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Xmas season is here, the bears are fucking with us but the adoption of crypto as payments hasn't stopped.
Chads are you going to sit on your asses or gonna do purchases with crypto?

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I'm gonna pay my FKIN credit cards off with it. paycryptobill(.)com
(Inb4 shill. Just found this site)

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> the adoption of crypto as payments hasn't stopped
Fucking checked. XRP to the moon, iso20022 and cbdc's are just around the corner

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Crypto is dead. Even the so called "Binance" has an ongoing FUD currently

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Only few countries has adopted crypto payments, others are still not backed up by the law. So using it now will be an uphill task

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Crypto will never die faggot, crypto is being accepted as payments for most services and goods. Fiat and crypto will work in hand.

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You just started jeet? I've been doing that for sometime now and earning cashbacks from it

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That's true but crypto is faster when compared to fiat. The charges are also pretty reasonable than fiat. Better to use stables if at all used for payments.

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I got a ticket to see a Benfica match last month and I used crypto to do that

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Kek, only degens will do it desu, fucking normies have no clue about the benefits of crypto. Just speculate saying crypto will die and shit.
They will realize and adapt soon

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Can we do that? How anon?
Don't fuck around.

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It is quite simple. You just have to pay with crypto using Utrust and you are home and dry

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CBDCs are rubbish. China will be putting an expiry date to theirs in order to prevent people from saving. What utter nonsense?

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I don't think fast transaction is the only advantage, it also saves cost

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The more reason Xmoney of Elrond will have more global adoption due to this combination

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Anon web3 payments is the future and so I agree with you.

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Lugano plan B was huge and they handled it pretty well. People in there are living a futuristic life already.

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Fucking anon you are late, already
>bought a redmagic gaming phone for my son
>a TAG Huer watch for me with whales of Watches
>a handbag for my wife in Gucci.
I bought all these with fucking crypto
> I am fucking broke

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Why the fuck do you care ass hole?

>If You wanna buy and become a popper faggot,
>chads know what to do,
>shove all the shit up your ass and hold it tight.
>spending crypto is the worst decision rather hold it mother fucking bastards

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It is just a centralized shit and has nothing to offer in the long run

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>crypto is dead
You are a fucking noob. Why are many merchants willing to accept it as a payment option if it is dead?

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It will be going global by next year according the roadmap

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With the US market the users and the number of merchants will sky rocket from 20k to 50k maybe.

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Web3 is the future decentralized payments will be preferred by all the people so stop with this stupid CBDCs

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Banks use crypto now? Where I go to do laundry allows the option to pay with BTC. Is that cool or what?

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How do you guys find people that accept crypto for their goods? I know a few abroad, but not many where I stay in Portugal.

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Some people just put BTC or BTH stickers on the front door. At least I notice my barber shop is doing that.

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Totally cool anon
I know of the 7 hotel in Portugal. I slept there one night I was in the country, and I saw I could pay with crypto.

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But cards are always a good way if you want to spend some...
What FUD? Dude, if you are using at least 1% of your brain you would understand that crypto looks great now. Even after the shit with FTX market is stable.

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I use this list to find merchants that accept crypto payments all over the world. Maybe you can find something for your country.

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Local businesses may not feature here, so you still have to move around physically to find those. Good luck

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People will always do what they think it's better for them.

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Normies will use CBDCs. Chads need to stop them. We can't let CBDCs take over crypto for payments. Blockchain is based. Blockchain will rule.

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You are a based anon for sharing this based list.
Web3 chads deserve a special place in heaven.

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Best cities in the Switzerland: Zug and Lugano
Zug is where Ethereum was born.
Lugano is trying to become bitcoin capital, so that everyone can pay taxes even with crypto.
They are already in my bucket list to visit.

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Bears are not fucking me. I am fucking them. Sexy ass bears. Wen bottom?
Bank card gives me cashback. Can I get crypto cashback if I spend crypto?

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XRP will be the tool that the government uses to bring CBDCs into this space. They are stuck at the SEC lawsuit until they agree to do the government's biddings. The moment they agree, the lawsuit will come to an end, many banks will accept the XRPL and the crypto market will be asked to follow a similar trend of working with banks and central banks. Don't use XRP for payments. Use BTC ETH SOL EGLD MATIC or whatever, but don't give power to XRP. You have been warned. Crypto payments will reign as decetralized.

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Only pajeets will sit and watch trannies fucking bitches in the club, I better make swift transactions on a web3payment platform and get a whopping cashback reward to buy me some real big titties for the night.

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I already booked my flight ticket back home via alternativeairlines and I paid with crypto

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CBDC is fucked up, I will rather pay with fiat than use that

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Tbh, crypto adoption rising this year is a real surprise, I heard Lugano also adopted crypto payment, and even Brazil too

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No lazying around lad, At the same time, remember that BNB is an asset with a high risk and high reward investment ratio so I'll bank on it.

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>Not realizing crypto is alive

>Not realizing it's literally just a ponzi

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Why book a flight retard when you can buy Tesla with crypto and have a good horny ride to your destination? Getting stuck with a payment solution that has more than 20k merchant partners.

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I'm thrilled, this is the future of crypto. Ain't talking about shits that keeps rekting.
Though crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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Now I know Indians are all faggots, if idiots could choose from over 650 airlines on a fucking web3payment gateway platform to securely and quickly book tickets to destinations around the world, then crypto is the future and the next most valuable assets. Go bury your head in shame.

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Buy a tesla in a bear market, are you a nut, the only reason I pay with crypto now is because of the 1.5% cashback so I can save more. No one knows how long the bear will be around

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I heard about this a few weeks back, people in Lugano can now make crypto payments for both government and E-commerce related services, this year has indeed seen the highest adoption rate considering being in a bear market and I see Xmoney brought about this adoption

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I agree with you but I've got an option for BNB. Not just those crazy shits anon

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Poor oldfag has nothing to offer other than an empty brain. Binance will be the next most crypto lord. If you're tired of staking and mining, why not go into nfts. Binance partnership with Cristiano Ronaldo is a huge boost to BNB.

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Who is this summerfag, you won't make it posting some shitty quotes here, go get useful dickhead, as web3payments services keeps spanking my ass with cashback when I stake it and I earn over 15-35 APY denm go get useful anon

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Gov supports CBDC so you have no choice but to lick their ass

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CBDC cant take over, it is Centralized and even worse than fiat, only with a crypto payment I can get to make cross-border transfers without worrying about limits or even charges and all this is made available by web3payment tech, so yes CBDC will die

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You've got to be right anon, the combination of Privacy, Metaverse and Decentralization is the road to success! Glad that the web3payment platform is all out to make life much easier like wet pussy.

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You can't get some juicy pussy using that shit, like I pay all my bills, book my flight ticket got my iPhone 14 pro max and even paid for my vacation during this Christmas season,and we're paid with Crypto using any of the web3payments services

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That's real rubbish, NFT and metaverse are just fucking waste of time. They've got no future fag

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I bought my first house this year in Cyprus through Kensignton, at first I never believe crypto can be used for actual payment until I tried it myself and I even got cashback

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Fuck Christmas

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Yeah, that sounds like some goodnews anon. But you've got to have a party tonight because with Twispay motherfuckers can now buy NFTs directly using a debit card.

Look here retard, the web3payment gateway is evolving as xMoney and it's bridging payments of Asian Virgin's titties across metaverse and real world both in crypto and fiat. Ain't that sweet as fuck?

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Portugal is generally big on crypto payment, even its central bank already licensed Utrust as a virtual asset service provider

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Are idiots still buying NFTs??

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Paying with crypto is 10x lesser than paying with Paypal so I agree to this 100%

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Yea anon as during the Christmas season it will be a juicy experience shopping with crypto using web3payments gateway and earning some freaky cashback, that shopping and earning,

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Wtf is the candyass as I love it when I use its payment gateway, it emables me spend lesser and save more money, including cashback rewards of over 1.5% don't be a rekt faggot.

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Crypto is getting accepted everywhere and web3payments is the future as the new tokenomics are being updated to be more sexy and attractive, for merchants and for investors.

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Go burry your head in shame crypto is dead an crazy ad Gold is the future go invest in and don't be a rekt dick

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You get fuck off Christmas is for poorfeg looking for some nice pussy gains go get some real shit as ETH and GSD will hit the market with some huge gains,