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what is chud holding these days

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the chud 'folio:
>icp (literal nazis)
>pnk (tranny haters)
>rose (trannies)

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>YWNBAW! Yout shitcoining trannies will never understand that nothing beats the USD

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His limp little penis as his oneitis fucks BBC

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The false hope of a catastrophic event will somehow vindicate his anti social behaviors and pseudo intellectualism

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go back

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nothing, he staked his link

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Chud is staking his 1000 link (his entire net worth) for 4.75% APY. He has made 0.52 LINK so far. When chainlink goes to $1000 and he can live off his staking income he will finally be able to have sex.

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We own everything. You have to specific in which one

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i hold ICP and I'm gay (not gay)

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stables only

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>still backing shitcoins

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They call them ROSE CHUDS for a reason.

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>t. seething tranny

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Chud holds Cardano.

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"to wherever the fuck you came from" is the second half of "go back"
you're welcome

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probably link, and he's down a lot

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what motivates someone to make genocidal clips like this? white people are very kind, pure, and forgiving on a civilizational level

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also friendly reminder hitler did not actually kill the jews
(1 hour documentary by a jew)

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Heavy ICP bags

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Like I'd ever tell you

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Holding your moms tits. Quite firmly too.

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Chud here, been having a lot sex and staking link