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This was from yesterday, hoping a kind anon with a glassnode subscription will post a screenshot… BNB has a long way to fall

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coordinated bank run of binance will make me cum

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>glassnode subscription
can't you just, like, you know, look on the public and immutable blockchain?

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bobos don't get to cum, simple as

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>btc going up
fud... for now

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Because of Binance and FTX failing (Binance will fail in the next 72 hours), Bitcoin might actually go down in nominal and real terms even in an inflationary/hyperinflationary environment.
People with Bitcoin may be unable to exchange their bitcoin for anywhere near the value today, and I even think it will be impossible for people in bitcoin to buy gold or silver directly because it will be so illiquid and the complete opposite of the physical metals.
Nobody wants the Bitcoins, they want to hold them long enough to get rich before exchanging them for something else. This is not money.

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As long as number go up, everything is good.

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I think you are right about it all, but in the very short term BTC will continue to go up due to the Binance exodus. This is why we are pumping btw, bitcorn going up coincide exactly with when the mass "fud binance" operation began, and i don't think that's a coincidence.

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The CPI, FOMC, FTX arrest, Binance facing USA justice dept. investigation and liquidity crisis are all falling in the same 2-3 day period.
Yeah i mean its pretty wild

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Wouldn’t I have to like, you know, process/aggregate that data? This is finals week for me and am no programmer

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What if btc is going up because exchanges are buying in order to cover withdrawls in order to hide that they didn't have enough real btc?

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It truly is. Some big stuff is in the making.
Also to explain a bit further my theory on btc gongo up, i believe it's because of cz wanting to avoid his fractional reserve scheme being exposed.
We all know if you purchase some bitcorn on binance, you buy an IOU generated by the company rather than the real deal (even if they pretend the contrary).
But what we don't know is the extent to which this fractional reserve exist.
If it's above let say 2:1, cz might start to feel the heat big time and is purchasing as many btc as he can to have enough backing to guarantee the customers going cold wallet.

What's why i believe it will go up as long as the exodus is here. But at a certain point cz will run out of liquidity and this is when the firework will start.

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I like where you’re at, but why are you so certain about within the next 72 hours (post shorts/loans), and there’s still a ton of 10 year+ btc wallets. I like btc in principle but have no faith in it 20 years from now, but it seems like (((they))) want it

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One more MT.Gox before Year's end would be great.

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Hivemind with 1sec interval

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it's pumping because people are buying to move it away, how is that hard to understand?

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I've read that 7 high up executives left Binance in the past two months. DOJ and SDNY getting serious with FTX. SBF most likely going to snitch on all of them. My guess is some insiders are cashing out right now.

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Read the posts above.

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>I've read that 7 high up executives left Binance in the past two months
Any sauce on that? If true it's legit RIP for the chink.

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I did. I still think it's a good old bank run, it's the simplest explanation.

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My bad, it is simply "executives" not "high up executives". But I guess it is still bad news for Binance.

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>Hello yes, I store cryptocurrencies, decentralized money, on a centralized exchange.

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That's what we say. But to keep your analogy, it's the bank buying the btc they immediately hand to the customers to pretend their vault isn't empty.
And it's clear as day because nothing but btc and eth are truly pumping, while stables are getting quite volatile for the past 24h.

How long can cz play this little game is the only question. But you can bet he's currently sinking up to the last penny he have to save his company.

thx fren

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ah yes I see it now, it makes sense. it's funny, he's probably buying btc from exchanges that receive them back immediately by his own customers kek

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>what if the withdrawals are being covered
literally not a bank run

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even better, when you withdraw btc from binance, binance buys btc from another exchange who buy them from binance, who doesnt have any bitcoin

exchanges are fucked because they tried to apply fiat principles to crypto

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mfw I got Gox'd

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If people were buying bitcorns at 60k and binance was just giving them an IOU, and now they are covering at 18k, Binance can theoretically cover it all and get away with it.

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What is he trying to imply with his tweet? It sounds to me like Binance is very solvent and can handle 2000 btc per hour in withdrawals

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To me it seems like he wants to imply that Binance is insolvent.

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By saying that Binance is solvent?

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>Jewish scheme dumps the market when tested
>Chink scheme pumps the market when tested

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my ID says i do

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and if Bitcoin implodes, what happens to Tether?

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This, but lunc

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Binance has proven reserves, should of closed those shorts bobo

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Wasn't there just an analysis that showed the binance's assets were 102% collateralized? If so, then they aren't "solvent." They can only cover about 98% of their purported holdings. A run will destroy them and leace 2% of their customers holding empty bags.

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Why people are worried about whether binance has bitcoins available for withdrawal instead of legal tender to back those toy currencies?

I would be more worried about the solvency and liquidity of binance instead of how much BTC do they have.

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Very jewish thread lmao.

All their activity lately is long term terrible for them as everyone has their eyes on the jew now. We're all seeing that ratty curly black hair, those non-sentient beady dark eyes. The pilpul. Like an infection suddenly erupted we realize the disease.

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72 more hours

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That was crypto.com and 102% collateralized means that they have 102% of the user deposits. That means they can cover the entire amount and have 2% left over

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I wonder if binance is forced to buy BTC right now since BTC is pumping harder than ETH, which is unusual.

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>Binance will fail in the next 72 hours
Why? Present some evidence of this please.

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>they want to hold them long enough to get rich before exchanging them for something else
That's literally gold.

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>102% collateralised
>not solvent

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They are using their most powerful tool, the media, to try to take CZ down. I'll laugh if he survives this.

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Why can’t one rich anon bless this thread with a new glass node pic

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This is Binances major exchange wallet (Not reserves)

They have another 315k BTC in reserves that i can find quickly

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Keep in mind that CZ obliterated FTX in two days with one twit and by actually moving some of Binance's funds. These cunts have all msm outlets working non-stop against CZ for more than 2 weeks now and still haven't managed to cause significant effect. Whoever is actually withdrawing from Binance hasn't caused yet a dent in their structure. It's also the worst time to sell BTC. If Binance or whoever is buying large quantities of it to cover withdrawals, they're doing it at less than half the price. So all in all, it's a pretty retarded strategy.

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so 6 days? not even 2 more weeks?

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Yeah you're dead right, that rate of 1600 BTC per hour is clearly linear in that chart, you can obviously see it would never reduce or vary in any significant way

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SBF had too much of the Gaddafi about him, CZ is much more like Assad.

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if a bank run occurs you can expect the withdrawal rate to exponentially INCREASE as fears grow.

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is a coordinated bank run not already occurring?

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That's because "bitcoin" in no way resembles the whitepaper. It was never meant, nor designed to be, a "SoV" or inflation hedge - which is why it fails tremendously at it. Buy BSV, withdraw to a wallet, and log out for a few years. Simple as.

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>bitcoin never hits a scale ceiling
LOL what meth was this faggot on? why do people worship this mans words as if he is some infallible god?

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Bitoin cultist are mentally challenged.

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It doesnt. Real bitcoin is already outperforming every scam L1 and Visa/Mastercard today, right now.

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All crypto beats Visa/Mastercard. You know final settlement takes weeks right? Sorry I know you don't understand much, given that you shill BSV

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In function and cost they do not. Especially core. Can you name any that outperform BSV?

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You dont notice the tx fees because your bank pays them
>Can you name any that outperform BSV?
Everything, BSV is a ghostchain with bloated txs. Even if it was a technical masterpiece it wouldnt matter, you lost the blocksize wars, cope

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>Even if it was a technical masterpiece
>even if
It is. It just followed the whitepaper.

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Where should I move my bitcoin too? I googled and it was just shilling ledgers or paper wallet but I'm not technical enough. What's a good wallet I can just download?

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you should buy a hardware wallet... stop being a kike... but if you want a software wallet you can use electrum but be careful... try to use an old laptop you have lying around just for this purpose

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What a fucking hond joke

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Thanks anon, I don't really have enough btc to warrant a hardware wallet but I do have an old laptop I can just do a fresh install on