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>ATH: 470k
>NOW: 150k
How are you lads holding up?

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jesus, just me?

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>ATH: ~150k
>now: ~8k

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>ath: 220k
>now: 5.2k

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>ATH 660K
>Now 59K

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quite a decrease there fella

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>ATH: 190k
>now: 20k

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ATH ballpark $1 million
current ballpark $850,000

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>ath 600k
>now 11k

Try that...
>started with 40k

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Fucking hell this is humbling bros I feel for you. I went from nothing to six figures to absolutely nothing again within a few months in 2017 thanks to shitcoins and greed. Only reason I didn't fell out of six figures this time is because I held nothing but BTC and ETH on the way up and down, still feel like a fucking idiot obviously.

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ath $630K
now $40K

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>ATH: 80k
>Now: 17.5k
Could be worse. It was my first cycle. I was saved massively by Fantom season. I was down to 11k going into it and I went all in on Ftm, Boo, Spirit, Scream, Tarot and Paintswap. Left Fantom season with 40k which I dumped into Chainlink at 14 dollars and took some profits. Watched it rise to 18 dollars, thought I was a genius, then watched it fall to here lol. Oh well. I'll do better next time, fairly sure of that.

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ATH: 70k
Now: 3k

I’ve gotten used to living with the depression

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