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What indicators will literally tell me when to buy and sell?

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I have one specific friend who is my personal sell signal. As soon as he brings up a business idea or investment, it is immediately time to get out. One of my best friends and love the guy to death but he's never failed me once in that regard.

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Your guts, unironically

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The Heckin Ashley candles

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When good looking women start investing into something, it's time to sell.

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Indicators are a scam, don’t use them

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I just DCA like a sheep. I like living a simple life

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still in urmoms guts. can't talk rn.

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the slobron quotient

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Larry David

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if you see red, sell. If you see green candle, buy.
You always want to make sure you're doing what the other smarter investors are doing.

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The Quaker Stochastic Gradient (quastog)

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I will make it easy for you. buy eth and matic. never sell.

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