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he poops eggs daily, that's a lot of eggs :)

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Pretty cool pets, free eggs
That’s a win win

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Want to buy a hen, anon? It's healthy and free of the major STD diseases.

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This hen is asbestos-free and has will allow you to meet your diversity hire quotas.


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I could go for some scrambled eggs.

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Do you need a hen? No? Oh okay.
Do you need a hen? Yes? Oh okay. She is 2 years old. 15 dollars should suffice. Please hug her. She is a good hen.

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I will but first I’m going to need some breakfast. Do you have any eggs?

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Free eggs

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Fuck that, I'm keeping it

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Man ever since I got these hens I have been selling eggs by the dozen off my road. You won’t believe how many incredible hot milfs only buy homegrown organic eggs. I fucked this one married chick after she stopped by to pick up a dozen eggs. I do have a couple extra hens if you want to buy a few…

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How much do you spend on eggs bro? 6 eggs for 5 dollars? Well for 50 dollars you can have all the eggs you want. AND you stick it to the jew by being more self sufficient. If you don't want the hen I'm gonna have it so its sold anyways. But just in case you want one I'm willing to let this one go to you but you gotta be quick she's a pretty girl and I know how many eggs she can lay. We eat ommlette daily in our house, my wife can bake knowing they free range eggs. In fact not having chickens is retarded and I'm starting to worry about you, anon.

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>Stick it to the Jew
I'll take 100, do you accept crypto?

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it poops eggs sometimes

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Before we talk about the hen, I want to know a little more about you. How long have you been in the market for hens? What do you think this hen will do for you?

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Make me some chicken.
>inb4 i can't i don't have chicken
Here, it's 99$ only.

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Sold to the booba

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what is that huge bump on her tiddy

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don't you have to seduce a bird for it to start ovulating?

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Duh, why do you think the Easter bunny is hiding all those eggs?
He doesn’t want anyone to know he’s a chicken fucker

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You can start a business with hen as your inventory. Hen turns garbage into carbon friendly foods. You can sell the carbon credits to shell for a huge profit. The eggs you can market as biological, free range, animal friendly eggs for 300% profit, since you just leave the hen in your backyard and feed it garbage. You then go to the stockmarket and sell small shares of hen for direct profit, sell your company and retire in the Bahamas.

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Yes, you just pluck one of its feathers and use it to tickle the hen gently in the butt, does the trick every time.
> t. third generation chicken farmer

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Chicken vagina

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No. Now get the off the property before I have you arrested again.

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>free eggs
>super cheap, just give them seeds during winter and let them go outside when the bugs return too our plane of existence
what's not too like about this? even better get like 7 hens plus a cock and you got yourself a self-renewing source of chicken! hens are thinking mans animal

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You don't have to buy this chicken, but you do have to eat this.
>As I hand you a bowl of eggs.

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I will sell you this hen for negative 1 million dollars

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Sold, I almost believed it

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No, I like the hen. She's my friend

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Ok wordcel

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it's a hen, it's going to the moon. get one or stay poor. dyor

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There are many hens but this one is mine and i will never sell it.

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It's a NFT

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>can't sneed thumbmail

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Why don't you do me a favor, lay an egg down on that napkin for me.

Exactly, supply and demand.

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If you buy this product, it produces other products that will eventually save you money by spending it now. At a rate of only twice the normal amount, it is a steal really.

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only one muscular hole

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when angry it finds the nearest Jew and kills it.

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Buy the hen, sell the eggs for profit. LFG!!! [rocket emoji] [rocket emoji] [rocket emoji]

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Okay I want a hen now