jews? The only constant is Sergey. Next to look at is arbitrum and the kike that runs that. Go in the discord and ask them how they generate revenue and you will get told none of your business. I did this

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Not to mention nodes are still kyced and top performing nodes all are ex CLL employees. They are farming reputation right now

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>As long as there is a small probability of Sergey being stupid everything is not lost and he can learn from his mistakes to improve.
just as bearish if not even more bearish because if he still hasn't learned by now, he never will.

In my opinion he is in on it. See pic related. He dumps his worthless tokens, develops a bit of a product so that others can scam too (no backstabbers since they all profit) and he plays the "Smart Con". The "Smart Con" is probably a wink of arrogance to see if he could get away with it (he did so far)

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In order to gain market share they have to work with everyone at least when it comes to DeFi and L1/L2s.
Just like how they added support for ADA which as hated by this community this is the way to gain business with the effect of attracting scammers.

Arbitrum is funded by the ETH mafia and uses ETH for its gas fees.
Arbitrum being successful increases the value of the ETH network by increasing its global amount of operations secured.
Arbitrum using ETH keeps the money in the ETH ecosystem instead of taking it like Matic.

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pungent smell of discord neovagina ITT
pool's closed

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Each project that rugged had a kike and Was associated with chainlink and Sergey. Three times now that has happens. He’s a retard or he’s in on it

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The consortium of nodes won't survive the staking v1.0 release for multiple reasons but the main one is competition.
Staking aims to allow everyone to create a node by staking enough collateral for their reputation.
It will instantly dilute the value of the historic KYC nodes just like how LPL holders got diluted by SDL.

SDL is a very badly designed protocol with stealing economics which doesn't provide a value sufficient to justify its 20% tax on lenders.

The only reason there is no competition right now is because the number of nodes is limited and staking not released in its final state.
The new nodes entering this market with staking v1.0 will want to use something which delivers the lowest costs of borrowing with the best service and users will want a service which allows them to select with which node to stake, and to get insurance for slashing.

It is very likely we will see an Aave like competitor emerge in the future which will take away the monopoly from SDL and push towards irrelevance.

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Is Jeff Bezos a scammer because scammers use Amazon?
When you are doing business with hundreds, thousands or millions of customers you will get scammers in the mix too.

What I recognize however is that Sergey may have had a good life in his past and didn't face the darkness of narcissists and psychopaths in it.
That's why they keep taking advantage of him.
This is unfortunately the norm in this world and less than 1% of the people in it can recognize these people and have the right mindset to avoid them.

As we learned with Linkpool the prerequisite for being scammed does not always have to be a Jewish origin, but a weak person with no morals is enough.

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It's not the case.
He really is that naive and it's partially my fault for trying to protect him that he didn't learn properly this lesson and only partially which may have caused this Linkpool result.

In the end even with the power to change the future it will revert back to its natural state and this may have been my punishment for trying to interfere with it.

What was needed to awaken Sergey completely to reality was for the LINK token to dump to $3-4 when the short CeFi cartel was shorting it.
Because I spent a lot of effort to analyze their actions this may have prevented it and Sergey took this for granted.

But in the end his soul wants him to learn this lesson and will cause problems to appear until he learns that lesson to acknowledge and then reject darkness.

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>trusting some 3rd party nigger with your linkies
lol lmao morons u reap what u sow
i bet u all held shit in ftx too

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Are you Ari ?

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I’m calling it, arbitrum will rug next. ((())) u just know

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the arbitrum bridge has a know security flaw. if it doesn't get fixed in time, very likely.

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Sorry but wake tf up - all the memes and positive energy couldn't pump link in the biggest bull market possible. You retards should get off 4chan and see how the rest of the crypto internet doesn't care about chainlink for good or bad

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He’s a CLL employee

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Wait how would this effect someone already ported over? It’s pretty obvious at this point the people running the exploits are the devs of the project

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I have no fucking clue mate. Just read some blogpost about it a couple days ago.

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Fuck I have a loan out on aave. Thanks for the heads up

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Linkpool is/was one of the top CL node operators and the LPL token enabled token holders to a collective 25% cut of LP’s top line revenue. It was a bet on both the growth of the underlying chain link network and their ability to introduce products to that network they could capitalize on and grow that revenue stream

They clearly are just retards who made a bad business decision years ago and finally took the chance to cut out the community that supported them in their time of need. Disgusting behavior and I hope someone puts a bullet in Jonny’s skull

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In minecraft of course

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>It doesn't matter if it is regulated or not.
>Stealing is a crime no matter how you explain it
I didn't read the rest of you drivel, but this part is 100% false, since it was not stealing, you fucking retard

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Oh Jonny, why don't you fuck off ? You already got the money. You already fucked over your (also scamming) employer. Not our problem that you only have enemies left now.

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Is this the new "everyone I don't like is bulgarian" spam

>> No.52871759

> ran
hey jonneh i see you

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The Bulgarian was just a pysop, the real shorter is CLL

>> No.52871798

jonny was unironically a bizlet before creating linkpool and it is most certain that the chainshit team shill here.

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Eric is not "trying to unfuck this", he probably wrote this post kek. Nice try Rugpoolio

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Inb4 Chainlink is a literal CIA Operation to keep us from making money.

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maybe ?

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Chart looks like shit

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I didn't know Eric became a janny.

Trading is not drawing lines with no analysis of the TA and context.
Not solving the Linkpool issue will in time create a bigger problem for them which may enable this result, but Bitcoin recovering may avoid this result.

However on a daily basis Chainlink looks like shit and if Sergey does not pump out new hopium in the next 2 days it will trigger a weekly sell signal for Chainlink.
Maybe that will make them remove Johnny when they have to chose between taking a 50% haircut on their token market cap or keeping a scammer in their club.

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>autistic seething from all these shit for brain Lpl niggers
Lmao this is far best the best rug ever and you retards deserved it. Why didn’t you just stack link?

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>>"bwuuahhh the nodes are all vc-backed how can i profit on chainlink network activity T_T"
>>SDL presenting itself ass-up on a silver platter and these virgins still aren't buying

>> No.52873481

Yeah let's trust someone with a known track record of rug pulling investors not to repeat it a second time.
What can go wrong?

Also the platform will lose against competition once staking v1.0 is released because no one wants a 20% tax for parasites who don't provide any value.
To extract fees a protocol has to offer a service.

>> No.52873620

This. This did so much to fuck the sentiment of chainlink and Sergey after the years of dumping on us literally and figuratively

>> No.52873772

Lol Lpl fags coping hard itt. Imagine investing in a 3rd party instead of link

>> No.52874328

>Every company should have run to the hill to remove their association with Linkpool after this scam but they are trying to ignore it.
>Every one of them is corrupt.

node ops for chainlink is like being shit trying to climb up an asshole.

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Here’s where you’re wrong. Mod ops are paid to join the mafia via sdl apy

>> No.52875854

lol you got rugged

>> No.52876843

This is not true, there is absolutely no incentive for node operators to hold their sdl.

>> No.52877057

They get their portion of the LINK staking rewards by staking their LINK

>> No.52877137

Exactly and as i understood it if nodes were to dump all their tokens on the open market, they could STILL use the link on stake.link for collateral. They fucked us every way imaginable

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>daddy government save me!!!
You all need to exit crypto. Immediately.

>> No.52877242

Johnnee has to pay literally or figuratively for this scam.

>> No.52877248

>nooooo you have to take it in the ass, you cant just try going after people who scammed you

>> No.52877461

>Trading is not drawing lines with no analysis of the TA and context.
Anon I... It bounced from 200MA for the third time faggot. We had this pump because of staking hype. Now there is literally nothing to wait for.

>> No.52877493

Did you sell? Should i sell? Cant take another loss.

>> No.52877594

Yes I sold some when the staking hype died. Also staked some. I can't tell you what you need to do

>> No.52877663

These past two years have been hell.

>> No.52878541

Try six

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Whenever I see someone care this much about something on /biz/ I know they have ulterior motives.
If your points were significant and not meant to manipulate random people you'd be saying that somewhere where things that are said matter.
Captcha DKKKNA

>> No.52880349

nice try jonneh

>> No.52881332

Is there hope at all

When will we know for certain what the return on staking SDL is, whens the payout? As much as I love believing FUD, i'm cautioning my disappointment

>> No.52881537

Where would that be?

When I look at twitter all I see are weak men who want to avoid reality and cope.
All they want to see are bullish messages full of hopium but write something realistic and everyone will start to hate and avoid you.

>> No.52881755

You have to explain it a bit better then.
It looked like random scribbling from Ben with his moving averages.

The only thing which could generate some hype in the next 3-6 months is a possible release of DECO.
They really fucked up.

All those positive news wasted on FED fud and then they deliver the finishing blow with the worst timing with full betrayal.

Will they allow the token to crash after defending the price last time?
They certainly deserve it and I may move into ETH instead.
That would give me some vacation from this catastrophic project.

>> No.52881832

Would you invest in Sam's 2nd attempt to run an exchange?

SDL is a 2nd rug pull in preparation by someone who just executed his first rug pull.

Reputation is heavier than life and Johnny jut destroyed his permanently in one rug pull after years of building it up for nothing.

SDL has the same weaknesses as his personality and will fail in a similar way if it is not bailed out by Chainlink Labs.
The most valuable resource in this world after attention is trust.

That's the entire product of Chainlink and this idiot just shat on everything Chainlink stood for.

>> No.52882177

Chainlink network is poised to capture 100B revenue. If the tokenomics work like they should a token price over $1000 shouldn't be out of the question. Wealthy people in SWIFT, WEF, banks, Google etc are aware of Chainlink. Why is the price action so bad? Is it because:
1. Macro market environment is bad
2. Institutions and the people inside are still wary of the regulations and don't want to take position until things are more clear.
3. Chainlink haven't done a lot of work with SWIFT and banks yet and they want to see the technology work first.
4. The tokenomics won't actually work like we think and SWIFT will use the technology like public good. (The shadow fork)
5. ?

>> No.52882524

I have to do a new estimation for the token economics soon, but my current estimation is that the token economics will never work like we expected.
Super linear staking was the first sign of this.

The goal of Chainlink is not to pump the price of their token but to gain all the market share and create a useful system.
Sergey already made it and if his project enables a world with smart contracts then he will be successful even if the LINK token disappears.
It won't impact his company Chainlink Labs who owns the important patents and will have ways of making money by selling services around this system.

Staking is only really needed to allow a greater number of nodes by using it for their reputation and every other service including CCIP can be run without it.
When you look at what they are testing and doing for the v0.1 and v0.2 it all comes to ways to run a decentralized system based on reputation.

But then what of Linkpool?
Isn't their existence the complete opposite of what staking is supposed to enable?
Linkpool delivered the ultimate fud against Chainlink in so many ways it's not even funny anymore.

LPL is to Linkpool what LINK is to Chainlink Labs a promise by a man to not get rug pulled.
But the first group is still working for the second one thus validating their behavior.

Will you wait another 10 year to see the network become what you wanted to see and miss out on opportunities, while getting a -70% dump each year?
Or will you take a better approach of looking for opportunities and protect your capital?

The only reason I am still holding LINK is because of the fud we had, but even that seems to be gone now.
My only reason to remain in LINK is because someone with more wealth wanted it badly enough.
But I won't wait a decade for that if the chart tells me to leave the sinking ship.

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chainlink did that, heres to another two more weeks

>> No.52882747

>it all comes to ways to run a decentralized system based on reputation.
which since he kyc nodes, is letting ex CLL employees farm out.

>> No.52882898

The purpose of the Chainlink network is to propose a very low cost service to replace and improve the existing APY business.
For tokenization to work you have to make it a better product than what currently exists and this means allowing the new system to reduce your costs.

It will reduce organization complexity it they make a good legal basis which would put Johnny instantly into a prison for trying to scam people, but that's also missing.
On the other side for Swift this new system cannot increase costs for the current messaging system.

Unfortunately I have no data on this, but my expectation is that CCIP will only be used when interacting with blockchains and not for the legacy banking network and its main mode of operation in this migrated system.
If it was different it would just increase costs and would not have been rolled out as CCIP is still not officially released which fits with their announcement of a PoC.

For CCIP to be useful for Swift the blockchain space needs to grow. Maybe this will enable that growth...

The problem with staking is that it a very high cost feature with diminishing returns.
This is why they made super linear staking to reduce those costs.

However Chainlink is doing everything to remove the risk from their own network and not have to bear responsibility for it.
You can see this in the CCIP design giving a tool for devs to send simple messages and for token transfers, but leaving the responsibility on their hands to manage it properly.

This allows to reduce negative impact and liabilities for Chainlink, allow better scaling, but also reduces the value of the Chainlink network as an insurance provider to the system.

For staking to be successful, its future decentralized model must make it prohibitive to buy reputation for Linkpool, enough to make them bankrupt.
But I doubt they will make it so.
Then what are you buying through staking if your decentralized reputation model ignores corruption of the node operator?

>> No.52882937

you are a CLL employee faggot. Tell sergey he can go fuck himself

>> No.52883007

Now that I think about this it's a lot worse than I initially thought.
Sergey became officially a liar and didn't even have the balls to take ownership for his failure, because he let someone else to release the news in a discord chat as if it was not important or maybe he wanted to hide it.

This would explain why Johnny is working for them.
We bet on a group of weak men pretending to change the world.
In reality what they really needed to change was not the world but their own unhealthy mindset and beliefs.

Only cowards want to change the world thinking it will magically solve their personal issues.
To build something you have to first change yourself to become stronger.
Only once you fixed everything that was broken inside of you can you start to try to improve the world.

>> No.52883084

I wonder what makes you think that when people would call my posts fud.
Tell him yourself because I doubt I will meet him after this.

I have no care for weak men who destroy the world in their attempts to ignore their own problems.

>> No.52883185

i remember you from the last thread. you went from fud posting to defending the fat ass

>> No.52883443

yeah, he stopped posting after i called him out in that thread.

>> No.52883791

Could it be that I am trying to remain neutral?
There are both good and bad things.

If you focus only on the good you will regret it once the bad things grow and explode on you.
The same can happen if you are overly negative.

Chainlink is a good idea led by weaker men than such a project would deserve.
Despite all the rug pulls and betrayals the developers delivered good innovative products which enabled completely new markets like DeFi.

Unfortunately that competence does not extend to managing a company and advertising...

I am not a janitor...

>> No.52884125

i don't remember the other anon or me calling you a jannie.
but now that you brought it up... you might just be one ain't ya.

>> No.52884264

I implied that jannitors were doing it for free as their full time job...
I don't want to spend all my time on /biz/ speaking of a project which keeps betraying.

This place is now so dead that jannies are not needed anymore.
Where did all the fud go?

Was it from whales who wanted to stake?
Why is there no new fud with the Linkpool situation?

They delivered the ultimate fud on a gold platter.
This worries me a bit.

One reason to stop fuding would be if you have no reason to accumulate anymore, or are trying to exit quietly.

The only positive thing I still see is an interesting movement for Chainlink getting removed from exchanges massively to record levels.

The exchange owned supply went below 20% for the first time in history and it's even more spectacular for Bitcoin and ETH.
Usually this would precede a pump...

>> No.52884288

>I implied that jannitors were doing it for free as their full time job...
just because you are new on the job and read a doc or spent two weeks here wont make you fit in.

>> No.52884390
File: 45 KB, 550x716, 4jYxImD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I am not trying to fit in.
I want to leave this place.

Try to sit 5 years on a toilet and see how long you can last before it starts to hurt.

>> No.52884450

your dog whistle will not work here

>> No.52884491
File: 147 KB, 1800x1013, glassnode-studio_chainlink-balance-on-exchanges-link-all-exchanges.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

An opinion on this?
The exchange reserve is decreasing to levels not seen since 2018 despite the increase in supply.

>> No.52884533
File: 155 KB, 1800x1013, glassnode-studio_chainlink-percent-balance-on-exchanges-all-exchanges.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If we look at it from a percentage basis compared the the total supply which kept increasing this is even more spectacular.
It means that all the tokens Sergey was dumping went into very strong hands who keep it off from exchanges.

I remember the number of bigger whales kept accumulating for some time but haven't seen an article on this for some time.
This would confirm that movement.

The supply on exchanges is now 18.5%.
We are getting close to a critical level at which market manipulation through derivatives becomes suicidal.

>> No.52884599
File: 128 KB, 1800x1013, glassnode-studio_bitcoin-percent-balance-on-exchanges-all-exchanges.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The last big movement happened on the 24th of November but I can't see a similar move for ETH and BTC.

The bitcoin exchange supply is at 11.8%
The last time it was this low was on December 2017.

The price dumps but the supply dumps even more.

This looks like accumulation.
Or maybe it's the effect of the Binance and FTX fud.

>> No.52884696

The Chainlink supply on exchanges was divided by 2 during these last 2 years on a percentage basis.
This may really have been a 2 year accumulation zone.

>> No.52884880

lmao @ sour grapes linkpool faggots turning on link, got tired of reading the lpl threads with zero fud cause they were the ones shitting up the regular link threads. eat shit

>> No.52884961

I don't think supear linear staking is that bad. There's still the incentive to get more link for node ops. Atleast in theory.
I think you are too fast to jump to conclusion that Sergey is only working on Chainlink because of personal issues.
This looks good.

>> No.52884971

This. Fuck you faggots. You invested in retarded shit and you got more than you deserved. Kill yourselves.

>> No.52885002

It’s really not stealing sweaty. You gave him the money you god damn retard.

>> No.52885026

Sorry, I didn't buy from Jonny... But yes. No matter how you pilpul it you fuckface, he stole it.

>> No.52885073

Kek and is this Jonny in the room with us right now lmao

>> No.52885224
File: 7 KB, 250x250, 1628775238882.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the hell would I know?

>> No.52885894

in my opinion they did this whole linkpool shit on purpose to cut ties with their early supporters, which are viewed as autistic nazis and give chainlink a bad reputaion.

>> No.52886118

>bite the hand that feeds you
i somehow really doubt they will have institutional customers after firing (most of) the instutional sales team.

>> No.52886139

It was only pure greed, combined with narcissism and egoism.
Johnny did the worst possible thing he could do to Sergey and Sergey still hasn't reacted to it officially.
Silence is his answer.
The worst possible...

Imagine stabbing everyone who gave you support in the back on the most important day of the year when you finally release staking after 2-4 years of wait.
He betrayed far more than his investors.
He betrayed the support of everyone in the ecosystem.
Sergey who gave him a business and funded his operation at a loss for years.
The community which gave his node advertising and more business.

And everyone who is invested into Chainlink indirectly through their relationships.

The very reason why Chainlink was created was to monetize trust.
Sergey should know then that reputation is the most valuable resource in his business.

>> No.52886173

there is simply no way the fat fuck didnt know about it before and
im agreeing, what jonny did was the ultimate betrayal

but im saying they did it on purpose so we finally sell and lose trust, they want us gone

>> No.52886209

and I'm saying good luck with that because apparently nobody (institutions wise) wants their product if they fire most of their institutional sales team and by fucking retail they just killed themselves.

>> No.52886226

and in a few years a phoenix will rise from the ashes

>> No.52886354

Hiding it until the last days seems like the behavior of a lying rat and fits with Johnny's behavior of trying to force everyone quickly into his rug pull on the last day and not letting everyone have time to react.
It backfired when people didn't migrate instantly.
It would also explain why there was no official reaction if they now need support from lawyers to make a proper decision...

Do you have a proof of this?
I didn't follow all the news.

It would mean they turned more bearish for the short term.

>> No.52886391

Fuck jonneh but also fuck sergeh
Kek I bet people are still saying
>firing the institutional sales team is bullish
and I bet those people all work for Chainlink Labs institutional NEET shill team

>> No.52886496

>“As we are constantly evaluating our business, we recently opted to shift some headcount investment from sales into product and engineering,” the spokesperson said. The startup is continuing to add to its overall headcount, the representative added. The company did make several key hires earlier this year.

>> No.52886743

This is ironically bullish longer term.
There is nothing better for the company than to fire sales people to replace them with developers.
Managers and salesmen are the ultimate parasites in a company.

>> No.52886793


>> No.52886878

When you think about it Chainlink is aiming to become a decentralized service which is easy to use and setup.
Why do you need sales people then?

If someone wants to use Chainlink all they would need to do would be to start an AWS supported Chainlink node and buy some tokens on an exchange.
Once staking v1.0 is released they will be able to select their choice of nodes easily and will in time only need one APY call to do all the complex process.

Why do you need institutional salesmen?
If you have a great product everyone will want to use it.
But to have a great product you need more developers to develop the missing features faster.

>> No.52886947

several thousand words and you are making no fucking sense, is this a fucking bot or something? Why write all this endless shit. I cannot understand ONE thing you've said, FUCK OFF, and fuck that Northern son of a fucking whore while you're about it lol

>> No.52886973

Stop taking drugs and uninstall tiktok then.

>> No.52887070

does anyone care if I have johneighs home address? Because I do

>> No.52887106

post it

>> No.52887120

Yes post it please

>> No.52887485
File: 83 KB, 495x600, 65438114-48DA-40F1-A011-34411A5C3B38.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>they didn't buy the obvious double bottom of the biggest chainlink staking platform while she was cold, naked, and shivering
>they didn't wife her and make massive gains in her uterus
>they're cucks

>> No.52887503
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>anime pedo