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>Weekend dumps
You know what this means.

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Are you a day trader anon?

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No, what does it mean

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It’s Monday here

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Monday dumps too. Maybe a pity pump on Thursday to get the goys through till Friday rinse and repeat

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absolutely cope
check stoch rsi
it's going down. fucking mumus i want to murder you all

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you're poor now?

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yes, more dumping tomorrow

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It's not the weekend anymore. This is Monday on UTC time
But yes, I expect the scamiest shit after the cpi and fed rate hike meetings

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Anyone in a trade whether long or short will get FUCKED because these 2 shits always makes it bart both ways

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this means i get to buy MATIC at a price discount, and before the demand increases with polygon powering starbucks, reddit, nike, nubank, mercedes, ebay, and instagram's web3 platforms

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God would you people FUCK OFF already. It's shamefull