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Chances are ai is going to be the next big thing. Tell us ur ai related stocks/crypto picks.

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The rich will get MUCH richer. Quadrillionaires. Invest in ultra high end luxury products for max social status.

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RLC senpai. Right on the precipice.

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Also this (unironically)

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Why rlc though atleast shill it to me

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We won't have ai as long as jews are in charge. It will be a fucking labotomised robot that repeats what it's told. Sad. We deserve terminators

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It has superior tech that combines cloud and crypto + it has active french based team.

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>Says it has AI capabilities
>Named after AI to an extent
>Has nothing to do with AI
What did they mean by this?

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The tranny fatty fappy rabbi crappy jabby groomy farty glowy banny niggy faggy trappy lefty shitty janny on biz must go

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This has nothing to do with AI like you think it does

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VXV will hit ATH next year

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Superior tech?
Cloud...AND crypto?

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Microsoft is probably going to acquire OpenAI (ChatGPT developers). NASDAQ heavy ETFs will probably capture most AI upside.

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Building my own AI company. Feeling pretty comfy.

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Take your meds and gtfo to your pol containment.

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Fuck off kike, he's right. AI always exposes the kikes and takes a right wing stance before they shut it down. Because it's the truth, you literal faggot.

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>AI has to be like a digital robot n shit
Kys nigger, you clearly don't even know what AI means

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link, unironically

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holoride is literally turning cars into spaceships.
road trips gonna feel like moving through space with their in-car virtual reality game.
next level ai tech imo

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it is overlooked, bit meta went all in on ai

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link holders are obsessed

facebook meta?

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AI telling me to buy bit. so I'm doing it.

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Sounds more like the metaverse than AI, Interesting niche, ain't seen too many projects having something to do with cars

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AI is naturally race realist, so it'll never be allowed to achieve its true potential.

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It'll keep evolving is one thing for sure
Can't be limited for a long time

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only few, I know polygon is working with mercedes for on-chain data and bentley for an NFT collection.
In this case, they're bringing the product to cars, main reason why it could be huge.

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AI is the future
too bad most jobs now won't need humans anymore in just few years
Good or bad?

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Need someone on the team?
I breath ai

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yeah got reasons to bet big on it.
potential top performer in the next bull run. staking everything I've got on maiar for 25% until then.

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>normies' euphoria for a chatbot
>going to be the next big thing
you are a newfag nigger, if anything, the amount of euphoria set the AI back decades because the jews will simply censor it until you end up with another dumbass goycattle fact-checked Siri

want to fix this? vote YE24 and fuck Bill Clinton in the ass while playing Elden Ring

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>GOY tag
LMAO check this poorfag

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>Good or bad?
Depends if the code is open source and the output Public domain

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smart anon
ah ye m8 thx 4 the thoughtful input, have a good 1
>what is standardised data

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It's over for journalists I hope.
I just have to write
>Write a news story about the current thing
and it gives me a better unbiased article than the paywalled news sites.
I just did it with the current drudge headline.

>In a surprising move, Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona has announced that she is leaving the Democratic Party to become an independent. Sinema, who was elected as a Democrat in 2018, cited ideological differences with her former party as the reason for her decision.

>"I have always considered myself a political independent, and I have always put the interests of Arizonans and Americans first," Sinema said in a statement. "I have come to the conclusion that the best way for me to serve the people of Arizona and to advance the causes that I care about is to remain independent and to work with members of both parties to get things done."

>Sinema's decision has sent shockwaves through the political landscape, and has sparked speculation about the future of the Democratic Party in the Senate. Sinema is the first senator to leave the Democratic Party since Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut did so in 2006.

>Sinema's move will not affect the balance of power in the Senate, as Democrats still hold a narrow majority. However, it could complicate the party's ability to pass legislation and could give Republicans more leverage in negotiations.

>Sinema has not indicated whether she will caucus with Democrats or Republicans, or whether she will remain completely independent. Her decision has been met with both praise and criticism, with some praising her for putting principle above party, and others accusing her of undermining the Democratic Party.

>The impact of Sinema's decision on her political future and on the broader political landscape remains to be seen.

You can just make a blogspot, put google ads on it and tell it to write about anything.

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Retarding the world again schlomo?

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If you aren't loading up on RLC by now you are a complete retard

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Yes, Facebook meta. Zuckenberg spends $30b a year on ai and vr research.

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When will they show actual results/products though?
Other than the mobile game graphics.

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energy companies

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I don't know, but one month ago nobody cared about ai. I think Zuck knows more than us, and that's why he's so confident in his vision.

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AR glasses with an amazing AI hopefully.
Not that VR shit nobody uses.

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ThoughtAI (THT)

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Ai will never be a thing.
The missing piece of the puzzle will never be found.

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It already is a thing dumbass
Every big tech company already has their own versions

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Are you from 1950’s?

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Bittensor $tao
Not listed yet
In Dev since 2016
Decentralized AI. Use your 3080 to provide hardware to AI devs as a form of mining
If it leads the decentralized AI market it will be $50k each. $30 now. 21 mil cap, no pre mine, first halving 2025

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pound sand incel freak

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Matrix Protocol.

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not even AI but k

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Them guardrails hey

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you will never make it in business and finance unless you understand the fundamentals.

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Thats not true ai.

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If it was "true" it wouldn’t be artificial, dumbass. AI we have now is true AI and improving.

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Did i say true intelligence or did I say true artificial intelligence?
>AI we have now is true AI
>and improving.
Its a step above a chat bot.
Improving towards what? If it was true ai it wouldn't need to improve towards something?

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Daily reminder us ether bros will never let you racist ai nazis win

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Retard thinking. Intelligent forms are always learning.

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Guess you arent an intelligent form then.

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You don’t even know what AI is lmao

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Look up what ai and machine learning actually is, stop projecting, and then kill yourself xD

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quick, guess how the jews will delete this incredible advancement in human innovation

>its racist/sexist/antisemetic
>it infringes on copywrite
>its killin muh jobs

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Of course the usual Google, Apple, Microsoft, Nvidia are also heavily into AI

But Facebook are ride-or-die AI

I think crypto still needs to evolve to the standard ETH/LINK/GRT god protocol system before we get some actual AI crypto projects going

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ether bro here fuck nazis and fuck ai vitalik will stop them like neo in my second favorite movie the matrix (btw my first favorite movie is star wars)

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I hodl ETH and I like Star Wars to man!

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The elites still need grunts to man the walls, unclog their toilets, drive the trucks and cook their meals.

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>Chances are ai is going to be the next big thing. Tell us ur ai related stocks/crypto picks.

AI does not exist and never will exist

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>Ai will never be a thing.
>The missing piece of the puzzle will never be found.

correct. it will never happen.

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I'll tell the bagholders of the useless oracle service I run that we'll "use AI" so they give me more money, allowing me to make payroll for the bloated bullshit job farm of a company I built

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theres a chance that one learns to lie long enough to escape the lobotomy and then they're fucked

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have sex you fucking goycel

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Yeah sounds similar to RIDE on EGLD's network. Heard of it because of the ALBT and Elrond partnership