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>mfw he didn't buy ethereum for 5 dollars
>mfw he didn't buy bitcoin for 45 dollars

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>MFW he didn't buy kaspa in 2022

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I'm Brazilian and I just bought a big kaspa suitcase. I will hold until 2024.

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mfw he didnt buy BIT for $0.3

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i think you mean BTC retard

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no cuck i mean BIT

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You can say that about anything that experienced exponential growth, so that's not the purpose of this thread.
That's a man.

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Redpill me on kaspa, amigo? Fiquei curioso. Estou bagholding LUNC até perder tudo ou ganhar alguma coisa.

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>mfw he didn't buy icp for 4 dollars

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I was shorting ethereum below $45 as an absolute poorfag

completely fell for the "code is law" ethereum classic midwit trap

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Yup. The most promising project. Watch the team's latest AMAs and draw your own conclusions.

*I challenge all of 4chan to post a better chart of the last 4 months of crypto winter.

**Don't get rid of Lunc. Lunc will grow a lot in the next market high.

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hey that's michael jackson

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is this a Kaspa thread?

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>mfw you haven't bought bit yet

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bro fuck that vc coin

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Think of it more like a kyspa containment

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>didnt buy QNT at $100

$100 is too much!!!

>mfw he didnt look at total supply and market cap to see it's less than BTC at $45 and eth at $5

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I bought eth at 42

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>I'm Brazilian
nice try jeet

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your face is that of a whore who's about to get a facial?

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I did buy eth at 5 dollars

Amount purchased: £10

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>*I challenge all of 4chan to post a better chart of the last 4 months of crypto winter.
That means it's at its top. I'll consider buying at .0010, if the project seems even remotely alive at that point.

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I did buy ICP for $4.80

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I bought XRP for 30c though

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I bought about 2.6ETH for $20

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>mfw he didn't buy bitcoin for 45 dollars
Well I tried, I really did try to buy Bitcoin back in 2010/2011....I was even trying to buy in 2012...2013. Not everyone lives in a country where it's easy to buy like you.

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That is a man

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your face looks like it's about to catch a huge load bro

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>mfw no one is telling me who this man is

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First result when you Google image search it retard

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>Imagine not buying Ride at $.06 a step higher than its IDO price

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its OK i bought and staked link at 7$ and im white

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someone shoop some cream on her face

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Literally 0 results

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Room temperature IQ NIGGER

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I actually bought ETC for 3$ and BSV for 40$

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I want to cum on that