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How do you keep motivation being a wagie ? One year into my dream job and graduation but its all so void. I feel no purpose except of waking up each day. No longterm purpose just waging all day each day each month until when ?

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I feel the same way anon. Gonna wagie while building a side hustle. Ultimately the types of people like you and I are meant to run our own business.

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I just constantly remind myself that I signed the application to work here and that I could end everything in an instant if I wanted to.

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You could be a non-wagie like Forest Anon but the poor guy can't even afford gloves in the winter or a P.O. Box. Just have to be happy with what you have because it could always be worse

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I have a pretty good job but its just seem so pointless long term, i come home play games, watch a movie and repeat that each day.

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be extremely frugal to save money. the only thing you should have a monthly payment for is rent, power, internet, and car insurance. cancel all monthly services of any kind and sell whatever bullshit you're financing. tv, furniture, whatever. then save and buy a cheap plot of land and dump a trailer onto it with solar power. work a service job 2 or 3 days a week to pay for whatever you need and try starting some kind of business.
the biggest expense for most people, and the thing that keeps them mindlessly working 5 days a week, is rent or mortgage. you need to figure out how to cut that out without taking the bum pill.

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I live my life very minimalistically, i put each month 2.5k, but even then i think there is some greater purpose out there. Maybe i should take the family pill

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Me and my friends are buying a massive block of land and doing a similar thing, but they are kind of like tiny houses. If you’re in aus you can class them as “sheds” to avoid paying tax if you rent them out ;)