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hello fellow og linkers

i'm going to design the yacht for our singularity yacht party now. What do we need on it?

please, any suggestions are welcome.

nolinkers not welcome

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An oxygen station for all the mouth breathers.

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A steak bar with marbled wagmi stake.

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Spicy Doritos and Diet Mountain Dew please

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The yacht party is cancelled. Haven't you heard?

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they won't be there. it's web3 gated and only og linkers can get in
thanks for the input. steak bar is on the menu
i liked the steak bar better. be more creative anon

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Pinoy whores wrestling in a giant vat of Big Mac sauce

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Can we have an area dedicated to talking about all the airdrops we’re going to get?

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Helicopter pad, machineguns, little monkey waiters dressed up in tuxedos serving champagne

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a ladyboy hot tub

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Did you see that Truflation released NUON?

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You still need motorized buggies. Can you imagine the smell if you didnt provide these?

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good suggestion
link marines for these duties are being designed as we speak

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massive golden sergey statue

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a plank for jonny, eric and the rugpoolers in international waters

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Getting dropped a stable or any would be great but this looks super interesting.
> “It is not pegged to a depreciating fiat currency. Instead, it is pegged to an unbiased and census-level inflation index.”

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>inflation linked flatcoin
Does anyone know how that would even work? the coins price just increases by the inflation%?

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A gas chamber for all the linkers

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nolinkers get out of my thread. thank you

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My brain is too smooth to fully understand how this would work but looks like an interesting concept

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Nuon’s CEO, Stefan Rust, told Chainlink Today that Nuon was designed with a focus on decentralization and security through overcollateralization that allows it to function as a new inflation-hedging tool for consumers and enterprises.
“Nuon’s value remains flat with respect to inflation,” he explained. “It is not pegged to a depreciating fiat currency. Instead, it is pegged to an unbiased and census-level inflation index.”

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i want sir gay as a floating island

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Grey Goose and malt liquor faucet.

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ladyboy hot tub its not gay

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China buffet table pls.

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Foreskin regeneration station.
We should all become re-intact.