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>The Digital Asset Anti-Money Laundering Act Announced Today in US Senate: Requires Devs to Register Identity and Obtain a License, Censor and Surveil Users, Bans Privacy Tools
>The bipartisan Digital Asset Anti-Money Laundering Act, introduced today by Sens. Warren and Marshall, is the most direct attack on the personal freedom and privacy of cryptocurrency users and developers we’ve yet seen. It would force anyone who helps maintain public blockchain infrastructure, either through software development or validating transactions on the network, to register as a Financial Institution (FI). As FIs, they would be obligated to:

>-identify and record the personal information of every person who uses their software or sends transactions over their internet-connected computers,

>-develop risk-calibrated AML programs that block persons from using their software or network throughput if they suspect those people are moving funds related to crime, and

>-file reports about their users without a warrant, government request, or probable cause as the trigger.

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How is this better than gold?
What the fuck are you guys trying to do, plunge
the world into a thousand years of tyranny and technocratic darkness?!

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lol it's fucking over. who ever thought the immutable ledger wasn't going to get co-opted by these bolshevik kikes is a fucking retard.

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people will tolerate privacy violations, and attacks on their personal freedom. but they won't tolerate inconvenience. these rules won't be followed and there is ultimately jack shit they can do about it, they fucked up. they are hurting themselves in their confusion

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>these rules won't be followed and there is ultimately jack shit they can do about it
lol bullshit, they will fuck every developer who touches anything which won't comply. look at how they grabbed binance and all of the cex's by the balls.

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everyone who complies will be at a severe competitive disadvantage in that nobody will use their product. institutional investment is great and all but if the product has no adoption from the masses its worthless. bullish for monero

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>the year is 2023
>the usd rugged
>the gov cant pay the agents to stop me from making NiggerInu on BSC and using it to trade with local redneck militias in exchage for their Wrapped Safemoon 2


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nobody will be able to use the products which don't comply because they will not exist.

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there are many anonymous devs in the space, looks like soon there will be many more

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And that's why Monero is guaranteed to eventually replace bitcoin. Regulatory pressure will force everyone to migrate. Ethereum is basically fucked I guess, no idea what can replace it.

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>if the product has no adoption from the masses its worthless
So like bitcoin and every other cryptocurrency. Sounds about right.

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and even if they did, it's all traced back to you via immutable public ledgers. If you receive funds from an anonymizer your wallet is forever sanctioned. it's over.

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i don't think you understand how blockchain works. tell me, how are they supposed to ban a worldwide decentralized network that can be accessed and used by anybody?

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how is your shitcoin going to replace anything when it's illegal to use?

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usa is an extremely insignificant country in the grand scheme of things.

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>he cant code
>he cant bridge his asset over to a new chain he made specifically for avoiding compliance
>he cant make shitcoins off of it it and blame the Korean neighbors for rugging


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Quite easily, when it's connected to your name forever. Use an anonymizer and your funds / addresses are blacklisted / sanctioned. Good luck running around with your black market money and never getting to use it without triggering an investigation. Let me guess, you are in your early 20s?

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by tracking people and raping their asses, government just have to rape publicly 0.1% of the people using it and 99% will abandon it, maybe a few radicals will stay but it will be useless because they will just be exchanging worthless tokens between themselves

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That's the cool part, it isn't

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nobody cares about the law. its unjust and can't be enforced in this instance anyways. it's just a joke. they're just encouraging people who otherwise would follow the law to become criminals. they're forcing crypto into a position where its only option is to completely replace traditional institutions, just as satoshi wanted.
sanctioned only by people who care about some dumb american law that can't realistically be enforced anyways

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>cope, the post
traced forever. no escaping your identity attached to your addresses. use the anonymizer and you will be charged with money laundering. what is so hard to understand?

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you are coping sir. the usa is a failed state. it wont even exist within 5 years.

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then people will stop attaching their identity to their addresses.

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gotta love underage subhumans spewing their shitbrain thoughts

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>traced forever. no escaping your identity attached to your addresses. use the anonymizer and you will be charged with money laundering. what is so hard to understand?
hey buddy, not sure if you're quite aware, but where we're going laws arent gonna fucking matter. you think i give a shit?

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Anyone who could rub two brain cells together knew the US will bring insane regulations. If it passes the rest of the world will move on leaving the US to wallow in its own filth, further excluding and likely pissing off the US population. Also CBDCs

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gotta love bootlickers getting stiff at the dream of total subjugation and lashing out when you explain their dream is dead on arrival

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Try using tornado cash lmao

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too late, it's already all traced forever on the public immutable ledgers ;)
you must be 18 to post here.

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Characteristics of a failed state
>Loss of control of its territory, or of the monopoly on the legitimate use of physical force
>Erosion of legitimate authority to make collective decisions
>Inability to provide public services
>Inability to interact with other states as a full member of the international community

this type of overconfident but ill informed repression of citizens' rights is a hallmark of a failed state lashing out before it falls

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>where we're going laws arent gonna fucking matter.
the absolute state of the average shitcoin holders mind.
I'm not dreaming of total subjugation, shitcoin holders are ushering it in with their dystopian public ledgers for all to see your transactions forever.

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then i'll identify myself, comply with regulations, cash out, and then rebuy without using a centralized exchange and kyc. the technology to do this is already in place.

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Wait a second, I thought we were a free people? What the fuck is this.

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>>Inability to interact with other states as a full member of the international community
USA runs the intl community
>>Inability to provide public services
example being?
>>Erosion of legitimate authority to make collective decisions
again, provide a single example.
>>Loss of control of its territory, or of the monopoly on the legitimate use of physical force

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>>>52864977 (You)
>>>52865014 (You)
>>>52865080 (You)
>>where we're going laws arent gonna fucking matter.
>the absolute state of the average shitcoin holders mind.

you communicated nothing with this post, btw

when people go without food you will see how much your laws matter

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So no different than private banking?

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>blocked by your ISP in order to comply with anti ML regulations

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remember the war on drugs, or prohibition. they banned people from shit they couldn't actually stop people from buying and it didn't work

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oh, it's a fucking fed. yall still doing nft scams on the side?

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two more weeks.

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Already happening. US has been a crypto pariah for some time now

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not quite, my neighborhood is already fucked. it's already started, nigger.

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What makes your silver or gold more legal?

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like how chinese isps block chinks from looking at porn to comply with anti-porn regulations. you're naive if you think that worked and the chinese don't look at porn online anymore

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>resorting to delusional copeing mechanism

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>not quite, my neighborhood is already fucked. it's already started, nigger.
lmfao delusional chud
>the government will treat watching porn like money laundering and tax evasion
you must be 18 to post here.

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Reply to me fucking nigger

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they really are pulling up the ladder on anyone else trying to make it

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yes, the chinese government treats watching porn like money laundering and tax evasion. the isps will block you if you try to get on pornhub.

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the fact that there isn't a public immutable ledger linking it to my identity?

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that would require global compliance, the entire west will comply with these financial regulations. keep copeing.

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>lmfao delusional chud
not everyone lives in a nice jewish neighborhood

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then i'll use a vpn
>then they'll ban vpns
then i'll use tor
>then they'll ban tor
then i'll use whatever else is developed to get around it till they ban that too assuming they even have the technological means to enforce that ban.

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you can but you will be imprisoned lmfao. no normie will ever do this shit. your bags will be back to where they belong in the cp and drug use case days.

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I hereby publicly declare that I do not give my permission for any living being to manipulate or cause harm to my body, mind or soul.
I do not consent to any forced upon act that concerns my well-being, including any "mandatory" demands or ultimatums, coercion, or entrapment.
I haven't participated and do not participate in the ongoing theatrics regarding the Great Reset, besides keeping myself informed.
Any party or being that goes against my consent regarding my body, mind or soul is in violation of my free will.

I also don't consent to:
-Digital IDs
-Forced Vaccinations
-Vaccine passports
-Cashless Society
-Attacks against free cryptocurrencies
-Social Credit Scores
-Civil Forfeiture
-Taxation that is not on services i use
-The infrastructure bill having anti crypto legislation
-You not copying or pasting this or your mother dies in her sleep tonight
-The jannitor deleting this post
-Forced quarantines
-Forced voting


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The push is obviously to make illegal ANY transactions that can't be identified to someone. PMG will be as illegal as Monero

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i don’t need to connect to the internet to barter with gold and silver. how are you sending your monero off grid?

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This was my impression too, but then on closer inspection it appears to be one particularly ardent bootlicker.

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>Mossad runs the intl community

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you can't hide your excitement, you're loving it. you're a sub. you're thrilled about the government having even more control. you're fully vaccinated.

the price drops i'll buy more. then price will come up again. your example is drugs, something already illegal to buy and sell being bought and sold with crypto and yet we won't be able to buy and sell crypto itself somehow? think about it

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>identify and record the personal information of every person who uses their software or sends transactions over their internet-connected computers,their software

how do they plan on enforcing this when you can host/download/run the software over tor/i2p?

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i'm laughing at the retards who fell hook line and sinker for muh financial revolution which literally was made by the jews to shuttle them into a mass surveillance transaction tracking system.

>> No.52865547

>he takes his gold to the store
>cashier calls the cops
>he runs off and arranges a meeting with a buyer
>its an undercover cop

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they already have cbdcs for that

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They can't it's just noise, these boomers are so out of reality.

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yeah, bitcoin.
shitbrain nigger IQ take, I would only be bartering with people I trust.

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Only country with real cbdc implementation is nigeria and it's economy is collapsing as people moved to cash usd, inflation literally started to go up at insane speed after cbdc implementation.

cbdcs are basically repudiation of national currencies by their own governments turning them into plantation coupons.

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won't pass. don't care. tranny senator can keep pretending to be an indian and tough on banks and get nothing done. even if passed, literally unconstitutional and will be challenged all the way to the Supreme Court

>> No.52865623

and i'll only be bartering with people who don't know who i am and couldn't fuck me over if they tried. why you beg your friends and family to take your gold in exchange for a ham sandwich until your bluepilled boomer parents call the cops on you

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Funny thing is, this plays directly into the xrp lore. Crypto will crash and be kept down and most will just disappear until the new financial system goes live. I think if this is the case, the US needs to be so backwards because it has a significant claim on the worlds wealth, this will allow other countries a chance at the table going into the future.

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rest of the world is also following the us lmao you are delusional. all you will be left with is russia and africa.

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and the glowies will show up and drag you away because everything you do on the internet traces back to you. and you were laundering money you filthy goyim.

>> No.52865754

i guess we'll both be in jail then. i'm sure you're looking forward to it

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they arent. mica is far better legislation than anything proposed by mutt legislators.

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the glowies will show up and drag you away because "only bartering with people i trust" means trusting your friends and family who are almost entirely bluepilled and will rat you out because the tv news told them to.

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100% barrani

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These rules have already applied to banks for decades.

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And banks don't work anymore at an international level unless you are rich.

AML triggers on an international level happen at ridiculous low levels now, people sending money from europe to the usa can have their bank accounts frozen due to aml cuckery for months.


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It's very easy to prevent stores from exchanging goods for an easily traced internet token.
Sending transactions with your "money" is meaningless if you can't exchange your internet tokens for real goods.

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The rest of the world will only wait so long. And guess what everyone is waiting for? Everyone to be ready for the CBDC rollout at the same time. Most crypto will be regulated out of existence.

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The age of surveillance capitalism is coming. World wide. A board full of retards, autists and schizos will have made it regardless.
Live it up later, best we can do. Enjoy that 1 life.

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Yes, and people tolerate it. My point is this WILL go through and people WILL comply. You wouldn't want to support terrorists would you?

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lol that's the end for crypto in the US, I guess. Nice detail that the jew Bankman-Fried's dad helped work to prepare this bill.

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The Bankman really did a good job

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good luck getting fiat into or out of Monero in the US.

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Boomers tolerate it because they have "kosher money" aka lot of wealth from when cash was dominant so the irs and tax agencies don't go after them.

The youth is not tolerating this anymore hence why every anti crypto boomer ends up rekt on places like twitter, their stances are very unpopular by the youth of both sides of the political spectrum because in a non cash economy, no money is kosher, these cuck your customer policies are getting out of control and starting to become a pain in the ass.

They are even treating sites like upwork as financial institution now, they have lost their fucking minds.

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all you need is a cpu and pay the energy bill

exactly, the bankman was going to be the kosher exchange this is why when binance offered tokenized equities from the same source as ftx multiple regulators attacked binance.

ftx had political cover, that said i just read the warren bill it's literally written by someone with a 10 year old mentality, even some democrats will be against this hit, fucking morons want a 7 page bill to regulate a trillion dollar industry, total clowns.

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the united states can't even stop citites from burning by rioting blacks, crack heads from shoplifting, black sheebooms from punching fast food workers, homeless encampments, millions of boarder hoppers, mass shootings in schools and hundreds of other things but they are going to totally crack down on people using a protocol. Get fucked all societies are in states of crisis and their bullshit governments are on the back foot after they got fucked from oversepping on people during covid. Even the slave race of han chinese are rioting rightnow.
These boomers are done and irrelevant. Even if it passes the supreme court will strike it down just like they did for PGP during the encryption wars on free speech grounds. No one can prevent your computer from doing math you dumb fuck.
Warren is nothing but a paid shill for the banking cartel and always has been under the guise of green nonsense. Her time is up.

>> No.52866199

kek, how is everyone in this thread missing that this only threatens Eth and other PoS (Piece of Shit)

anything that's PoW, as long as there is a majority of countries hashing the chain that does not follow these rules, makes the rules unenforceable even in the US. Anon txs WILL be incorporated in the chain and there is nothing US can do about it.

In fact if this passes people with significant crypto will stop reporting taxes and possibly move to another country.

PoS chains are a different matter because once the majority of stake resides in the US, it's over unless all US clients are forked out, and such a fork would have a high risk of splintering the network by country. But hash power can always be defeated anonymously and without need for coordination, it just requires a greater combined hash power to exist outside of US


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Could not have said it better, the youth is no longer consenting to the shit boomers are pushing.

These cocksucers made their wealth in a cash economy avoiding taxes and now they want people to report when they spend more than 600 usd in digital money.

Even your rent money with your friend would fall under donation tax the way these clowns are pushing things.

And as you say even china is on the retreat now, their nigerian cbdc is collapsing with inflation going up 1% every month since it's implementation, everybody is starting to realize they are swiming naked and can't enforce shit and the wave is about to retreat.

>> No.52866258

do you not know gold was effectively banned and confiscated during the great depression? Much harder to do that with crypto in fact. Crypto is sent anonymously and wirelessly without as much risk of exposure, as long as your public key is not linked to an ID

just atomic swap with monero, "oops I lost it", swap back to BTC or whatever else and good to go.

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>PoS chains are a different matter because once the majority of stake resides in the US, it's over unless all US clients are forked out, and such a fork would have a high risk of splintering the network by country. But hash power can always be defeated anonymously and without need for coordination, it just requires a greater combined hash power to exist outside of US

Which is why this clown bitch bill will not be approved, even by many democrats, it literally empowers pow massively and the total ban of privacy coins will create a p2p market for them allowing any shady fucker with a cpu to convert energy for monero by creating a market with a higher spread than regulated exchanges.

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your goal should be to leave the US anyway

>> No.52866284

There may be a non-zero chance this bill passes, but that number is very close to zero.

>> No.52866343

You do know nobody handed shit in right? Only cucks who kept gold in banks who weren't given a choice.

>> No.52866344

To do what, where? Live in some gun cucked European state? Or a wholly non-white country in South America? I can't think of any country besides USA where I can have as much freedom of movement and access to cheap land that is reasonably close to town.

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it's literally a 7 pages bill, these boomers are literally lead poisoned and must be removed at any cost.

How can retards like these be in position of power, they are literally a danger for our societies, imagine trying to regulat a trillion dollar industry with 7 pages.

For 85% of the covid gibs they could have run the entire us on nuclear energy, they are literally lead poisoned and mentally retarded, they are a danger at this point, it's not just stupidity it's mental retardation.

Just read the pdf it's literally as if they asked a 12 year old how to stop the bad man with crypto to writte it as a school assignment.

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the goal should be pushing these retards out, not escaping, the future can be better if defeatist cucks like you stop retreating for once.

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Young people heavily lean left and vote democrat, which supports even more invasion of personal liberty, less privacy, less sound money, etc. Of the ones into crypto, they're just buying it because they think it's gongo up. They dont have any principles and certainly aren't going to stand up to authority when they say they have to report all transactions or whatever else.

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if by young you mean zoomers yes, they have to learn but they will learn way faster, the current inflation boomers are fighting is only against food inflation to prevent chimpouts.

They don't care about travel costs, rents or even cars, zoomers will be redpilled fast as fuck, probably 2x faster than milennials.

>inb4 milennials are not redpilled

maybe not in the majority but the ones that are redpilled are militant redpilled and acting, unlike boomers that retreated for 50 years.

The winds of change are happening sooner than most think.

>> No.52866579

Were you born yesterday? We've been through this a dozen times just in the past decade.
Zoomers are absolutely the worst generation of Americans. I had my reservations until I actually talked to them irl. I can't believe they've managed to top millennial retardation but here we are.

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>Were you born yesterday? We've been through this a dozen times just in the past decade.

Yes and they keep getting more retarded, the problem that makes my blood boil is that it's all for nothing.
They keep pushing regulations that achieve nothing, cuck your customer data leaked from ftx is probably being used now to literally laundry money.

The boomers in power keep getting more delusional and out of touch with reality it's getting unbearable.

>> No.52866624

Invest in AmmoCoin. Comes in popular denominations like 9x19 and 5.56x45, 7.62x39, and more!
It’s physical and fungible, and there’s deflation pressure as AmmoCoin is burnt through usage. Yes, plenty of it is still being minted but government regulations might shut off civilian access sooner than later, so buy now before you need it.

>> No.52866662

This is a good move to legitimize crypto

>> No.52866687

>maybe not in the majority but the ones that are redpilled are militant redpilled and acting
No, most of them just post demoralization online. They do nothing. What have you done?

>> No.52866724

sure but using it became unviable after that, you needed a license. Finding an unlicensed trader was extremely risky.
no such thing with crypto

>> No.52866725

something something net neutrality

>> No.52866766

And if we give in to the Bolshevik kikes by bank-running rn, isn't that exactly what they want? The Glowniggers NEED the world to stay poor and to advance the cbdc all-seeing-eye. I think, if we are very lucky, a civil war in America will save us all - though at the greatest of costs. It's going to happen next year, guaranteed this time.

>> No.52866782


>> No.52866783

check these digits kikes . what cud it mean?

>> No.52866801

look into flare. Then ask yourself why flare is taking so fucking long before release. Then look into what an RLN is.

>> No.52866821

Christmas is coming up, what if binance or tether implodes before then and congress passes this on Christmas eve? Nooo, Congress has never done anything like that before.

>> No.52866845

get a load of this seething curly-haired, hook nose child rapist kike right here boys. Im remembering your ip kike.

>> No.52866875

guarantee if it passes, bad things will happen in very quick succession. Accelerate.

>> No.52866879

Are you fucking retarded?

>> No.52866890

Gold is literally 10x better now

>> No.52866926

Oh look, more government brute force on the market to insure only billion dollar multi-nationals have the resources to maintain cryptonodes.

>> No.52866937

how is the public traceable ledger anonymous lmfao you fell for your own bullshit nigger

>> No.52866967

wouldnt it be crazy if hax0rs revealed critical info that is being hidden? kek.

>> No.52867093

no it is not, KYC all gold, crypto is better because you can actually have it and transact in it

>> No.52867121

Government was always going to come after and attack crypto. Just another hill to climb over.

>> No.52867160

How else will they be able to sell CBDCs to the masses? The US is a few weeks in their "testing" of a CBDC, the EU already has a whitepaper a la "project dunbar". Everything is set up, they just need to knock it down, oh wait how many exchanges went bust?

>> No.52867601

Dont forget to KYC all your coins now. Wouldn't want to be accused of selling illegal metal now? https://mintid.com/

>> No.52867623


>> No.52867775

try selling any gold with KYCing
you can't
but you still can sell crypto easily and forever for stables

>> No.52867821

That's my favorite one!

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> NOOOOOO I can't farm fake securities in my bedroom and pay pajeets to shill them to zoomers. I hate regulations!!!! I want to outlaw bank runs on my favorite exchanges!!!!!

>> No.52867883

they'll have another false flag event in the us.

>> No.52867937


i know your future, glowie. i read it in the sky from the all-father.

>> No.52868080

bumping because glownigger feds cant suppress the truth any longer and will be tried for treason before a firing squad

>> No.52868139

paganism is so fucking gay.

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Yeah well I'm Odin's right hand motherfucker. I set those signs in the sky. The signs say your zoomer fucktard ponzi schemes are why you're going to be a slave generation. Too dangerous to have it any other way.

>> No.52868193

Less so than your diet judaism

>> No.52868252

uH oh Johnny rimhorse

>> No.52868306


Loki got fucked by a horse and gave birth the a maintain horse. Beyond fucking homo.

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s my d kike

>> No.52868346

>Hands a piece of gold to a trader in exchange for goods and services

>> No.52868352

lol take your service weapon and kill yourself glownigger.

>> No.52869023

Is that even English you fucking reprobate?

>> No.52869251

got your loice- I mean license, bro?

>> No.52869322
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Yes. This was the plan all along. We have told you for years. You celebrated and shilled your own demise.

>> No.52869418

>example being?
The three potholes on my street that the city has been aware of for at least the past 3 years. My trash that is often missed because the garbage men can't be bothered. My mail that is often undelivered because usps can't be bothered. The 5 hour wait at the dmv, the 5 delays to my civil suit. And more and more. I'm of the opinion it's just people not giving a fuck about their jobs/hard work anymore. Few people have an incentive to slave away because inflation means they are actually making substantially less every year you don't get a 10% raise. Why give a fuck at work if you can expect to make less tomorrow just as a matter of course?

Tldr; who would have thought people only care about work when they have something plausible to work towards.

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it won't pass
if it does then I'll run on an onion fork

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Bruh, its coming whether you like it or not. Sure stay in the black market, i am sure a lot of wealthy people will for a lot of their wealth.